How to Write an Article? A – Z Guidelines for New Bloggers

“Content is the King!” is a famous quote in the digital marketing landscape. Is that why you want to learn about “How to Write an Article” for your blog?

A blog is the central element of a content marketing strategy. It helps in building relationships with the readers by providing them with information that they are looking for.

With the spread of Content Marketing, the importance of blogging has also increased. For almost anything, we, as users take help from online content which is primarily in the form of blogs. This, in turn, means traffic for the website, which means a greater audience to pitch to.

Are you inspired by blogging opportunities?

Do you want to know how to write an article that gets you thousands of visits?



There are a number of essential elements that should be taken into consideration while writing an article for online websites. In this guide, we will bring all these elements into the limelight and will make it sure that you write an article with utmost precision.

So, get ready to start your journey to write an amazing article.

Element #1 to Writing an Amazing Article: Keyword Research

Performing basic keyword research is a critical action that needs should be the first step of writing an article for the web world. This is done to attract the audience you wish to target, and also to grab a higher rank in the Search Engine Results Page.

Keyword Research is one of the main Search Engine Optimization activities which helps you to identify the search terms that users would type to get information.

Keyword Research can be done through different methods. With the help of keyword research, you can easily find popular search terms of your niche and include in your blog post.

Step 1 – Go to Ubersuggest. This is a free keyword research tool that gives multiple keyword suggestions.

KR 3

Step 2 – Type your keyword, enter your language & country and press enter.

KR 4

A dashboard like this will appear before you and will give you important stats on the Search Volume, SEO Difficulty, Paid Difficulty & CPC.

KR 5

When you scroll down the page, you’ll find more keyword ideas.

Step 3 – By clicking on “View All Keyword Ideas” you can get access to more similar keywords, which you can copy to clipboard or can export to CSV.

KR 7

Step 4: Choose a Keyword that has high search volume but a lower SEO difficulty.

Now, you have chosen the keyword that you will target. And this keyword will be the key to having your article get more visitors.

Element #2 to Cracking the Article Writing Code: Crafting a Catchy Headline

It is a widely known fact that the internet has become highly cluttered and almost everyone is making its way towards it. Irrespective of how resourceful and informative is the article that you have written, if it doesn’t have an irresistible title, it won’t even get read.

According to CopyBlogger, 8 out of 10 people read your headline while only 2 out of 10 people look forward to reading the post. Thus to make sure that your blog post gets enough views and visibility, you have to make sure to write a headline that has the potential to grab the attention of the user in the first shot.

Writing great content surely takes some time and effort. Merely compromising on the headline is not at all a good choice.

So, want to become a pro in headline writing?


Follow these rules to write exciting headlines:


Rule No 1 – Write Multiple Headlines For Your Article

Write at least 5 headlines before you begin with your article and then pick the best one. A majority of professional bloggers recommend doing this.

You should spend the same time working on the blog titles as much as you spend on the blog. Brainstorm multiple headlines, write them down and see which one has the potential to entice readers. You can also share the blog titles with your friends and colleagues to get their feedback.

Rule No 2 – Stay Accurate

Accuracy is essential when you are writing a title for your blog post because it clearly defines what your blog post is all about and also sets clear expectations amongst your readers.

Rule No 3 – Keep it Short

Do not stretch the title of your article to an extent where your readers lose interest in reading. Keep the title short, concise and to the point without beating around the bush.

Blog posts with lengthy titles fail to engage the audience. Try to keep the word count of your title between 6 – 8 words as headlines with these many words tend to have a higher Click Through Rate.

Rule No 4 – Remember the Interrogative Words

How, Who, What, When, Why, When and Why are interrogative words that lead to high levels of user engagement. A majority of people look for information online and these words are capable of evoking the curiosity of the readers.

Rule No 5 – Address Readers in 2nd Person

Well, this is quite important. You should always write the headline of your post in the second person. The reason for this that the second person pulls the reader into action. It enables the reader to experience as the blog was written specifically for them.

Rule No 6 – Ask Questions

Frame the headline of your article in the form of a question. The purpose of the headline is to convince users to click on the link to further read the blog. Questions are like an invitation. They immediately draw the attention of the user.

Rule No 7 – Keep the Title Relevant

This is one of the most important rules to follow. Just for the sake of creating an irresistible headline, do not get off the track. Ensure to write a relevant title for your write-up.

Rule No 8 – Use Power Words

Power words trigger psychological and emotional pain points of the readers. They are highly persuasive in nature and grabs the attention of the readers in the first shot. Some examples of Power Words are Awesome, Incredible, Great, Instantly, Free, New etc.

Rule No 9 – Use Numbers

Just like humans are attracted towards contrasting colours, in the same way, humans are attracted towards numbers as well. Using a number in your headline will eventually make your blog post stand out in the crowd.

Element #3 to Writing and Irresistible Article; A Capturing Introduction


So, by now you must have got an idea on how to write irresistible headlines for your articles. Next what comes is the introduction.

The introduction of your article is no less than an elevator pitch. The purpose of the introduction is to hook the readers, keep them engaged and persuade them to read until the end.

The introduction should complement the headline. It should briefly explain what the post is all about and why readers should go ahead & read it completely.

Follow these rules to write an attention-grabbing introduction:

Rule No 1 – Open With A Question

As mentioned earlier, questions invoke the curiosity of the readers. Unanswered questions create an informational gap. This creates curiosity amongst the readers. As a result of this, they go ahead and read the article completely.

Write a question about what your readers might want an answer for. Furthermore, questions create an emotional bond between you and your readers that they can’t ignore.

Rule No 2 – Keep It Short

Remember, the main objective of the introduction is to create interest so that the readers read the whole blog. Lengthy introductions tend to decrease the level of interest amongst the readers and they generally bounce back.  Thus, make your introduction, short and crisp.

Rule No 3 – Use Quotes

Using quotes in the introduction is a great way to make your introductions more exciting and appealing. Quotes written by well-known authors are authoritative in nature and increases the reader’s trust.

Rule No 4 – Include Facts

Statistics and facts increase the value and also boosts credibility. Statistics and facts highlight your article & attract more readers. Facts and statistics are also the best way to prove results. You can either your own statistics and facts, but in case you are facts and statistics from other sources, ensure to give proper credit to the source.

Rule No 5 – Offer “Why” The Readers Should Read Your Blog

Does your blog post impart any valuable information? Does it connect with the pain points of the readers? Is your blog post worth reading? This is your “Why”.

After your reader is convinced by your irresistible headline, they look forward to the introduction to see if the blog post actually provides any value or not. You have to offer a compelling reason to the readers why they should go ahead and devote their precious time in reading the blog post.

Element #4 on How to Write an Article; A Perfect Body

Article writing tips

Now comes the main part of your article – the body. After all, you’ve put in a lot of effort in writing an irresistible headline and an amazing introduction to make sure that the readers read your article.

The structuring of your article should be such that it should make it more appealing to read and eye-pleasing.

Follow these rules to write an appealing body for the article:

Rule No 1 – Use 3-4 Sentences in a Paragraph

Write short and concise paragraphs. Do not make the body looks like a thick piece of text without any white space. It is often recommended to write short paragraphs to maintain the interest of the readers. Also, the readers tend to retain information that is presented to them in shorter paragraphs.

Rule No 2 – Use Subheadings

Subheadings are the pillars of writing. They divide your write-up into important sectors so that the user does not lose interest and keep on reading the blog. Subheadings make the articles easy to read and retain.

Rule No 3 – Use Bullets

Bullets are one of the most effective forms to present information as they are easy to scan. They prevent readers from bouncing back and keeps them intact with the blog. By eliminating unnecessary words, bullet points improve the readability as well.

Rule No 4 – Avoid Using Many Links

Using links in your writing is a good internet etiquette. It makes it easier for readers to know more about the information that you are talking about. On the other hand, putting too many links on your blog post can have an adverse impact on you.

It gives an impression that you yourself have not put enough information in your blog post and so are linking to other blogs.

Rule No 5 – Use Images Effectively

To break up the text or monotony in reading, you should use images in your blog post. There is an age old saying that “A picture speaks a thousand words” and so you can use this saying for your benefit. You can use images in the form of pictures, charts, infographic, screenshots etc.

Element #5 of How to Write an Article; A Motivating Conclusion


Now that you have sparked the interest of your reader with an irresistible headline, attention-grabbing introduction and an amazing body, it is now time to end or conclude the article with something motivating.

A strong conclusion leaves an impression on your readers and encourages them to read more content on your website. Thus, you have to ensure to write an enticing conclusion.

Do not underestimate the power of conclusion because if your conclusion is not up to the mark, your whole blog can easily fall off. The conclusion provides you with the best opportunity to increase further engagement with your target audience.

Here are some rules to end your content piece in a powerful way:

Rule No 1 – Summarize the Key Points

Write a short recap of all the important points that were covered. This allows you to reinforce your message and makes it easy for the readers to retain information.

Rule No 2 – Make it Short

Don’t forget that is the conclusion and not the body. Keep it short and avoid adding any new information.

Rule No 3 – Ask a Question

In order to get more comments, try to end with a question. Again, do not ask too many questions. This might confuse your readers & they might leave without taking the required action.

Rule No 4 – End it with a Motivational Quote

Motivational quotes have a long-lasting & positive impact on the reader’s mind.

Final Thoughts

Ensure to have an attention-grabbing headline & introduction along with an informative body. Don’t forget to include images wherever necessary and use subheadings. Lastly, end your conclusion with an enticing conclusion that leaves an impact on the readers.

Article Writing can be really fun and profitable if you follow the right guidelines and tips. Knowing how to write an article for the web is important to reap benefits.

Over to you!

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Social Media Do’s and Don’ts that Businesses Should Follow

With the booming prevalence of Social Media, it has become inevitable to know about all the Social Media Do’s and Don’ts.

Frankly speaking, there is no denying the fact that we are living in the era of technology and social media has become an essential part of our lives.

Missing your dear ones? Jump on to social media to catch them there. Going out at dinner? Post about it on social media and let everyone know. Got an increment? Share your moments with your loved ones on social media. Want to enhance your business? Take the help of social media to reach a wide number of audiences.

By all of these, what we want to convey here is that our life is completely surrounded by social media knowingly or unknowingly.

As per stats, internet has around 4.2 billion users and amongst those, around 3.397 billion are the active Social Media Users.

Since social media has become an important part of our lives it is necessary for us to understand the major social media Do’s and Don’ts and through this article, we will let you know what are the essential social media do’s and don’ts.

Why Learn Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Your social media profile speaks a lot about your overall personality and that is why recruiters go through your social media profile to know more about your personality. That is why you must maintain your social media account in such a way that it can fetch you good returns.

If you are looking to promote your business on social media then also you will have to keep do’s and don’ts of social media etiquette in mind while operating your social media account.

There are a number of things that people are doing wrong on social media but they are unaware of that and you need to restrain yourself from that. So stick here and we will let you know what are the major do’s and don’ts of social media for business that can become boon and curse for your business.

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Etiquette

To learn do’s and don’ts in social media, you need to divide the article into two different sections.

First of all, you need to check out the major social media Do’s and then in the second section, you need to find out Social Media Don’ts. So let us start deciphering the Social Media Dos-

Part 1 – Social Media Do’s For Businesses

1. Consistency Is The Key

You might be using your social media account to promote your business by posting a number of relevant contents.

Here you have got to understand two things; the first one is that you will have to keep your users engaged in your social media profile by being consistent with your social media activity.

The second thing is that you will have to make sure that you are posting the relevant contents only. In name of consistency do not post anything rather stick to your goal.

Image result for Social Media Do's

While you are aiming to promote your business through social media you want your users to stay connected with your page and posting relevant contents regularly is really important.

Suppose if you are selling a sports product, let’s say a football then you will have to consistently post contents related to football as a sport, football as a sports product and so on. Make people read your contents, prove them your genuineness.

If you are not regular with your posts they won’t find you credible. This topic is really important and that is why it is in our list of social media do’s and don’ts guide.

2. Be Connective

In the context of social media do’s and don’ts it is among the most important ones. You need to make sure that you are making enough efforts to strengthen your existing relationships and at the same time, you are also building new connections.

In order to do so, you must know how to have an engaging conversation. You must use your social media profile to engage with different users and develop relationships.

Your words can do magic and let them help in your business promotion. Talk to people on social media and let them enjoy this conversation. The more connection you will build, the more conversion chances will be there.

3. Complete Your Social Media Profile

As it has been said in a proverb that incomplete information is always dangerous hence you should never leave your social media profile incomplete.

Since your social media profile is checked by your recruiters and audience (in case of business) an incomplete profile will leave a bad impact on their mind regarding you. So it is always advised to complete your social media profile as early as possible.

Imagine it by yourself being a recruiter or an audience, what would you expect from the other end. If the person is not able to explain himself/herself through the social media profile then you are not going to trust him/her. You must fill-in the compulsory details asked by social media platforms.

Since you need to improve your credibility in the long run that is why we have included this point in our article on social media do’s and don’ts.

4. Choose Your Platform Wisely

This is one of the most important factors regarding do’s and don’ts in social media. Social media can enhance the shape of your business but that doesn’t mean that you start using each and every social media platforms rather you need to choose those which suit you and your business. Select social media platforms that will provide you with the maximum reach and minimum loss.

You can go for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on depending upon your marketing goals. Here don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to say that restrain yourself from other platforms rather you should have an identity over different platforms but your target should be on a specific platform.

5. Make It Engaging But Unique

Image result for engagement social media

While posting content on social media make sure that contents are engaging and will entertain your audience. Meanwhile, do not make your social media page look boring and you can avoid this by publishing unique contents every time.

Nobody likes to read the same thing again and again, and if you will keep doing this you may lose a number of fans so every time you post content on social media platforms make sure it is engaging and unique at the same time.

Enriching your social media page with good and unique contents will not only help in developing credibility but also you will stand out of the mob. Copy-pasting is done on a large scale these days and you must avoid that. Create your own contents and make them engage your audience and see the wonder happen.

6. Be Interactive

This is one of the most crucial points in our social media do’s and don’ts list. You need to maintain proper interaction with your fans if you want to earn their trust.

Every time wants a reply on their queries, make sure that you are gentle enough in your tone of replies. Continuous response on social media is definitely going to be fruitful for your business.

Everyone likes to get attention and you can give a special feeling for a few minutes by just replying to their messages/comments. This will certainly not eat a lot of your time but this will definitely fetch you good results.

7. The Post What Fits The Best

Since there are a number of social media platforms and you might be active on different platforms as well but not all of them work similarly and neither do they have a similar audience.

Here we need to understand that publishing the right content at the right platform will fetch you healthy returns.

Before posting a new content just ensure what that platform demands from you. If the audience on a platform wishes to see visual contents then written material is surely not going to help you.

8. Be Generous & Positive

Never ever spread hate through your social media profile and never be harsh to someone else. You need to polite with your fans and always talk to them generously. If you want to increase your fan base then this is one of the most essential advice you can get.

No doubt, social media is an awesome tool to promote your business but never use it negatively. Spread positivity by writing and sharing relevant contents.

This is more kind of a generic do’s of all the guides on ‘do’s and don’ts of social media for business’. You have got to spread positivity as much as you can. Nobody will admire you if you are spreading hate and negativity.

While replying to your audience’s messages/comments be generous. Your generous reply can make them your customer whereas a harsh reaction can become detrimental as well, so take your step wisely.

So these were a few important do’s in our list of social media do’s and don’ts. Make sure that you are using social media effectively for your business and it is not degrading your credibility.

Now let us learn about some of the social media don’ts that we might be doing unknowingly;

Part 2 – Social Media Don’ts

Image result for Social Media Don'ts

1. Avoid Language Mistakes

You will end up leaving a bad impact on your audience if your posts will be full of language mistakes (grammar, spelling, sentences, etc). Always proofread your contents before publishing them.

2. Don’t Over-Ask For It

This is one of the major social media don’ts in our list of social media do’s and don’ts that you should avoid while using social media.

Never beg for likes or follow-ups. It is not considered to be a healthy social media practice. You should create awesome contents and make people like them rather than asking them for that.

3. Avoid Excess Of Everything

While using social media for your business make sure that you are not overdoing with anything. Neither share your contents too much neither ping your fans a lot as these are not considered to be healthy social media practices.

It is often seen that people on social media emphasize heavily on #hashtags. There is nothing wrong in using them but avoid over-usage of it. Don’t insert #hashtags in every single word of your sentence.

Here I want you to understand one more thing, don’t brag a lot.

This is where a lot of online marketers and even normal people are making mistakes. Bragging a lot of something will only leave a negative impact on the viewer’s mind. You are not supposed to do that. Be limited and only convey relevant messages.

4. Don’t Repeat It

We have somehow covered this topic in our social media do’s as well. Never share or send the same message again and again as it may irritate your fans.

We suggest you be creative with your posts and messages rather than being stinky with the same old posts and messages. Here make sure that you are not sharing similar content on different platforms as well.

5. Avoid Shortcuts

These social media don’ts in our social media do’s and don’ts list is extremely crucial because a number of social media users are caught up here. Your social media followers, likes and views are necessary but that doesn’t mean that you start taking shortcuts to earn that.

These practices can harm your social media campaign negatively. Post quality contents and you will get positive results.

Using social media for your business’s promotion can be really effective if done properly. By now you must have understood that there are many positives that can fetch you good results whereas there are certain negatives which you must avoid.

If you want to achieve your desired marketing goals through social media then you would have to be cautious with your actions. Plan and execute everything properly if you want to take your Social Media business promotion to the next level.

In Conclusion…

So these were major do’s and don’ts of social media etiquette that you should pay attention while using social media for your business purpose as well as for personal goals.

Following these do’s and don’ts in social media will definitely fetch you good results and we suggest you inculcate the do’s and remove all the don’ts in your social media practices.

Joining Social Media Marketing Course can be quite helpful for you in mastering best and most relevant Social Media Marketing practices for your business.

Having any query about the do’s and don’ts of social media for business, feel free to ask us in the comments below.