The Perks of Being a Digital Marketing Manager

The job of a Digital Marketing Manager is a prized one. He is at the helm of a fast moving department putting his creativity and instincts to test and drawing some awesome revenue to the company. It all looks fancy, thrilling and exciting. 

But it might not be so rosy. Digital Marketing Manager has a tough job to have. In most SMEs, he is the main guy responsible for the company to turn around a fortune or sink deep. So, pressure handling must be his forte. 

But when it comes to money, a Digital Marketing Manager draws big bucks.

The average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager in India ranges between 10,00,000 to 25,00,000 INR.

It is a bit lower in SMEs and somewhat higher in MNCs. Funded Startups pay the highest while bootstrapped startups pay the lowest.

But what makes this job so exciting and rewarding? Let go on and learn more.   

Key Responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Manager   

Since we just spoke about the broadness of a Digital Marketer’s job, we need to understand that there is a priority attached to every part of his job role. Looking at the job responsibilities of a digital marketing manager, there are a few highlights: 

  1. Driving Traffic to Website 
  2. Increasing the Lead Count 
  3. Overseeing the Blogging efforts of the brand 
  4. Improving the brand visibility on Social Media Marketing 
  5. Taking care of the eMail Marketing efforts 
  6. Improving UI/UX of the website 
  7. Analysing the Marketing efforts of the brand 

But here there is something to understand. Different companies have different objectives which means the job description of a digital marketing will be different. 

Overall as stated earlier from Web Development to Graphic Designing, Copywriting to Video Editing, a Digital Marketing Manager has to sit at the top of the pyramid and get things rolling. 

Skills Required to Become a Digital Marketing Manager 

A Digital Marketing manager needs to know the tricks of the trade. He has to be well aware of all the channels of Digital Marketing and be strong with regards to his project management skills. He has to be someone who knows how to prioritize his tasks. Most Online Marketers falter because they are unable to prioritize their tasks.

Summarizing, the key skills to succeed in an Online Marketing Manager’s job are: 

  1. Project Management Skills 
  2. Ability to Prioritise 
  3. Good Communication
  4. Strong Analytical Skills 
  5. High Creativity 
  6. Ability to Adapt 
  7. Pressure Handling
  8. Strategy Making 

All these enlisted skills would more so refer to the soft skills of an online marketer, but with regards to his foundational marketing skills, he needs to know: 

  1. SEO
  2. PPC 
  3. E-Mail Marketing 
  4. Social Media Marketing 
  5. Inbound Marketing 
  6. Analytics 
  7. Copywriting 
  8. Blogging 
  9. Design 
  10. HTML 

The first eight of these skills are an absolute must while the last three are an add on. The image below depicts an importance of skills in the markets today and their progress in the near future. 

At the heart of it, a Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for developing, implementing and managing campaigns. With this comes the need to take control of all these activities and analyse the outcomes. 

He has a lead role to play in enhancing brand awareness within the digital world. Brand Awareness can be enhanced by increasing the traffic to a website or company’s Social Media pages. He is also at the helm of affairs in in driving leads and sales. One of the key metrics for the performance of the digital marketers is lead generation.   

Most of the times, an Online Marketing Manager is the person who works as the official spokesperson of a brand on all their e-mail campaigns, but this would be subject to the product of the brand.  

How to Become a Digital Marketing Manager? 

Becoming a Digital Marketing Manager is a journey that takes time. You have to start with some foundational knowledge of Marketing. Once you get that, you master the tools and tactics that are used in Marketing. It is preferred that you take an internship after that. 

Once all this is done, you need to study some psychology and consumer behavior. That’s where you will know how to play well in the cluttered markets.  

Learning Digital Marketing 

To be an Online Marketing Manager, you have to be thorough with the basics. That means you can’t find success without learning Digital Marketing to a very deep level. As a Manager, you need to know all the skills required in every channel of Internet Marketing.

You obviously cannot be proficient in all, but you definitely need to be clear about it generally. At least the core disciplines of the game. These core skills would include SEO, PPC, E-Mail, Social Media, Lead Generation Process, Analytics, Inbound and so on. Added skills would include design, and web development. 

With so many caps to wear, anyone who wishes to succeed in this domain needs a strong basic training. That means, there is no running away from a Digital Marketing Course to start with. 

Practically Applying Your Knowledge 

A learner of Digital Marketing has to go through a process of applying all his learning. The best way to go about it is to create a blog and work hard on it. You would need to research keywords that determine your niche, then you progress to writing content for your blog. Once you do this, you need to move on to getting your content to rank high on the search engines. 

Following this you would have to build your e-mail list, and after that you need to promote your products or services. At this stage you need to use Social Media, Blogging, E-Mails, paid ads all in tandem and get to your goals. That’s what you will have to do.  

Taking an Internship or an Entry Level Job 

Internships and entry level jobs are very important for the growth of understanding of digital marketing applications. An internship or a job will also expose you to processes followed at brands and agencies, which means that you are more organised as a professional. 

Applying for a Digital Marketing Manager’s Job 

Getting one will be a hustle, but you need to keep up to the challenge. You need to do two things once you take the enlisted steps. One is that of creating a perfect resume and the other is that of getting to qualify the interview. I am dealing with one of the situations here and giving you a link to read for the other. Know what you will be asked in a Digital Marketing Interview.  

Resume of a Digital Marketing Manager

The resume of a Digital Marketing Manager has to demonstrate his ability and effectiveness reach company goals. It is important to showcase that you’re adept at Website/Content Management, and have a strong knowledge about Marketing Automation for eMail Marketing.

If a Digital Marketer has an online presence in terms of blogs, social media networks or other Web 2.0 platforms. Such a depiction would help the hiring managers to fathom your skills more clearly. Here, I will talk about some of the most important parts of your resume.      

Writing Your Profile Summary 

This is the place where you should highlight all your top accomplishments and attributes. You may use strong action verbs and achievements at job. This paragraph is the most vital part of your resume which needs most, so it has to be the best.

Putting Your Employment History 

List the positions which are relevant, but write in a manner of activity and achievements, and do not just mention your KRAs. The better you can articulate your achievements, the better you will be perceived.  This is simply because all Digital Marketing Managers have the same KRAs but what distinguishes one from the other, good from the better is his achievements. 

Crafting Your Skills Summary 

Your skills will determine your strength as a Marketer. You need to mention all your technical skills in this section. A good marketer must have good exposure to working with CMS, analytics tools such as Google Analytics, and keyword research tools as SEMrush, AHREFS, Google Keyword Planner and so on. Apart from that you need to have a good understanding of CRMs such as HubSpot. All of these tools need to be highlighted. 

If you know photoshop, HTML and CSS other similar programs, you will be at a great position and much more complete as a professional. 

Over to You 

There is a growth in T-shaped marketers and that’s a growing trend especially in smaller companies and startups. These jobs pay premium salaries as well, but to be a T-shaped Marketer might not be that easy. It easily would take a year to just get trained on the skills required. 

Getting a Digital Marketing Job might not be that easy, but it is worth the effort. The salaries, the activities, the thrill and the satisfaction that you’ll get from these jobs is immense. It is important that you take a digital marketing course to start this journey, without which it might be difficult to move a lot of ground quickly.

Top 11 Online Marketing Jobs to Apply for Today

With the growth of the internet, there is no wonder that online marketing jobs are on the rise. These jobs come in various categories, for a beginner, for a mid level professional and for an advanced level expert. 

Reports suggest that the Digital Marketing Industry is estimated to be around $69 billion in the current day. Not to mention that it is going to go up in the near future. Expecting great roles in this online marketing industry is the most obvious thing. 

Online Marketing jobs are in essence quite different from any other form of jos in the market. These jobs have a tradition of being very luxurious in terms of the time hours you would invest in them. Digital Marketing jobs give the highest in terms of proving a great standing in the gig economy. 

For those of you who don’t know the Online Marketing industry, let me talk a bit about the industry first. 

What is Online Marketing?

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Online Marketing is a name given to multiple tools and methodologies that are used to promote products, services, people and ideas. It includes a wide array of activities that are related yet different in nature. 

Online Marketing starts with design of a website, and goes on to tackle the issues of paid advertising and PR as well. So, the canopy of activities under which this internet marketing sphere word is huge. 

Since it is easier to measure online behavior of your customers, more and more businesses are investing in it. There is a clear indication of ROI on every activity related to Online Marketing. Jobs and investments in this form of marketing are growing as a result. 

Let’s talk about the top 11 online marketing jobs that you should apply for if you have the passion to succeed in this fast moving space. 

11 Best Online Marketing Jobs 

Jobs in Online Marketing for freshers are different to those for existing marketing professionals. Whereas a fresher is yet to understand the nuances of a business, an existing professional only needs the technical skills to get started in web marketing. 

1. Digital Marketing Manager

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Digital Marketing Manager is from the most sought jobs in the online marketing sphere. But getting one does not come easy. You need to have around 5 years of experience to fit this job role. Apart from that you would need to have worked in multiple positions in a Digital Marketing team.  

People with exceptional skills or very strong education might be able to crack the job quicker. But this is a hard nut to deal with. From among all online marketing jobs, a digital marketing manager’s position is the most demanding. No wonder that they get premium salaries as well. 

A Digital Marketing Manager can earn between 7,00,000 to 20,00,000 a year. 

2. SEO Specialist

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If you love coding, or have some idea about web development, it is a job that you will love. SEO jobs are of three types; there is an on-page SEO specialist, then there is an off-page SEO specialist and then we have a technical SEO guy. 

On-Page SEO is a person who works with the website and the pages on it, he needs to have good written skills and some simple technical insights. Off-Page SEO would entail a person reaching out to other people, he needs PR & communication skills to succeed. Technical SEO is a big thing. This is where the big bucks are. A technical SEO is involved in maintaining the good health of a site. 

You can choose to apply for either one of these profiles or for a more generic position of a SEO Manager where you will be responsible for all the three given tasks.

3. Paid Ads Specialist

Online Marketing is into advertising as well. But the advertising in online marketing is quite different from the traditional ads. In the online world, the impact of each ad can be monitored. So, if you are good with bidding and analysis and find yourself to be a witty copywriter, paid ads specialist  is the job that you should seek. 

Salaries in this field depend on the kind of abilities you have and your previous experience. You would be able to earn anything between 30,000 to 80,000 in this role.

4. Inbound Marketing Specialist

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An inbound Marketer gets traffic to a website in order to increase leads and sales using organic marketing techniques. He can use SEO, blogging, e-Mail or Social Media Marketing to his credit. So, an inbound specialist has to have a multidimensional outlook to things. 

An inbound marketer has to know all the digital marketing techniques in good details and that’s when he can produce some reasonable results. But when it comes to opportunities, this is a top online marketing job to seek. 

A real inbound specialist can earn something in between 60,000 to 120,000 in Indian markets. 

5. Social Media Marketer

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Social Media is everywhere and these marketers are going to be more in demand as more PR turns online. Whether it is crisis management, PR or brand building, a social media marketer has multiple caps to wear. 

Social Media Marketers can also be directly involved in sales, and thus run ad campaigns on Social Media platforms. This is a thrilling job to say the least. Freelance opportunities in this field are also on an all time high.

General market trends suggest that a Social Media Marketer can earn from 30,000 to 80,000 in a job. 

6. Content Marketing Specialist

Content is King, and Content Marketers are the kingmakers. From writing top class captivating blog posts, to creating fascinating videos and hosting interesting podcasts, content marketers are forward thinking ninjas who know exactly about attention seeking tactics. 

They may be involved in developing brand mentions or brand fame, engaging customers, creating elements of brand recall and so on. It is a research intensive online marketing job that requires excellent written and spoken language skills along with good SEO, Social Media and E-Mail Marketing knowledge. 

Content Marketers earn anything between 30,000 to 1 lakh per month. This is an online marketing job where salary depends on your talent. 

7. Copywriter

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Copywriter is someone who can  write content for different channels. They are geeky people who know how to add pun to words. To be a copywriter you need to be very good with your writing skills. That means you have to be a good reader and an excellent observer.

Copywriters master the art of making people act on their dictates. They are like salesmen who don’t speak to you but make you read their views. A good copywriter is one who can deliver witty phrases one after the other, until you fall in love with his work. 

Copywriters earn an average salary that may range between 40,000 to 150,000 per month in bigger brands. Good ad agencies also pay highly to their copywriters. 

8. E-Mail Marketing Specialist

E-Mail is a great marketing tool which is often ignored. Due to its cheap nature and high ROI, some marketers specialise in using it to the maximum capacity. Marketers who specialise in E-Mail marketing are good with both their writing skills and their technical skills. 

Freshers salary for this role can be as low as 20,000 per month and a specialist can earn as much as 200,000 a month. So, everything depends on your hard work and skills. In the consulting arena, Email Marketers charge the highest.  

9. Web Marketing Analyst

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The biggest advantage of online marketing is that it is measurable. If you miss this simple thing, then you are not doing online marketing in an efficient manner. So, in comes the role of a web marketing analyst. 

An analyst usually sits on google analytics or omniature of adobe and measures the performance of each marketing activity that his team performs. This is a role more needed in big enterprises where there are huge analytics to work with. The salary for this profile ranges between 30,000 and 100,000 in India.  

10. UI/UX Designer

This is a top notch role in an Online Marketing team. A good UI means better perception of the brand and a good UX leads the visitor to admire the brand. The cleaner your website looks and the easier it is to navigate, the better will your online marketing perform. 

Many might not consider this to be from online marketing jobs, but in reality, UI/UX design sits at the core of any digital marketing campaign. Without a good landing page and seamless navigation, all your efforts are fruitless. 

A fresher may get anything between 30,000 to 50,000 as salary in this role and an experienced professional may earn anything between 100,000 to 250,000 per month. 

11. Affiliate Marketer

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Affiliate Marketer works for different brands and helps them get customers. What does he get in return? Commissions. 

The commissions he receives depend on the agreement he has with the brands or may be as are laid out in the policy of the brand he works with. Within the brand, there are people who manage such partners and are always busy in increasing the number of affiliate marketers they have in their kitty. 

Over to You 

These were the top 11 online marketing jobs that will help you be in a fulfilling career. To get started with your journey in digital marketing, it is advisable that you start with taking a deep digital marketing training course.