Top 7 Ways To Increase Traffic Via Content Distribution

Content is the king, distribution becomes the crown prize of the content. Ceasing your content marketing to just publishing a blog is putting your efforts in vain. Instead planning to take a smart route of distributing your content on various platforms can do wonders to your marketing strategy. Enlisted below are the most effective content distribution ways through which you can distribute your content on various platforms successfully.

1. Embed short videos and infographics

You can beautify your post by adding short videos and infographics to the existing content structure. Usage of both makes a post more appealing to the visitors and guarantees to drive more traffic on the website.

a. Infographics: Adding infographics is becoming a trend in B2B marketing. The usage of infographics in a post has increased up to 11% from the previous year. Last year’s infographic percentage was 51% which has increased to 62% this year, it is a remarkable growth.

There are few simple steps to repurpose your post into an infographic:

Step 1# Write the Key Takeaways from the entire content of the article and then link a drop down tool like an Infogram to it.

Step 2# Make sure that the infographic used is relevant to the style and design of your website.

Step 3# Also you can hire a designer from Dribble. Though it might cost you a bit high, but will show you remarkable results.

Step 4# The last but most important part is distribution. You can submit your infographics to the suitable infographic directories.

b. Videos: According to the statistics, there are currently one hundred million internet users who watch online videos daily. The video revolution that has started is advantageous, you can repurpose your posts into videos. You can give a CTC at the end of videos to drive the traffic back at your website.

2. Viral The Article Through Email

In the current survey, it was stated that “Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.” As we all know, email is a personal medium of conveying messages and ignite a personal relationship with the consumer. It is believed that email subscribers are the first ones to start up social media sharing and also to connect with the content.

Email listing will also help you send email newsletters to all your consumers by creating an email list. Email drives a uniform and engaging traffic.

3. Slideshare Benefits 3000+ Page Views

Create best presentations via Slideshare. It is considered to be one of the best underused platforms by the digital marketers. Slideshare tends to achieve 50+ million unique visitors every month. This platform also promotes effective and impressive presentations on their personal social media profiles and homepage.

There are 4 basic steps  to get started with SlideShare. Steps are as follows:

Step 1# Create presentations utilizing key takeaways from the complete content of the blog post. Design it creatively.

Step 2# Apply all the SEO rules religiously. Using keywords in the entire content and targeting lengthy keywords in the slides play a vital role. It is effective according to Google Algorithms.

Step 3# Promotion of these SlideShare presentations on personal social media profiles is very impactful. You can utilize these presentations also by embedding them at the end of your blog post.

Step 4# It is not a mandatory step like all others mentioned above. You can add the presentation to your Linkedin profile. You can display your work experience on LinkedIN in a neat and presentable way.

4. Buzzfeed’s First Page Relevance

Monthly page view of Buzzfeed is 170 million, which is astonishingly remarkable. According to the current stats, it drives 50% os its traffic from the age group of 18-34. Buzzfeed is one of the biggest platforms that can help you gain tremendous exposure. It also helps in improving your search ranking.

Buzzfeed has a community section, where all the crowdsourced stories are published. Buzzfeed pushes the selective stories by promoting them via social media profiles or putting them up on the homepage of Buzzfeed.

One thing you need to keep in mind is ticking the  “Suggest For Community Feature” before publishing your post on the Buzzfeed. Only one post a day is permitted with the request of getting it featured.

For example, Matthew Barby generated 1000 views and some subscriptions as well on his blog after getting his story published on the front page of Buzzfeed. From community front page to category front page his story finally landed up on the homepage of Buzzfeed and also received extra promotions.

5. Increase Page Views Using Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest online forums that boast a remarkable Alexa rank – 30. Reddit works as a gold mine that helps to drive most of the traffic to your website. If at all you are using Reddit for the first time, you should definitely go through the Reddit Marketing Guide to attain best results.

Before publishing your post on Reddit, you need to make sure that the content used has performed really well in the target sub-reddits. Also, the title for a Reddit post demands to be informative and lengthy. The title should contain maximum 300 character limit, which might also include numbers in the title.

It is useless to post on the peak hours as the older submissions might occupy the top-most places on the forum. You can also utilize subreddit traffic analysis tool to make sure that your posting time is accurate or not. Posting time also plays a vital role in gaining most of the traffic.

If your post on Reddit receives upvotes up to 10 or more, then the links automatically convert into do-follow. Also, it helps you control the anchor text of the provided link.

6. Build You Audience Using Quora

Quora plays a vital role in the success of many articles. For example, Life Is A Game by Olive Emberton claim to fame with his answer on Quora. His answer on Quora got 15.3k upvotes and helped him gain a superb book deal.

7. LinkedIn Link Ups

Talking about the stats, 94% of the B2B marketers distribute their content on LinkedIn. Leverage upon LinkedIn platform is another powerful way of enhancing the traffic on your website. If you plan to invest more time on LinkedIn, then you should definitely start up with your LinkedIn group by utilizing various content marketing tips.

Above are the 7 most beneficial ways through which you can distribute your content and attain best results out of it. If you are have also struggled with this major content marketing issue? Then you ca share your experience and rescue tips in the comment section below.

DGM India Heads Towards Digital TV Advertising

Digital Marketing is an ocean itself. Digital Marketing comes equipped with various domains. The key objective of all the domains of digital marketing is basically to promote the brand name, build its preference and help the brand name to increase sales via various digital marketing techniques.

Digital advertising is leveraging internet technologies for the promotion of your business advertisements to the customers. It is also known as Internet advertising, which simply states advertising via the internet. Digital advertising is delivering promotional advertisements and messages via email, social media networking sites, online advertising on various search engines, banner ads on mobile or Web sites and affiliate marketing programs.

DGM is India’s leading Ad Network, provides absolute online marketing solutions including inventive techniques and impeccable marketing expertise. DGM has backed the experience of over 12 years in providing best online marketing solutions based on the performance, across the globe including destinations UK, India, Australia and Singapore. DGM is a one-stop destination who has been working with blue chip clients all over the world, with more than 12 years of expertise to drive remarkably evident results on the digital medium.

DGM India follows the  proprietary technology platform known as; DAST which states dgM Ad Serving Technology. DGM works in combining the just-arrived ad serving technologies with innovative web analytic techniques, in order to maximize the entire advertising revenue of the organization.

DGM India’s digital advertising network has stepped into the world of the digital television ad business, and the news is buzzing on every online platform. Anurag Gupta, founder and managing director of DGM India says,

The launch of smart TVs has allowed viewers to stream content from tablets and smartphones through connected devices such as Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and Teewe. This provides advertisers with the perfect opportunity to buy sponsorship rights or advertising slots targeting specific audience demographics.

DGM India

With the grand merger between Manish Vij-owned Vun Network and Harish Bahl’s Smile Group, DGM is now officially owned by SVG Media or Smile Vun Group. The first client of DGM’s new start up is Bharti Airtel Ltd’s direct-to-home (DTH) unit. As stated by Gupta in the interview, DGM will be managing he complete ad business including all sorts of running ads for Airtel DTH, from the advertisements of the home shopping channels such as Star CJ, Naptol, TVC shopping, Homeshop 18 and all other pay per view channels to selling spots on electronic program guides. This latest advertisement network of DGM guarantees to manage 20 per cent to 25 per cent of the entire brand advertising business of Sun Direct.

Digital TV advertising is at a beginning stage in India, whereas if we talk about the West this phenomenon is one of the biggest hits. It was reported by Interactive Advertising Bureau Research, according to the survey conducted recently in the USA, one out of three adults is the owner of a connected Television.

The report, titled The Changing TV Experience: Attitudes and Usage Across Multiple Screens’, also noted that three-quarters of connected TV/device owners stream online video at least once a month.

Coming to the motherland India, the action is prohibited to get launched. The launch of various inventive devices such as Chromecast by Google and Tewee by Bangalore-based startup MangoMan Consumer Electronics Pvt Ltd, etc. are strictly restricted in India.

Though, there are some content master players who backed the opportunity for themselves. In December 2014, ErosNow an online video streaming platform signed a bond with Google, which allowed its viewers to stream the content from their laptop, phones, tablets and their devices to the television via Chromecast device by Google.

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Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Tools

With digital marketing already replacing the traditional form of marketing techniques at a really-really fast pace, marketers hailing from different walks of life must apprise themselves with the top tools, tips and techniques to attain the best set of results for their campaigns. In the same frame of light, enlisted below is a comprehensive list of top 10 best digital marketing tools, leveraging upon which will enable marketers to build a result-oriented digital marketing plan.

Hello Bar


HelloBar enables to show a customizable bar at the top of the pages on your blog/website.


2It is a browser extension for Gmail that shows rich social profiles based on email address.  Also, it allows to take a quick look at people’s conversations on social media and mould your own conversation accordingly.


3A data append service that works based on email-id (US only).

Subscribers Magnet


Subscribers Magnet is a customizable opt-in form for your blog. It can appear in a pop-up, in the sidebar, within the blog itself, in the blog comment, as a header strip and as a floating footer.



The tool FollowerWonk allows search through the bios of Twitter users. Besides LinkedIn, it is an extremely good place to trace new people for your product/service.



What is it? An online tool to build & host landing pages that doesn’t require programming is Unbounce. Moreover, A/B testing is part of the package with this tool.



For users looking for an easy way out to find how your visitors use their website, GhostRec can be leveraged upon. Moreover, if the perspective is lead generation by analysing the behaviour of people coming onto your landing page, then also this digital marketing tool turns out to be of utmost relevance.


This is a simple tool to send segmented, transactional or lifecycle emails.


Based on the activity of your users on your application, you can segment them and send custom messages by leveraging upon this digital marketing tool.



One of the most crucial and reliable digital marketing tool from the lead generation and sales perspective is Mixpanel. Ideally, this tool allows the user to create arbitrary number of funnels that track interactions beyond webpages. For example, you could say, people who visited landing page, then filled up guide download form, then clicked on the email link to guide download.

So, aforesaid was the list of the top 10 best digital marketing tools that every marketer must use. Did you find any of the above-listed tools interesting for your campaign? Do share your views with us in the Comments section below.

Avoid 7 Mistakes While Homepage Creation

The homepage is the heart of the website. Any blunder in the creation of a homepage can lead to the decrease in the rate of conversion for any organization. The homepage works as a gateway to the other domains of your website, keeping it well-furnished is a necessity. It is important to optimize your homepage and put a barricade on your killing conversion rate. There are few mistakes that are supposed to be avoided while creating a homepage for your website, as it might help you increase your conversion rate:

Do Not Commit These 7 Mistakes While Creating Your Homepage

1. Publicizing Company News

Though, any achievement by the company helps in gaining the trust and attracting customers but flashing it on the homepage doesn’t leave an appealing impression on the visitors. Business news influences the market, but shouldn’t be there on the homepage of your website. Homepage news items kill the conversion rate massively.

The primary purpose of any business organization is to attract customers and gain revenue, not to get their attention in your news. In this situation, a company can follow the concept of flashing their news through Blogging just like Evernote. Following the pattern of publicizing the achievements through blogging, can help the website drive a lot of traffic as well as it will not hamper the conversion rate. The homepage of your website should be professionally organized, and the basic aim of the news is to lead visitors straight into the funnel.

2. Dis-organized Homepage

A homepage that includes a cluttered information containing irrelevant images and texts is the biggest mistake people commit while creating homepages for their organization. A concise web copy of the website will help you optimize your page for better conversions.

Using only relevant images and effective facts, is a perfect way of creating an impressive homepage. Always keep in mind, that most of the important and relevant information is placed above the fold of the website as more than 80% of the visitors spend most of their time on that particular section, this helps in the rise of conversion rates. Advertising on the homepage should be avoided, as that distracts the visitors attention from the niche of your website.

Also, adding a background image to the homepage has shown remarkable results. Web sites containing the images of facial features, characteristics, or the owner of the website are receiving the most positive response than the images without recognizable facial features.

After conducting a series of tests, Highrise discovered that a background image of a customer performed better than a white background and increased conversion rate by 102.5%.

3. Usage of too many Call-To-Actions

CTA of your website is the tipping point between the bounce and conservation rate of the website. CTA plays a vital role in leading he visitor of your website into the funnel or directly off your website.

According to the statistics, out of 200 businesses 70% of them failed to display clear call to actions to their homepages. Out of them, only 47% of the websites displayed a clear call-to-action button, which took all the users 3 seconds or less than that to spot.

Also, the location of the CTA matters the most. For example, right side vs. left side, above the fold vs. below are the options you can test upon.

4. Blog Is Not A Priority

Not considering a blog as a priority is the biggest mistake committed by the digital marketers. If we talk about the stats, 87% of organic search results are via blog posts and 70% of the links users click are through organic results, and not paid. A website that includes blogs is loved more than a website containing static figures.

Blogging works as an indispensable tool for every organization. Blogging helps a company to establish a trustworthy relationship with the potential customers. Blog Posts work the best in homepage creation, as blogs make a website look neat and easily readable. Blogs help a website posts its achievements/news/offers in a more presentable way. Nowadays, blogs are more capable of influencing purchases.

Writing an in-depth article containing the complete knowledge can help search engines discover, index, and rank your content page.

5. Slow Loading Of Homepage

Another major drawback is the slow loading of the homepage of any website. Slow loading might hamper your conversion rate, as the visitor demands the website to open quickly. For instance, According to the statistics by KISSmetrics, “a delay of even a single second in a page’s load time can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions.”

The main point of discussion is to make your homepage load and open rapidly, making sure that the content on the homepage is relevant and interesting for visitors.

Follow the steps below to elevate the speed of your homepage:

1# Visit Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool and plug in the URL of your existing website. Now simply click on the “Test Now” button to get the accurate statistic of your website.

2# Check the load time of your website with the help of this effective tool. This will surely guide you where you need to work o your website to increase the opening speed.

6. Audio/Video Content

Want to increase the conversion rate of your website? Adding video and audio content will surely help you do the same, but the major concern is whether the visitor is interested in watching or listening to it or not. For that, it is necessary for a website to give users the control over the podcast or video they choose to listen to.

For example, “YouTube comes with autoplay feature. On the right side of the page, you can set the Autoplay feature to “off” before you embed the video on your page.”

In this digital era of massive competition, you can definitely beautify your website using various podcasts or videos on your homepage to create and leave a stronger impression on all the visitors on your website.

7. Overlapping Navigation Components

The navigation of your website works as the gateway to all other important pages available on your website. If your navigation does not appeal the user, then there is no point in even availing the most trending navigation menu. At any cost, never fail to optimize the navigation menu of your website correctly as it majorly hampers the conversion rate of the website.

Enlisted above are the 7 major mistakes almost every organization commits while creating their homepage. Did you commit the same mistakes while creating the homepage of your website? How did you rescue? Please share your rescue experiences with everyone by commenting in the below section.

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Webinar Recording Of Building Career In Digital Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing is an ocean itself. Discover the in-depth knowledge about Digital Marketing with Himanshu Arora, Co-founder of Social Panga who hosted a panel discussion on Building Career In Digital Marketing Agencies. Ravi Kumar is the Assistant Vice President at AdLift and Sanjay Singh is a Co-founder at Essence Digital, were the leading speakers who shared their valuable thoughts and learnings with all the participants and attendees. Focusing upon all the major domains of digital marketing, they enlightened upon various skill-sets expected in digital marketing agencies. Sharing their personal experiences, on their journey in the field of digital marketing they made the discussion very engaging and interesting for all the participants.

Also, they listed few certifications, which are relevant and most beneficial in the digital marketing agencies. They gave an overview on the career path and how you can expand your business through Digital Marketing. They gave various takeaways on how one can start-off their journey from a junior level and can pace up achieving best ranks in the industry.

Yahoo Google reunited? Again?


In the year 2000, Yahoo was one of the Google partners. They became partners to carry both ads and search results. Though, the partnership sustained for many years, then Yahoo in 2004 developed its own in-house search technology and ad serving system. Partnership that is buzzing is between yahoo google.

After some time, Yahoo formally established its search deal with Microsoft in 2010 and gave up on its own internal search technology. This deal could not bring the results as expected by both the brand names. From past two years, Yahoo has been searching for various ways to generate more revenue from individual searches, not including its deal with Microsoft.

3-Year Latest Deal Between Google & Yahoo

On October 19, 2015, Yahoo! Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Yahoo”), and Google Inc., a Delaware corporation (“Google”), entered into a Google Services Agreement (the “Services Agreement”). The Services Agreement is effective as of October 1, 2015 and expires on December 31, 2018.

Though, it is officially a 3-year bond but it might discard early for numerous reasons.

Pursuant to the Services Agreement, Google will provide Yahoo with search advertisements through Google’s AdSense for Search service (“AFS”), web algorithmic search services through Google’s Websearch Service, and image search services. The results provided by Google for these services will be available to Yahoo for display on both desktop and mobile platforms.

The above statement reflects that Yahoo can reveal all the Google search results. Yahoo search results comprise of both editorial “free” listings and advertisements. Yahoo serves both, as it does not have its own editorial listings. Yahoo has no crawler, which combs the entire web for the content crisis. As per the Bing search engine provided by Microsoft, it is not affordable by Yahoo to showcase Google Ads against editorial listings.

Is it possible for Yahoo to cross 51% with Google?

Yahoo can effectively utilize Google results for both mobile as well as desktop. For desktop, Google could bring 49%, as the other 51% is guaranteed by Microsoft. Yahoo has no limit for mobile, as it becomes reliable to fully serve out Google results even at the cost of Gemini ads system.

Is Yahoo liberal?

“Under the Services Agreement, Yahoo has the discretion to select which search queries to send to Google and is not obligated to send any minimum number of search queries. The Services Agreement is non-exclusive and expressly permits Yahoo to use any other search advertising services, including its own service, the services of Microsoft Corporation or other third parties.”

The statement above states, Yahoo need not guarantee anything to Google. Yahoo can decide not to send any query, the decision completely depends upon Google.

Yahoo gets the percentage on Ads running on Google

Google will pay Yahoo a percentage of the gross revenues from AFS ads displayed on Yahoo Properties or Affiliate Sites. The percentage will vary depending on whether the ads are displayed on U.S. desktop sites, non-U.S. desktop sites or on the tablet or mobile phone versions of the Yahoo Properties or its Affiliate Sites. Yahoo will pay Google fees for requests for image search results or web algorithmic search results.

Yahoo will get a guaranteed percentage of Google ads running on Yahoo networks. However, the exact percentage depends upon the desktop or mobile. Interestingly, there is not even a slight guarantee by Google, that Yahoo will be paid.

Now, the final decision is that Yahoo is obliged to pay Google for using editorial (“algorithmic”) search results for web listings or images. This practice is to confirm and keep a check on Yahoo so that it does not show Google’s listings as its own against them. In such a case, Google without earning anything will be providing a service.

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Top 5 Tips For Effective Web Analytics Strategy

Web Analytics is defined simply as the measure, acquisition, analysis and the reporting of complete Internet data for the objective of understanding and optimizing Web usage. Strategy over tactic is a basic rule that is to be followed for a website’s accurate web analytics. A strategy is a plan of action that is specifically designed to achieve the goal. Whereas a tactic is a tool that is used to accomplish the goal following the strategy adopted by the officials of the company.

Making the strategy according to your business plan is the most important factor. It was analyzed that, “34% of marketers reported that their analytics was not integrated at all with their business plan” which may sound foolish but is a truth.

Top Five Actions That Make Your Web Analytics Strategy Effective

1. Determine The Basic Agenda Of Your Website

If you want to develop a useful web analytics strategy, setting up a primary goal for your website is the first and one of the major steps. In order to attain success, it is important for you to define the objectives and goals of your website.  The main focus of a website should always rely either on gaining revenue or reducing the overall cost, which is not at all possible if there is no agenda of a website.


For an instance, E-commerce Sites that are specifically designed to promote the products and services of a company over Internet. The basic agenda for these sites is to sell more and more products online, in order to maximize the profitability of the firm.

The basic agenda of these websites is to increase conversions, improve customer acquisition, improvise customer retention and to increase the frequency and variety of the purchases of existing customers.

2. Main Focus On Conversions

The success of a website is determined on the number of page views, traffic of the visitors and most popular pages amongst all. The performance of a website does not solely depends upon the rise in the number of visitors from the previous month. Rather the overall performance of a website relies on the activities that are being performed by the regular visitors of the website. If the visitors are interacting more on your website, then your website is performing well as per the relevant measures. For instance, If an E-commerce site has increased 80%of the traffic, but there is no improvement in the sales, then it will be considered as a failure. It is important for an E-commerce website to convert its visitors into buyers. The main aim of an E-commerce site is to increase sales, rather than just bring traffic to the website. If talking about an E-commerce site the increase in traffic should result in the increase of sales, only then it is considered to be a successful marketing campaign.


Except for the successful shopping cart checkouts, there are various non-commerce activities followed by websites that lead to conversions:

  • Setting up an account on the website
  • Download document
  • Newsletter registration
  • Respond of consumers to Email campaigns
  • Purchase of goods and services from the website
  • Event Sign-Ups
  • Profile Update
  • Video viewing
  • Making a payment
  • Rating and article on a website, or forwarding it to any of the friends
  • Link-back posts

3. Key Performance Indicators

Build actionable KPIs to pace up the concept of focusing on converting leads into conversions. Context as always needs to be relevant and unique in the data of web analytics. According to web metric: Unique and meaningful content is capable of bringing up 20% of hike in the number of page views on a website. If we talk about an E-commerce website, their basic agenda is to spread awareness amongst people about the products and services provided by them. They are supposed to keep people upgraded with what’s new on their website via online platforms. However, if we take an informative website, their primary goal is to increase self-service. With an increment of 20% page views on an informative website, it is generally assumed that the visitors might have faced difficulty navigating the website. And this isn’t a good news for any informative website.


Also, most of the users do not know how to analyze their website with the help of Google Analytics. Most of the users are not aware of where to start from, identify and report on the insightful data of the website that might help the marketers make crucial business decisions. Web analytics requires a methodology to translate the goals and objectives of any business into Key Performance Indicators. For example, KPI’s may be:

      • Increase in the Conversion ratio per visitor over last month
      • Increased Percentage of purchases per inquiry over last month
      • Increase in the Rate of forms completed per visitor over previous month
      • Increase in the Average number of visitors who sign-ups for a particular event over last month

4. Marketing Processes: Automate and Integrate

It becomes really valuable for a marketer to tie up web analytics data to other repositories and marketing tools. For example, it is beneficial to tie up various marketing tools such as E-mail, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the line of business databases, off-line purchase repositories, and phone systems providing sophisticated cross-channel analytics to web analytics. Integrating and connecting disparate marketing tools are used to improvise the overall marketing campaign results. These tools remarkably enhance the campaign performance by enlightening upon the insights on the identities that are achieving maximum results. Strategic benefits are as follows:


      • Transition of high-cost support services to low-cost channels( For example, transition customers from phone-based support to web-based self-service)
      • Determine the drivers of cross-channel churn (For Example, issues that cause clients to seek extra added support from the phone service centers as it is not possible for them to complete self-service activities on the website).
      • Capture visitor behavior across channels (For example, correlation of in-store purchases with web-based purchases)
      • Get a holistic view of customer motivations (drivers) bringing them to the website.

5. Track Progress and Review Strategy Regularly

The most crucial step is to revisit the agenda and goals of your website. It is important to protect your strategy from falling by the wayside. This is a major part of your governance implementation. The things that ar most required to create a good web governance model are as follows;


      • Accountability: The roles, responsibilities, and duties of the website.
        Following the concept of 4Ws and 1 H: who does what, when, why and how?
      • Accessibility: The access to complete data, integration with the other systems and availability standards of the website.
        Accurate, timely and direct availability to the stakeholders of analytics and reports is majorly important.
      • Community
        Representation from all relevant business units with full participation by the owners of the companies and technology teams plays a vital role.
      • Uniformity
        Definitions and policies set for all the web analytics reports, terminology, KPIs & calculations, reporting cycles, information dissemination, and routine review of governance for all the enhancements.

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Top 5 Tips To Follow The Path Of Success

How do you define Success?

Success is something you do not achieve overnight. It is a slow yet effective process of accomplishing the goal of your life. It is impossible to define success as it varies from place to place and person to person. Success is the reward of your hard work, patience, time-consumption, and dedication towards your goal. Success, in general, is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Every individual cannot have the same purpose in his or her life, therefore its meaning and aspects can differ from one person to another but what remains same is the aim of achieving it. Some might define success as having luxurious cars and a huge mansion, whereas others consider a life full of joy and happiness with their family as the true meaning of success. Once an individual has figured out what is important for him personally he can focus on his visions and goals.

Planning is a key to Success

Planning is the most important step in success. No matter how high does a person sets his goals but to achieve the same one need to plan things accordingly. Every little step towards your goal stands important. One cannot measure the outcome of their decision before hand so it involves a lot of risks too. No matter what the result come out to be but what it teaches you plays the more important role. The biggest achievement is the experience we earn from the process of achieving Success.

Learning is a never-ending process:

See your career as a road. No matter how far you travel, it is a continuous process. All you need to focus on is your stamina and resiliency to stick with your goal. If you know the correct technique to move forward, you need not care of running upward towards a headwind. Try to learn at least one new aspect every day, it will boost your learning experience and will work as your first step towards success.0488f36

Attitude Of The Person

Another important factor for success is the attitude of a person. Planning might not end up giving the results a person desires, but his attitude towards the outcome matters the most. Learning from a failure does not put a person one step back in his planned success but makes him learn. Therefore, one must possess a positive attitude within himself. Making mistakes and learning from them is important. Hard work is even a very important factor for success. Success comes with time, it is the fruit we get from our invested time.

Role Of Actions

An action is a foundational key to all success. The more efforts one infuses into his goals, the better the results are. Planning is a total waste if actions are not taken correctly.


Role Of Patience

Patience is a factor that cannot be denied in achieving success. One needs to hold on and perceive the outcomes calmly. Any impulsive or hasty decision would not provide the right outcome. As said before planning might not provide the desired outcome but impulsive attitude would not change the results either. All these factors are important to consider in-order to achieve the set goal.

Donald Trump is a famous name that comes accross our minds, everytime we talk about success. He is a goal-driven person, whose goals are never-ending. According to him, once you finish up with your goal, you should always keep another in the waiting room. He is an entrepreneur, considered to be one of the most successful names in the business world today.

Success provides new dimensions to the personality of a person. One needs to keep redefining them one after another dynamically.

Top 7 Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile marketing is simply marketing via mobile phones. Mobile marketing connects the audience quickly, just by sending a text message on their respective phones. If we compare the marketing techniques, email marketing gets an approx open rate of 22% rather mobile marketing acquires 98% of open rate. The major reasons for such huge difference is, mobile phones are handy and everyone walks around carrying them either in their pockets or hands. Also, it gives a personalized touch as you can connect with the customers anytime and anywhere conveniently by contacting them through their personal numbers.

Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies

There are various mobile marketing strategies that can be used by marketers these days. Mobile marketing elevates the growth of your business with closer consumer engagement, which is not possible in other techniques of marketing. Following are the effective mobile marketing strategies:

1. Marketing through SMS chainsizigg-short-code_1

SMS is one of the most easy and effective ways for reaching out to the customers. SMS messages are recommended as they are more likely  to be open in minutes of being received by the lead. As, SMS strategy works rapidly, it is an apt select for promotion of coupons, time-limited contests and reminder for appointments.

You can create personalized text messages and connect to your leads on a personal level. You can attract your customers by merging featured images in the body of the context. Also, you can embed short code keywords in your message. This allows people to take action with just few keystrokes. Short codes are highly beneficial for contests, promotions, charity events and much more.

There is one more feature called automated responses, which enables you to follow up your leads using marketing automation. This advanced feature helps you to revert your customers immediately  even when all of your representatives are not available or busy.

2. Push NotificationsAPNS_Logo

Introduced firstly by Apple in 2007, push notification technique was later popularized with android system. This technique  helps the owners of the application to communicate directly with their leads and customers in the most simplest and effective way.


3. App-based Marketingapps-store

With increase in the number of smartphone users, the mobile marketers are taking the advantage of mobile apps as an effective marketing resource. It becomes easy for marketers to increase the visibility of their app in store, which automatically increases the number of downloads.

4. In-game Mobile MarketingIn-game-mobile-ads

In-game marketing is trending these days. Famous brands are delivering promotional messages on mobile gaming platform or by sponsoring the entire games, which is broadly helping the marketers to drive more consumers or leads ever day to their website. In-game mobile marketing is also known as Ad-funded mobile game.

5. QR Codes

Scanning QR code with mobile phone

QR Codes is a barcode, which is machine-readable optical label that contains all the information about the product or services that are provided by a company.  It is another effective way of mobile marketing. It allows a customer to visit a web page address directly, by just scanning the 2D image with the camera of their phone. It saves the time of the customer or lead to manually enter a URL to get the access for any website they are willing to access.

6. Mobile Web Marketingmobile-website-comparison

The Mobile Marketing Association facilitates the user with a set of guidelines and standards that contains a specifically recommended format of ads, presentation, and metrics that are essential to be used in mobile marketing. It becomes ore beneficial for a brand to create a specific mobile website rather than the standard one. For example; Dominos has created its mobile website, which has increased its business as compared to the other brands that are still dependent on their standard website for sales.

7. MMSmms

MMS mobile marketing contains a timed slideshow that comprises of a well-designed collaboration of relevant images, text, audio and video. This kind of content is delivered via Multimedia Message Service to all the leads and customers. In today’s era, almost all the cellphones are capable of sending as well as receiving a Multimedia Message Service message.

For example; Motorola’s campaign that held at House of Blues, where Motorola allowed all its consumers to send their mobile images to the LED board and also let them blog their images online.


Enlisted above are the Top 7 Effective Mobile Marketing Strategies, that are beneficial from mobile marketing perspective. Taking over desktop with its massive success, mobile marketing is one of the major reasons for the success of many renowned brands. It is mandatory to be well-versed with all Mobile Marketing Strategies to gain more traffic and leads for your website. If you wish to learn more then opt in for a Mobile Marketing Course.

Top 7 Tips To Leverage MailChimp For Email Campaigns

Email Marketing is broadcasting a commercial message to a group of certain people via emails. Basically, marketing the business using emails is an effective way to promote your firm sales and gain maximum traffic through the same. It is considered to be a more personalized form of marketing, you get to connect with your targeted set of audience by maintaining a direct connect. The process of email marketing encourages customer’s loyalty, promotes repeat business, convinces customers for buying products and policies, and acquiring more customers.

Email marketing campaign is a basic ingredient to any of the marketing strategy. As we all know, how mobile is taking over desktop these days marketing campaigns are gaining success via mailing process. Keep your emails short and crisp, so that t gains the attention and does not consume much time of the reader. Do not forget to embed relevant videos and images regarding your product and services in order to accomplish the goal of a successful email marketing campaign.

MailChimp is an appropriate platform for your firm to conduct a successful email marketing campaign as per the niche of your thriving business. MailChimp facilitates its users with better writing content and also to keep you updated with all the Spam laws required.

Top 7 Tips For A Successful Email Campaign

1. Begin Using A Relevant Template

Planning to create a RSS-Driven campaign? It is important for user to start creating a campaign by selecting RSS-Driven Campaign followed by the selection of any one RSS template from the options available. Regardless of what code you have inserted into a non-RSS template, it will be impossible for MailChimp to display your blogs.

2. Careful Usage of Columns

MailChimp provides the user to utilize 2,3 and even 4 template column, as per the requirement of the campaign. But, it is more convenient for the user to use column 1 in the campaigning process. The main reason behind it is, what we are creating is a fluid, re-sizable email, which is visible to a wide range of users through browsers, email clients, and applications.

3. Subject should be Customized

Opening of an email solely depends upon its Subject. If the reader finds it vague, he/she might directly put it into trash without even opening your mail. This might hamper and spoil the  success of your email marketing plan. You should make it crisp and catch but please avoid making it spammy.

If you’re planning to send your posts via RSS to email, it is very important for you to make the blog post title as the subject line of your emails.

4. Give utmost attention to the first text of your reader.

A wide range of email programs mainly GOOGLE, often visualizes the first few words of an email even before you open it. It should be hooked with the subject line of your campaign, if not do it.

5. Linking with Social Media

Do not forget to link your email chains with your social media profiles, to give a personalized touch. It gives a better impact to link your profiles, as the reader might not waste his/her time in searching for your profile on their own.

6. Plain text is still preferable

Emailing is the simplest form of marketing, though it never gets out of fashion. It makes the campaign more preferred, as not every one owes a smartphone even in today’s time. Simplicity never goes out of style.

7. Make the fine Print Funky

Creativity never goes out of the window, especially when we are designing to grasp all the attention. MailChimp facilitates the users to modify and have some real fun with the footer, as per their own creative skills.

Above are the basic tips that are provided to lead a successful email marketing campaign for the betterment of your business. It previews your creatively designed email campaigns in both HTML and plain-text, the user can select as per the need of your firm. It just takes a nano-second with nothing but the click of a button. After a few moments, you can check for errors and re correct them accordingly. In MailChimp, it is easy for the user to check the subject line of the user with just a click the “Header Info” button in HTML preview, or check “Show header stuff” in plain-text.