Best Practices In Viral Video Marketing: Webinar Recording

Viral Video Marketing is one of the major concepts that has literary gone viral with most of the brands and businesses to outshine their products and services from their contemporaries.

In the present day world, the need of the hour is to stay ahead of the competitors. Do you wish to know about the techniques to make your video marketing campaign go viral? Gain insights from the webinar led by Aashish Chopra, Head – Content Marketing, and leverage upon the best practices for the best results.

Digital Academy India Now A Part Of Digital Vidya

Dear Visitor,

We are overjoyed with the fact that we’ve joined Digital Vidya, one of Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training companies.

Digital Vidya Acquires Digital Academy IndiaAcquisition of Digital Academy by Digital Vidya will add tremendous value to both the organizations and their respective clients and partners. The idea is to consolidate the strengths of two leading companies in the digital marketing training world, and emerge as a unified platform for thought leadership and skill development.

With this acquisition, the founding team of Digital Academy will completely exit the business. We’re certain that the new management will steer the company towards growth and excellence, while maintaining the key USPs of high quality and practical ‘project based’ approach.

Digital Academy India will continue to offer its digital marketing certification programs, which will only become better with this relationship with Digital Vidya.

Gaurav Oberoi
Founder, Digital Academy

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Facebook Likely To Consider For B2C Chat On WhatsApp

Facebook which is cashed upon as one of the widely used platform for connecting with the masses at large andWhatsApp-Facebook-e1393889428371 building the social network has certain plans that will allow businesses to interact with the users consumers via the renowned messaging app service WhatsApp through live chats and alerts.

This announcement is amongst the first hints of how this social networking site shall en-cash upon from the messaging app service that it bought for over $19 billion last year. Moreover, there is another likely aspect to this consideration by Facebook that underlines the fact that this social media platform might allow businesses to contact users for a certain price.

The statements revealed by Bloomberg also hint on the fact that it may introduce business-to-consumer interaction that marketers would pay to get access to its service. At a technology conference, Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer, David Wehner stated:

“We think that enabling that B2C messaging has good business potential for us,” 

Adding to this, he also stated that “As we learn those things, I think there’s going to be opportunities to bring some of those things to WhatsApp, but that’s more longer-term than the near-term.”

It has come across and very much evident from the fact that with 800 million users, the most widely used messaging app service WhatsApp is quiet close to the 1 billion number, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg stated in the past as the level that it will start to become a meaningful business.

However, it is ambiguous as to whether the users will have to opt in such an arrangement or whether the companies who have paid their fee to the social networking site -Facebook can reach out to whosoever they wanted. Story: Building 300M$ Internet Business With Rs 50K Investment: Webinar Recording

An 8 year old company, leveraged upon Digital Marketing in the most effective and efficient manner. Herein, the company led special emphasis on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and triggered its online presence with great impact. This webinar led by Amit Jain, CEO & CoFounder – CarDekho, GirnarSoft describes the story of how the company created an internet business worth $3oo million with Rs50K investment.

Instructor-Led Digital Marketing Certification Course Helped Leverage Digital Marketing

IMG_0793sWith a strong foundation in media and communications, having pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media with a specialization in Advertising and having completed a Certificate Program in Digital Marketing from Digital Academy India, Aakash Kumar believes that he has the understanding, knowledge and preparation necessary to pursue a job in this field. During his 3.5 years in the above mentioned fields, he has learnt to not only thoroughly examine the current social media trends, but has also acquired the skills required to communicate and present these findings in a professional and eloquent manner.

Having worked as an Intern at J. Walter Thompson, he got a chance to help develop social media and communication strategies, learnt to conduct research to identify and keep up-to-date social media best practices and trends. He secured firsthand experience in planning and organizing communication activities online and offline. He is also proficient in the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS X, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Social Media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WordPress and AdWords.  Currently, Aakash is working as a Content Writer at TinyOwl wherein he is  pursuing his passion of writing and food as well.

Digital Academy India: What created your interest in learning Digital Marketing?

Aakash: Every company no matter how big or small, especially small, need to reach out to its target audience. There is no better way to effectively reach out and also measure that reach, that digital and social media marketing.  I was taught all the other old-school aspects of marketing and advertising but not this, which is why I was both curious and interested in learning digital marketing.

Digital Academy India: Why did you opt for Digital Academy’s Digital Marketing training programme?

Aakash: I checked out a few other places offering the same programme, out of which yours stood out as your syllabus seemed a better than what the others were providing, which is why I opted for you guys, and I was extremely happy with my decision 🙂

Digital Academy India:  Please share your experience in learning through an instructor-led, online format.

Aakash: Each and every instructor was very well versed with the topic they were teaching, every question was answered there and then and if not immediately they made sure they got back to you via email with the answer to your query. I am not an attentive guy, and lose interest pretty soon but I religiously sat for those 3 hours as the sessions we pretty fun and interactive and I was learning in an environment of my choosing, not a class room, but my own living room. This type of online teaching format can only work, if the instructors asks and gets feedback from the people attending the session and EVERY instructors made sure to do so, very diligently.

Digital Academy India:  According to you, what was the highlighting feature of Digital Academy’s training programme?

Aakash: The instructors, their drive to make you learn. That was the highlight for me. I missed a few classes due to unavoidable circumstances, but they made sure i got a recording of the classes I missed and also took calls when I didn’t understand something.

Digital Academy India: Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the course you participated at Digital Academy.


  • Gained integral knowledge about the working of various social media platforms and how they can be used for marketing.
  • Learnt the basics of Google Adwords (should have paid more attention in class) which I am sure will help me somewhere in the long run.
  • Experienced a new form of education.
Digital Academy India: Did you recognize any change in your professional career after applying the concepts learnt in the programme offered by Digital Academy’s Certification Programme in Digital Marketing (CPDM)?

Aakash: To be honest, No. I worked as a social media intern for sometime during which I did use some of the things I learnt, but at present I am working as a copywriter so no i am not using any of those concepts. But again, I do have a certificate of CPDM so it looks good on my resume. So, that is something.

Go Mobile Or Go Web? : Webinar Recording

In this era, it is a common sight to witness that the users are stuck with a phrase of ‘Mobile First’. To answer the questions with regards to the aspects like the level of uncertainty, the level of complexity along with the level of ambiguity that crops-up in the present market scenario. Are you in the quest of the answers pertaining to which is better – the mobile or web?

Develop an understanding on the same through the webinar conducted by Kunal Mehta, Lead Trainer at Digital Vidya. 

Google Drive’s OCR Capabilities Now Works For 200 Languages

Search engine giant Google’s facility of Google Drive is widely accessed and entails in itself several features. One of the technologies by Google Drive viz. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) readily allows the users to allow scanned documents uploaded on to the cloud storage service so as to be edited, altered and indexed.

The latest buzz is that Google has extended the OCR capabilities within the Google Drive by adding on the support for 200 languages altogether. Google led emphasis on the fact that the prime motive behind expanding the OCR capabilities is that a huge portion of the information in the world is still stored in the physical forms viz. newspapers, books, journals and plenty of the other sources, besides digital format.

The concept of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) primarily converts a digital image comprising of text into the digital documents by using the computer algorithms. Herein, the images can be processed in the following formats:

  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • PDF file format

Herein, the users can begin to start using the OCR capabilities in the Google Drive by uploading the scanned documents in the PDF or image format. Once this is done, they can right-click on the document in the Drive to open it with the Google docs.

Furthermore, after selecting the precise option, a document with the original image along with the extracted text opens up that can be easily edited. Search engine giant Google takes account of the fact that it is not mandatory for the users to specify the language of the document as the OCR in the Google Drive will automatically trace it.

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability is readily available in the Google Drive for Android. The company has substantiated the fact that there are certain limitations of the OCR technology. The major drawback being the fact that this feature works at its best on the cleanly scanned and high-resolution documents. However, the company claims that it is still in the process of improvising the performance on the poor quality of scans and the intriguing text layout options. Besides the aforesaid drawbacks, the company also enlists that the OCR feature shall take a bit longer than the other uploads happening on the Drive.

Here is what the officials from the team had to say about the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability:

“To make this possible, engineering teams across Google pursued an approach to OCR focused on broad language coverage, with a goal of designing an architecture that could potentially work with all existing languages and writing systems. We do this in part by using Hidden Markov Models (HMMs) to make sense of the input as a whole sequence, rather than first trying to break it apart into pieces. This is similar to how modern speech recognition systems recognize audio input.”