Top 15 Tips to get Best Freelance Content Writing Jobs

Content writing is an excellent and one of the most prevalent ways of making money. It can be understood as the type of writing that fills websites, web pages, blogs, etc. on the web.

It aids companies to design powerful landing pages, channelize persuasive email marketing campaigns, and optimize their brands through interesting, engaging, attractive and persuasive copywriting.

Many companies, website owners and internet marketers hire writers to produce content for their sites, blogging platforms, article directories, and more.

If you have good command over the English language, and interested in writing content, then making a career with freelance content writing jobs is surely the right way!

Moreover, mark my words- “Content writing can let you be a millionaire, you only need to command the language and have the zeal to be as innovative as possible & equally creative too”.

Wondering where to find online content writing jobs? – This article will let you know everything from A to Z of Content Writing jobs from home.

Before going into details, let me just give you a glimpse of some good options that you may want to consider for freelance content writing jobs-

  • Writing Companies
  • Online Writing Job Boards
  • Freelance Sites
  • Classified Sites
  • Internet Marketing Companies
  • Freelance Writing Job Portals, etc.

The Emergence of Freelance Content Writing Jobs and Services

As far back as the effect of SEO has reached the ears of internet marketers, they have acknowledged the importance of keywords in search engine optimization and search marketing.

Since then, the content has been one of the most fundamental factors letting sites rank high in the SERPs of famous search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

The perfect blending of imagination and creativity is the key of intense, interactive and conversion oriented content marketing, which has been (and will without a doubt be) a standout amongst the most critical elements of effective, results-driven internet marketing campaigns.

With this, the need of quality writers has always been emergent all across the globe, which has created a booming market for those who could write articles, press releases, SEO Content, blogs, web pages, and other kinds of content needed for internet marketing and copywriting.

Nowadays, if you go online and search, you will quite easily see a flood of freelance content writing job opportunities that provide you with an opportunity to earn great money while working from home.

In case, you are amongst those who cannot join mainstream full-time jobs and wish to earn money, going for freelance content writing as a career option would for sure be one of the most prudent and lucrative options for you.

In order to take their first content writing job, an amateur content writer needs to be aware of following three essential requirements of content writing domain-

  1. You have to be computer savvy and well aware of your area of expertize.
  2. You need to be fully sure about the deadlines and you have to be prompt with your content submissions.
  3. You must aim for quality content and have a strong hold over the technical and creative side of your blogging language.

Different types of content writing jobs are also available for you, and some of them are:

Types of Freelance Content Writing Jobs

  • Article Writing Jobs
  • Blogs Posts
  • Sales Copy
  • Guest Blogging
  • Newsletters
  • White Papers
  • Press Releases
  • Web Content
  • Copywriting
  • Technical Writing

Dipping feet first to test the water before you fully commit is a great way to see if freelance writing is really what you want and that’s why let’s go through following 15 tips to get best freelance content writing jobs-

15 Tips to get best Freelance Content Writing Jobs

1. Build your portfolio & use Social Media as Marketing Platform

  • For budding new freelance writers, it is important to attract clients and the best way for this is to have a portfolio that highlights your best-written works.
  • Guest posts, blogs and doing pro bono work in your communities will aid you to make your convincing profile. Let your offline work get published online.
  • For many new freelance writers, the easiest way to let everyone know you are a ‘freelance writer for hire’ is to set up social profiles on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn.

2. Intelligently use cold pitching & try to pitch to job boards ad

  • Cold pitching can be understood as when you contact bloggers, companies, entrepreneurs, small businesses or startups as a freelance writer to let them know about you.
  • You only need to locate companies available to cold pitch to and social profiles like Twitter & LinkedIn can let you know about such companies.
  • In your pitch, let them know who you are, how you knew them and how your content can help them.
  • Some job boards like Problogger, Blogging Pro etc. are some of the job boards that you can also use to start your pitching. The bonus of using job boards over a freelance market place like Upwork or Odesk is, there you will not need to involve in bidding.

3. Look locally for clients and selective hunting on job boards will aid you in this

  • This is a great way to score awesome writing gigs. Through local businesses, the writer can easily get a handful of clients with one pitch.
  • Searching local website development agencies would be beneficial for you to land consistent online content writing work with a handful of high paying clients.
  • Selective hunting and going to job boards where top paying clients go will for sure let you grab more profitable writing projects.
  • Good writers can easily get writing projects that start around 50$/blog from job boards like Blogging Pro, Allindiewriters, Content, etc.

4. Following Tweets of Job boards as Twitter is a great platform to find freelance writing jobs

  • For a content writer job, it is a must that you follow Tweets from job boards. Social media can be a goldmine for landing best writing gigs.
  • Twitter is one of the most powerful places to find some of the best freelance writing jobs quickly and additionally, it is a great way to build professional relationships with high paying clients.
  • By following certain freelance writing job boards such as @Write_Jobs, @WhoPaysWriters, you can easily remove out your dry spell and get best-suited freelance writing jobs. Content Writing Job Boards on Twitter.


5. Ask around and let others know that now you are completely into freelance content writing services

  • Asking your family, friends and other professional mates that you are into freelance writing will for sure help you establish your brand in your known network.
  • Doing this will help you secure your first writing samples as a freelance writer. By letting co-workers of your last company know about you will also help you get your first writing project.
  • Creating business cards and let companies that are in your locality know about you will also help you grab some of the best writing projects at the very starting of your freelance writing career.

6. You should also try to have a professional looking website of your own and do self-branding as an expert

  • One of the most effective ways to attract high-paying clients is to use your own website to promote yourself in a content writer job.
  • For a professional looking website, you need to have the backup of a good work record; therefore, if you are just starting out in freelance writing, this may not be the best option for you.
  • To get the best rates for blogs and articles, using the website will for sure the best route to go. To ramp up your freelance writing business, you can use a self-hosted WordPress site to have a writer website for you. Kate Muller – Freelance Content Writer, Blogger & Digital Media Journalist.


7. Start guest posting for free and it will for sure pay off quite well

  • Writing free can also pay off and the best and quickest way to do this is guest posting. You can do guest posting on some popular sites to let your work be noticed by hundreds and thousands of people.
  • Do not get surprised if one of those viewers becomes your potential client. Once you build your profile, using guest posting will help you have a noticeable portfolio.
  • To get the best guest posting jobs you can do Google search like “niche +write for us” and get some of the best freelance writing works. Adding author bio at the end of your guest post will also help you score some great points. 


8. Build a network with other freelance writers and make indirect approaches through warm pitching

  • Networking with other freelance writers also helps you make good relationships with those who are active in freelance content writing.
  • This helps you get some best writing projects and some of the times, when your network member needs another writer for any writing project, you can get benefited with some well-suited writing projects.
  • To land a quality-writing gig, warm pitching is also effective. Warm pitching centres around creating relationships with brands and businesses.
  • While cold pitching is a direct way of influencing clients, warm pitching is an indirect way of doing the same thing. This involves following businesses in your niche on social profiles and engaging with their social posts.


Warm pitching examples in content writing

9.  Let your prospects know that you are for hire

  • You can easily do this by using your social profiles and LinkedIn is the best social media platform to do this.
  • You need to advertise yourself that you are for hire as this will let your prospects know you have time to take on more clients or not.
  • Other freelance writers also get to know that you are for hire and they may consider you to share some profits by working with them in some of their writing projects.
  • Other writers in your network may also refer you to some prospects that are in need of writers. And all this can happen because of the “For Hire” signature.

10. Visit local web design, digital and content marketing companies

  • Meeting local companies of your niche is another great way to land consistent work.
  • Contacting your local printing, web design, internet and content marketing companies will help you get some best freelance content writing jobs.
  • Visiting web design and development companies also help you land some best copywriting projects.
  • Such companies have a full roster of clients that need web content that will help you have a consistent amount of writing projects with you.

11. Join entrepreneurial Facebook groups and use sites that may pay you for your story

  • You can get some of the most profitable writing gigs on Facebook and for this; you only need to know groups that are associated with Freelance content writing jobs.
  • There are several entrepreneurial Facebook groups like Blogger2Business, The Entrepreneur Incubator, etc. that will help in boosting your career as freelance content writing jobs.
  • Writing for publications and selling stories can also be a lucrative option for freelance writers. There are online libraries that accept your story and pay you for your story submission.

12. If you have landed a few clients, ask for referrals

  • To ask referrals, you need to have a client already, and if you have/had a client, it is going to be very beneficial for you to ask for referrals.
  • You can email a client, use social media (mainly LinkedIn) to contact your clients and ask for referrals.
  • If your clients are quality clients then with the confidence they will for sure refer you to another quality client and help you get some best writing projects.

13. Use job boards of LinkedIn to get best Freelance Content Writing Jobs

  • LinkedIn has a job board that will for sure help you get some best clients to land great content writing projects.
  • On LinkedIn, you need to go to their job board and put in your job “writer” as this will let you see many pop-ups related to your niche
  • LinkedIn also provides you with the facility to offer warm pitch or cold pitch approach. LinkedIn also provides the best opportunity to build professional relationships. LinkedIn content writing job board


14. Try to be in constant touch with a Content Agency

  • Try to be in constant touch with some high-value content agencies, as this will let you land a consistent amount of content writing works.
  • Working with a content agency is quite advantageous in ensuring better pays, better training, 1:1 support and building relationships with other content agencies.
  • Being in touch with content marketing companies is also quite beneficial for content writers who are well versed with the digital marketing field.
  • Using freelance writer directory will also aid you to grab some best-suited content writing jobs.

15. Get serious about Freelance writing as you are on the way to becoming a highly paid writer today

  • Freelance content writing jobs are amongst one of the most profitable career options in today’s time and being serious and excelling your writing expertize will for sure help you grab best writing projects.
  • Content is base of a successful digital marketing campaign. If you let your clients’ site rank high and enjoy conversions through your content, this will for sure enhance trust building and let your clients and you make more money.
  • Designing content that ensures easy uploading, readability and interesting experience to engage and convert readers will let you earn a great amount of money.
  • Having a winning portfolio takes time but once you do this, and follow other over-mentioned steps, it is guaranteed that soon you will become a highly paid writer.


When you choose freelance writing as your career option, you need not worry about scoring gigs right away.

Just gather as much information as possible about blogging and freelance writing, and soon you will be known as content writing experts. Content writing needs expertise, creativity, patience and persistence as Jennifer Mattern of All Indie Writers says- “Many, if not most [freelance writers], will fail within their first few years”.

Content writing is for sure a tough pill to swallow, but once you excel in this, it is also the easiest way to earn enough money in limited time. There are individuals who start content writing but soon they give up, and reasons are-

  • They burn out from having to write daily as writing daily needs great passion and interest in content writing
  • Writers keep selling themselves for a lesser amount of money and do not ask for more
  • In the starting, there can be months of unsteady pay
  • There are clients who do not pay on time

However, these are short-time issues that are easily resolved if you go through proper steps, and over mentioned steps will help you find the right channel of best freelance content writing jobs.

You need to craft your writing skills to add more value in your content as ultimately quality speaks volume in reaping bonanza benefits from the content.

To create a powerful career in content writing, you should also be aware of the content writer job description and best content writing tips.

Wish to make more money? Content marketing expert is another career option for content writers, and along with writing skills, you just need to have digital marketing skills for this. By joining this Digital Marketing Certification course, you can successfully learn those skills and get certified.

Do let us know if you have any queries regarding content writing & content marketing in the comment section below.

Using Content To Fuel Your Sales Funnel: Webinar Recording

It is quite obvious you must have heard about the magic of content marketing or you have approached your Content Marketing Expert about testing the waters. According to Sales Benchmark Index, your sales team has a 56% more chance to get buyers in their basket if you engage the customers beforehand. This could be done by marketing the right content in order to captivate the right buyers.

Inbound marketing aka content marketing is one of the most popular of filling the sales funnel. Before starting to write for the website, you will have to ask yourself for whom are you doing it? Think from buyer’s perspective and not as someone who has to just sell the products or services. It is essential to make your sales/content team understand: Who are you writing the content for? This is because sales funnel works on 50-50 rule. Spend 50% of your time writing the content and spend 50% of your time distributing it.

You can start this by looking at your top 10 customers and understand the common parameters. For instance, you can look for skills, goals, challenges, personal demographics and recent purchase. Once you have made the content, if it doesn’t reach the targeted audience then it is of no use. It is important to spread your content so that right set of customers reach out to you. You can do this by FB groups, G+, LinkedIn, guest post, forums, influencer outreach and many other ways!

This interesting topic was taken up during the webinar on ‘Using Content To Fuel Your Sales Funnel’ by industry expert Ankit Oberoi, Co-Founder, AdPushup who beautifully explained how one can fill their sales funnel by leveraging content and its strategies in the best possible manner.

Key Takeaways

  1. The need to understand your customer traits and personality. Create their personas by conducting surveys and interviews.
  2. How can you drive the attention of your target audience and evoke a response from potential customer’s side with the help of content.
  3. Ways of using various techniques and leverage right channel in order to distribute your content in the best possible manner.
  4. By the end of this webinar, you will be able to measure the performance of your content and distribution, find the loopholes and improve them accordingly.

Content Marketing in 2016 – Creating and Amplifying “10x Content”: Webinar Recording

Gone are the days when creating and publishing unique content was sufficient. Now, the need of the hour is to think out of the box and beyond the usual ways. ‘The good old unique content’ will not alone serve the purpose. It is important that you know how to create content that is 10 times better than the best content on that topic, in search engine results.

This concept was taken up during the webinar on Content Marketing in 2016 – Creating and Amplifying “10x Content” by industry expert Rohit Uttamchandani, Senior Manager, Social Beat. In this live webinar, attendees not only learnt how to create 10x better content, but also ways they can amplify it most effectively to generate social buzz, build credible backlinks, ace search rankings and drive loads of targeted traffic.

Rohit Uttamchandani is Senior Manager – Digital Marketing at Social Beat, one of South India’s leading digital marketing agencies. He has helped multiple clients across various sectors craft their digital strategy, scale their online presence and leverage digital media to achieve their business goals. He has managed crores of rupees in advertising spends across various digital advertising channels and platforms, delivering stellar results for his clients.

A new technologies evangelist, he is immensely passionate about everything tech and digital and loves sharing his knowledge with anyone who is eager to learn. This, combined with his strong interpersonal skills, helps him make his sessions interactive, informative and fun.

How to Create A Data-Driven Content Marketing Engine: Webinar Recording

Wish to learn how to measure the effectiveness of the content that you are building? The webinar on ‘How to create a data-driven content marketing engine’ led by industry leader, Mohit Bhakuni will enlighten you with the information.

Mohit Bhakuni is the founder and CEO of Contify, an intelligent web monitoring platform for businesses to track their competitors, customers, and industry news against event triggers with unmatched relevance. The platform is largely being used to track marketing activities. He has 14 years of experience across media, consulting, and technology. Mohit has spent the last 5 years building and scaling Contify.

The information that he shared majorly focused on the fact that it is essential to discover the idea that the competitors are pondering over. Accordingly, judge what kind of content is working well. Accordingly, distribute the content for large engagement. Digital marketing is acting as an art and not science.

YouTube Keyword Research Tips That You Have Probably Missed! : Webinar Recording

During a webinar on ‘YouTube Keyword Research Tips That You Have Probably Missed!’, industry leader Akhil Kakroo, Lead- Content Services, TO THE NEW Digital, touched upon the following aspects that enlightened the attendees:

  1. How to plan your keywords for new videos
  2. What are the important guidelines to follow when performing keyword research
  3. Some unconventional but important techniques in keyword analysis
  4. Keyword tools available in market for free or premium
  5. How to check whether the keyword performance and revise them

Top 7 Ways To Increase Traffic Via Content Distribution

Content is the king, distribution becomes the crown prize of the content. Ceasing your content marketing to just publishing a blog is putting your efforts in vain. Instead planning to take a smart route of distributing your content on various platforms can do wonders to your marketing strategy. Enlisted below are the most effective content distribution ways through which you can distribute your content on various platforms successfully.

1. Embed short videos and infographics

You can beautify your post by adding short videos and infographics to the existing content structure. Usage of both makes a post more appealing to the visitors and guarantees to drive more traffic on the website.

a. Infographics: Adding infographics is becoming a trend in B2B marketing. The usage of infographics in a post has increased up to 11% from the previous year. Last year’s infographic percentage was 51% which has increased to 62% this year, it is a remarkable growth.

There are few simple steps to repurpose your post into an infographic:

Step 1# Write the Key Takeaways from the entire content of the article and then link a drop down tool like an Infogram to it.

Step 2# Make sure that the infographic used is relevant to the style and design of your website.

Step 3# Also you can hire a designer from Dribble. Though it might cost you a bit high, but will show you remarkable results.

Step 4# The last but most important part is distribution. You can submit your infographics to the suitable infographic directories.

b. Videos: According to the statistics, there are currently one hundred million internet users who watch online videos daily. The video revolution that has started is advantageous, you can repurpose your posts into videos. You can give a CTC at the end of videos to drive the traffic back at your website.

2. Viral The Article Through Email

In the current survey, it was stated that “Email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined.” As we all know, email is a personal medium of conveying messages and ignite a personal relationship with the consumer. It is believed that email subscribers are the first ones to start up social media sharing and also to connect with the content.

Email listing will also help you send email newsletters to all your consumers by creating an email list. Email drives a uniform and engaging traffic.

3. Slideshare Benefits 3000+ Page Views

Create best presentations via Slideshare. It is considered to be one of the best underused platforms by the digital marketers. Slideshare tends to achieve 50+ million unique visitors every month. This platform also promotes effective and impressive presentations on their personal social media profiles and homepage.

There are 4 basic steps  to get started with SlideShare. Steps are as follows:

Step 1# Create presentations utilizing key takeaways from the complete content of the blog post. Design it creatively.

Step 2# Apply all the SEO rules religiously. Using keywords in the entire content and targeting lengthy keywords in the slides play a vital role. It is effective according to Google Algorithms.

Step 3# Promotion of these SlideShare presentations on personal social media profiles is very impactful. You can utilize these presentations also by embedding them at the end of your blog post.

Step 4# It is not a mandatory step like all others mentioned above. You can add the presentation to your Linkedin profile. You can display your work experience on LinkedIN in a neat and presentable way.

4. Buzzfeed’s First Page Relevance

Monthly page view of Buzzfeed is 170 million, which is astonishingly remarkable. According to the current stats, it drives 50% os its traffic from the age group of 18-34. Buzzfeed is one of the biggest platforms that can help you gain tremendous exposure. It also helps in improving your search ranking.

Buzzfeed has a community section, where all the crowdsourced stories are published. Buzzfeed pushes the selective stories by promoting them via social media profiles or putting them up on the homepage of Buzzfeed.

One thing you need to keep in mind is ticking the  “Suggest For Community Feature” before publishing your post on the Buzzfeed. Only one post a day is permitted with the request of getting it featured.

For example, Matthew Barby generated 1000 views and some subscriptions as well on his blog after getting his story published on the front page of Buzzfeed. From community front page to category front page his story finally landed up on the homepage of Buzzfeed and also received extra promotions.

5. Increase Page Views Using Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest online forums that boast a remarkable Alexa rank – 30. Reddit works as a gold mine that helps to drive most of the traffic to your website. If at all you are using Reddit for the first time, you should definitely go through the Reddit Marketing Guide to attain best results.

Before publishing your post on Reddit, you need to make sure that the content used has performed really well in the target sub-reddits. Also, the title for a Reddit post demands to be informative and lengthy. The title should contain maximum 300 character limit, which might also include numbers in the title.

It is useless to post on the peak hours as the older submissions might occupy the top-most places on the forum. You can also utilize subreddit traffic analysis tool to make sure that your posting time is accurate or not. Posting time also plays a vital role in gaining most of the traffic.

If your post on Reddit receives upvotes up to 10 or more, then the links automatically convert into do-follow. Also, it helps you control the anchor text of the provided link.

6. Build You Audience Using Quora

Quora plays a vital role in the success of many articles. For example, Life Is A Game by Olive Emberton claim to fame with his answer on Quora. His answer on Quora got 15.3k upvotes and helped him gain a superb book deal.

7. LinkedIn Link Ups

Talking about the stats, 94% of the B2B marketers distribute their content on LinkedIn. Leverage upon LinkedIn platform is another powerful way of enhancing the traffic on your website. If you plan to invest more time on LinkedIn, then you should definitely start up with your LinkedIn group by utilizing various content marketing tips.

Above are the 7 most beneficial ways through which you can distribute your content and attain best results out of it. If you are have also struggled with this major content marketing issue? Then you ca share your experience and rescue tips in the comment section below.

Do You Know These 20 Astonishing Content Marketing Facts?

In the digital age, content is, was and will remain the king. So, nothing but the application of the right content marketing strategy to fetch the right set of consumers. Use the most commonly used buzz words, focus on storytelling concept to make the content more interesting, engaging and motivating for the readers.

Keep the following enlisted content marketing facts in mind and then frame your campaign for better results:

  1. B2B marketers use an average of 13 content marketing tactics — from social media to e-newsletters and video to blogs — with 70 percent currently working on creating more engaging and higher quality content.
  2. Blogs are one of the most effective tools for increasing organic search traffic, and are highly influential with buyers. Yet just 31% of Fortune 500 enterprises now maintain an official blog.
  3. 75% of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make B2B purchasing decisions than they did a year ago.
  4. Content marketing costs 62 percent less and generates roughly three times as many leads as traditional marketing.
  5. Content creation ranks as the single most effective SEO technique.
  6. 71% of business bloggers have some type of center of excellence team (i.e., a team that provides a blogging code of conduct, audience engagement guidelines, best practices, and guidance to help internal teams execute their own blogging activities).
  7. On average, content marketers are dividing their content into three areas: (61%) created, (27%) curated, (12%) syndicated.
  8. While most content sharing efforts by marketers are focused on the “big four” social networks, most (72%) content sharing done by buyers is on “dark social”–primarily email and apps.
  9. Marketers’ top investment areas across the content marketing space: curation and aggregation (38%); creation (34%); workflow (29%).
  10. The most effective content marketing tactics according to B2B marketers are:

    – In-person events (70%)
    – Case studies (65%)
    – Videos (63%)
    – Webinars (63%)
    – Blogs (62%)
    – eNewsletters (60%)
    – White papers and research reports (59%)

  11. 64% of companies with a documented content strategy have a dedicated content marketing budget.
  12. Infographic usage amongst B2B marketers increased from 51 percent last year to 62 percent this year.
  13. 41% of marketers say driving sales is the No. 1 goal for their content marketing strategies; 94% put sales in their top five content marketing goals. Brand awareness was the second-most-popular goal with 88% adding it to their top five, while 21% ranked lead generation as their No. 1 goal.
  14. All social media platforms experienced some level of increase in usage this year, with Instagram and Google+ gaining the most (raising approximately 17 and 13 percent, respectively). LinkedIn, while still very popular, did not increase.
  15. 84 percent of B2B marketers listed brand awareness as the key content marketing goal for their business, with “lead generation” coming in as a close second.
  16. 55% of B2B organizations and 59% of B2C organizations plan to increase their content marketing budget in the next 12 months.
  17. Less than 20 percent of a company’s website content drives 90 percent of its traffic, and only 0.5 percent of a website’s content drives more than 50 percent of its traffic.
  18. 88% of B2B marketers and 89% of B2C marketers are either focused on creating more engaging and higher-quality content or planning to do so in the coming year.
  19. Trailing only retail and brand sites, blogs rank as the third most influential digital resource guiding consumer purchasing decisions.
  20. Most marketers have a tough time tracking ROI, with only 21 percent of B2B marketers and 23 percent of B2C marketers listing that they are successful at tracking the return on investment (ROI) of their content marketing programme.


Top 20 Content Marketing Tools For Ideas, Creation, Design, Promotion & More

Are you using the right content which caters to the right audience at the right time? Are you able to fetch a good amount of website traffic? Is lack of proper knowledge, content creating skills, adequate resources hindering you to put forth the worthy content and best put forward? Even if not, you need not hassle anymore! Enlisted below are the top 20 Content Marketing tools, bifurcated under different sub-heads catering to different needs of the marketers:

Content Creation and Design Tools


Storify acts a great platform to create socially integrated blog posts based on different stories and articles available on this platform.


Contently is a web-based platform for connecting publishers. It allows to create and optimize engaging content.


Skyword is that content marketing tool that enables you to create such engaging content that helps to get conversions.

Content Idea Tools


It is a great platform for data visualization, infographics, presentations, videos and micro content for social media.


This tool presents detailed social media statistical information in the form of a dashboard.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator6

As the name of the tool itself suggests, Portent’s Content Generator tool allows the user to type in the favourite subject for blog post ideas.

Content Organization Tools


This tool helps to perform functions like organizing content ideas, creating editorial calendar and tracking the performance.


This tool helps the user to create notes, track new content by keeping the things in an organized manner.


This is a useful tool that allows the user to find, organize and share content on particular topics, thus saving the time to manage content flow.

Content Promotion and Distribution Tools


This tool helps to create email templates, set reminders, schedule mails, build links just like word of mouth marketing by creating a buzz, thus increasing website’s traffic.


Outbrain helps to promote articles, videos, slide shows, infographics, or even earned media that offers informational or entertainment value to the audience.


Buffer allows the users to schedule the content in a short span of time on social media platforms with a view to increase the fan base and engagement level.


As the name suggests, StumbleUpon is one such promotional application wherein the users surf the best of the web ‘stumbling’ upon the websites so as to match their attentions.


This tool allows to upload and share presentations, documents, infographics, PDF’s, videos etc. to be embedded into the blog post.


OneLoad helps to promote videos by distributing them to multiple websites by giving a boost to the video SEO and manage meta data.

Content Analytics Tools


This tool turns out to be of great help as it displays user behaviour, thus giving the scope to identify the loop-holes and correcting them for better results.


This tool helps the user to measure, compare and contrast the performance of the content, thus enabling to know which of the website’s content is providing the best performance socially.

Google Analytics18

By using Google Analytics the user gets insights into how your customers are engaging with your content.


SharedCount is a simple tool that that gives information about the number of shares for a particular url on several social media platforms.

Like Explorer20

Like Explorer is one such content marketing tracking tool that helps the user to find out how many people liked your content on social media channels.

To know about tolls for other digital marketing domains, Click Here.

Top 5 Tools To Automate Your Content Marketing

Content was, is and will undoubtedly remain the king of all ventures. Content is not merely restricted to the form in which the data is presented to the readers, rather it is what, how and when the information is put across to the information seekers.

Content could be presented in the form of words, infographics, videos, banners etc. The sole motive should be to put across the message to the person who is in anticipation of it. The increasing importance of content has brought about the light on how to improvise upon the content marketing strategy. 

In the present day world, more and more emphasis is being led on enriching the content strategy. This primarily not only involves the creation of content but also sharing of media and publishing the content, with a view to acquire and retain the customers.

Even though people find it time-consuming to invest their time and devote their energy in framing and enriching their strategical measures for improvising their content marketing strategy, but the investment is worth it. Interestingly, there are plenty of tools and software solutions available that enable to automate the content marketing strategy easily.

Enlisted below are the top 10 tools to automate your content marketing:


One of the most sought-after tool for automating content marketing is HootSuite. It majorly helps to promote the client content across all the social media channels. As and when the new content appears on their blog, it is immediatedly promoted on social media and then it is scheduled accordingly to be posted sometime at a later stage.


Buffer is one of the most used tool to schedule future dated social media posts on several social media channels. To be precise, this is a time-saving tool, that ensures timely publishing of the content across several social media channels.


Infusionsoft is a renowned CRM software that is used majorly for advaced email marketing. This also enables features such as invoicing, connecting through social media channels and enables to create sales funnels for better targeting of the business audience.


This tool allows the users to easily connect applications or apps together to automate a major portion of the content distribution. Ultimately, it enables to minimize the time spent on pushing the content acrosss the social media channels viz. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.


Primarily, Hubspot is leveraged upon for automating email marketing concepts. This comes handy for setting-up the workflows that allows the user to intersect with customers when and where they are paying attention.

Amongst the aforesaid, which one did you use? Did it turn out to be beneficial to you? Share your views and experiences in the comments section below.

Top 20 Statistics 2015 Every Content Marketer Should Know

With content marketing evolving at a fast pace, it has become imperative for the content marketers to keep a track of the statistics surrounding the practices. So, to acquaint content marketers with the knowledge of these statistics, enlisted below are the top 20 statistics 2015 that will reflect upon the present and future of content marketing:


  1. 86% of B2B Marketers are using content marketing.
  2. 43 percent of B2C marketers with a documented strategy considered themselves effective, vs. 33 percent of those without.
  3. 68 percent of content marketers back original content over licensed content.
  4. 36 percent of B2B companies with a documented content marketing strategy considered themselves very effective, three times more than those without a documented strategy.
  5. 70 percent of B2B organizations and 69 percent of B2C organizations report that they made more content in 2014 than in 2013.
  6. Facebook posts earn 340 percent more shares than each of the other four major social networks—except for food content, which does better on Pinterest.
  7. 48 percent of B2C marketers and 42 percent of B2B marketers now publish more than once a week.
  8. 24 percent of organizations now devote 50 percent or more of their budget to content.
  9. 63 percent of B2B marketers rate LinkedIn the most effective social media platform.
  10. Pinterest drives 5 percent of all traffic on the web, nearly three times as much as all non-Facebook social networks.
  11. Leaders in data-driven marketing are more than six times more likely than laggards to report achieving competitive advantage in increasing profitability (45 percent vs. 7 percent) and five times more likely in customer retention (74 percent vs. 13 percent). — Forbes
  12. Marketers who have prioritized blogging are 13 times more likely to have a positive ROI.
  13. 54% of the most effective B2B Marketers have a documented content marketing strategy.
  14. 81% of B2B marketers use content marketing for engagement.
  15. 63% of B2B Marketers use website traffic as their metric of content marketing success.
  16. 84% of B2B Marketers use Facebook to distribute their content.
  17. 54% of B2B Marketers see producing engaging content as their biggest content marketing challenge.
  18. 49% of B2B Marketers see measuring content effectiveness as their biggest content marketing challenge.
  19. 54% of the most effective B2B Marketers publish content daily or multiple times per week.
  20. 50% of B2B Marketers see producing content consistently as their biggest content marketing challenge.