How to do a Masters in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is not academic.

The whole point of doing a masters in digital marketing is to be able to do real work in digital media marketing soon after completion of the degree/certification.

That’s why a good training program always includes a good amount of hands-on practice and a mandatory internship.

I have written this article to help people who are looking to do a master’s in digital marketing online.

This article is not just a list of colleges.

I have tried to answer the following questions in this article:

  1. Are you eligible for a master’s in digital marketing?
  2. Why may you consider doing a master’s in digital marketing?
  3. Is a master’s in digital marketing worth it?
  4. How to find a useful master’s training program in digital marketing?
  5. What are some good institutes/colleges for master’s in digital marketing?

All about Masters in Digital Marketing

masters in digital marketing

The good thing about learning digital marketing is that you can learn it remotely.

Why? Because all the stuff that we learn and practice here is online.

Every college or institute had to move online during the coronavirus pandemic. But it gave us an effective way to learn something like IT or digital advertising right from our homes.

I also joined a training institute to study digital marketing during the pandemic.

I was doubtful if online training would work out at all but here I am doing work in an internship right after completing my training.

I am saying all this because some of the good master’s programs offer online training.

Let’s begin with the answers.

Are you eligible for masters in digital marketing?

masters in digital marketing eligibility

In most institutes, the first requirement is a related (or any) bachelor’s degree of course.

Secondly, the institutes may demand some work experience also.

Other entry requirements for master’s programs are English language requirements for foreign universities.

Such the PGDM by Simplilearn in association with Purdue University, Indiana requires both.

But there are institutes also that are open to freshers.

Such institutes do not demand any bachelor’s degree and work experience. They are trying to narrow down the skills gap among youngsters.

For example, Executive Program in Digital Marketing by Digital Vidya and Deakin University, Australia

This training program requires you to have some decent knowledge of English, computer, and the Internet.

Why you may consider doing a master’s in digital marketing?

masters in digital marketing benefits

In my case, I enrolled in a master’s course just after my graduation thinking I could start working soon after completing the course.

Well, it went just like that.

It was tough at the start though. I had never studied marketing but as I started practicing it became clearer.

Just after completing the training course, I joined an internship to do content writing.

Reasons to join Digital Marketing Masters Program :

I think you may join a masters program for the following reasons:

1. To start a career

India has the second-largest online audience. So the scope of a digital marketing career in India is looking bright.

See the number of jobs in India listed here on the Naukri portal, it’s over 1,00,000!!!

digital marketing jobs in India

2. To upskill as a working professional

Upskilling is important for professional development.

According to a joint survey by TalentLMS, Workable and Training Journal –

After the coronavirus outbreak, 42% of companies ramped up their upskilling/reskilling efforts and 42% of employees started training on their own.

3. To start a digital business/agency or scale up an existing one.

For example, an advertising agency needs marketing communications to acquire more clients.

4. To learn with a hands-on approach

5. To learn from experts who are working professionals and even entrepreneurs.

6. To interact with mentors, other professionals and build a helpful network with these people.

For example, LinkedIn is a great professional platform to build a meaningful network.

Is a master’s in digital marketing worth it?

masters in digital marketing worth

If you are interested in learning digital marketing, then surely the training program will be worth your time and money.

It gives you a head start in your digital marketing career.

How? With following aspects of the program:

First-hand practice

A good training program will assist you with first-hand practice in real-world projects, case studies, digital marketing strategy plans, and mandatory internships.

Learn from well-experienced faculty

The trainers or mentors in good institutes are often experienced working professionals that know the ins and outs of their niche.

Networking opportunities

You’ll get to interact with working professionals in your peer group and mentors through digital technologies.

Learning material at your fingertips

You’ll have access to curated learning content and class sessions that help you when you get stuck or have to revise the basics.

Do it from home

When you take an online training course from home you save considerable expenses, traveling time, and have more time with your family.

See advantages of online learning.

Plus, you also get accustomed to remote working. Many companies want digital marketers to work from home.

On the other hand, you can be a professional digital marketer by self-learning also.

It’s harder than a guided program/course and you have no ready learning material, mentors, classes, certifications, QnA support, an internship opportunity, and placement assistance.

If you have a knack for studying consumer behaviour, helping people, creativity, problem-solving, disrupting marketing, strategic marketing practice, brand management, etc. then this is the right path to be on.

How to find a useful master’s training program in digital marketing?

masters in digital marketing program

Go on Google or any search engine and there are plenty of master’s programs with everyone claiming to be the best.

Deciding on a useful program becomes difficult with so many choices.

And I’ve already mentioned that there are not only a few best training programs.

I think a good one with the following features is sufficient:

Hands-on learning approach

It’s a practical domain. There is no other way to learn it than practicing relevant skills involved.

A good curriculum requires you to learn to promote a website like professionals, do tasks and case studies during the training.

Expert guidance and support

What’s better than learning from the professionals who have been doing it for significant years?

They’re there to help if you get stuck somewhere. You also get their feedback on your task submissions.

They even guide you regarding your career path.

A comprehensive and revised curriculum

This domain is constantly changing.

New updates to search-engines, online marketing policies, business analytics tools, and services used require professionals to stay aware of these changes.

So a good curriculum should be revised and cover new topics.

Some of the core topics are SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, global marketing analytics, content marketing, marketing automation, e-commerce marketing, mobile marketing, project management, etc.

Integrated learning platform

This comes in very handy.

One organized platform for the learning material, class recordings, certifications, chat, QnA support, friends list, etc. is very efficient.

They make the customer experience seamless.

Networking opportunities

You can make a useful professional network from your training program too.

You’ll get opportunities to interact with mentors and your peer group.

And you can even get work opportunities among your network.

See this survey result from LinkedIn.

Guaranteed internship opportunity and work placement assistance

Freshers rarely get hired in full-time jobs. An internship helps you to gain important work experience and enhances your skills.

So a guaranteed internship in a program is a must.

For example, the Executive Program by Digital Vidya provides a guaranteed paid internship.

And in the same program, you’ll get to sit in a pre-booked job interview with a few of its reputable associated companies.

I think this feature makes a training program good value for money.

Do your research

Assess your requirements, your goals, and then research about the useful institutes/colleges to choose the right one.

Research online, call customer support, or take a demo session to find if the training program is suitable for you or not.

You may even reach out to the alumni of a particular institute on LinkedIn.

Always remember, your purpose is to acquire real-work skills and be job-ready after the training.

What are some good institutes/colleges for master’s in digital marketing?

masters in digital marketing institute

In my opinion, there are not only a few best courses/programs.

So in case, you cannot enroll in top universities or colleges for a master’s you have other useful options also.

Any good institute will give you the right knowledge and opportunity to practice the required skills in this domain.

I’ve already mentioned some points to help you choose the right institute or program for yourself.

Not all programs are like conventional master’s programs. Today things have changed and students are looking for short-duration impactful training programs.

Now, let’s take a look at some useful master’s programs:

1. Digital marketing courses by Digital Vidya

Established in 2009, they’re a professional training company that trains individuals as well as corporate employees.

They’re official training partners with Google and Microsoft India.

They offer 2 advanced courses in digital marketing.

– Executive Program in Digital Marketing in association with Deakin University, Australia.

– Certified Digital Marketing Master Course (CDMM)

Apart from that they also offer courses in Data Science, Data Analytics, and 10 other niche certifications.

A free demo class is also available here.

Training experience: 12+ years

Credentials: Deakin University, Digital Vidya, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Hubspot certifications

Individuals taught: 61,000+

Eligibility: English language requirement, basic computer and internet literacy

LMS, Mode of training, and Duration: Lifetime access to LMS, online course (due to Covid-19) and 10 months for executive and 4-7 months for CDMM.

Availability: Global

Costs: INR 1,50,000 + taxes for executive program; INR 25k to 75k for master program (CDMM); Flexible payments and no-cost EMI available

Internships and placements: Guaranteed 3-month internship with a stipend of INR 20,000 from the executive program and pre-booked job interviews.

2. Post-Graduation Programme by IIDE

Indian Institute of Digital Education was established in 2016, they have 4 branches in Mumbai at Andheri, Mulund, Churchgate, and Navi Mumbai.

They offer 3 types of courses: PG in digital marketing (offline), an online course, and short-term certifications.

A free demo class is available here.

Training experience: 5 years

Credentials: IIDE certification plus other

Individuals taught: 60,000+

Eligibility: Graduate (with IIDE Admissions Test) for PG course and 12th pass for the online course.

LMS, Mode of training, and Duration: No mention of LMS, both online and offline modes and 11 months for offline while 3 months for online training.

Availability: Global

Costs: PG Course – INR 4,00,000 + Taxes; Online Course – INR 72,000 + Taxes; zero cost EMI available.

Internships and placements: 2-month internship for PG course and no internship for an online course but guaranteed placement support.

3. PGDM by Simplilearn and Purdue University, Indiana

The application process consists of 3 simple steps. After filling out an online application form, an offer of admission will be made to the selected candidates.

After enrolment, 6-credit concentration transfer for Purdue MS in Communication degree.

Masterclasses from Purdue faculty and Ask Me Anything sessions by Facebook.

No mention of a demo class here.

Training experience: Not mentioned

Credentials: Purdue university certification and alumni status

Individuals taught: Not mentioned

Eligibility: Graduate with at least 2 years of work experience

LMS, Mode of training and Duration: LMS by SimpliLearn, 6 months online training

Availability: Global

Costs: INR 1,10,000 plus taxes; Zero cost EMI available

Internships and placements: Internship not mentioned but live projects and Harvard business case studies; IIMJobs Pro Membership for 6 months and placement assistance.

4. MSc in Digital Marketing, Salford Business School, the University of Salford (Salford District), UK

The MSc Digital Marketing is the only route available for international students

Online open days are available for MSc Digital Marketing. These days include a range of talks, Q&A, and tours to learn more about master’s courses from this business school.

They also have representatives in India whom you can meet even online on specific days.

Credentials: University certification

Eligibility: Graduate in a business or related field, relevant work experience

Duration: Full-time – 1 year; With placement – 2 years and part-time – 2 years.

Availability: City of Salford

Costs: £15300 (per year)

Internships and work placements: You have to source your internship or placement with the full support of the University then complete your dissertation.

Other options to complete your dissertation are the Industry Collaboration Project Applied dissertation or Entrepreneurship dissertation.

Some other good universities providing this program are:

Digital Marketing Management MSc by Coventry University (Coventry), UK

It’s a 1-year program and costs around £17,900 (per academic year)

Middlesex University London (London)

1-year program and costs around £16,800 (per year.

University of Essex Colchester Campus (Colchester), UK

2-year online program and costs around £11,570 (per year)

University of Liverpool (Liverpool), UK

30-month online program and costs around £18,000 (per year)

Final thoughts

One thing I observed when I completed my master digital marketing program is that however good the curriculum, the mentors, learning material, and the certifications are, what ultimately matters is your skillset.

The list of the best or top or good institutes/universities/colleges for master’s in digital marketing may vary from blog to blog but:

Always focus on the hands-on practice you get to do in the training program.

And then the internships (they help make your skills concrete).

If I missed anything or you want to ask something, please don’t hesitate to put that in the comments, I’ll be happy to help.

Good luck!


What are the career prospects after a master’s in digital marketing?

The demand for digital marketing professionals has been increasing and is expected to rise in the future.

It’s reasonable as the online audience and online business management activity are going up.

According to a 2018 Tech Pro Research survey, 70% of respondents told their companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are working on one.

Some common job prospects for freshers are:

Digital marketing manager, SEO executive, social media executive, PPC specialist, web analytics expert, email marketing manager, content writer, etc.

Other job prospects:

Artist – You may have artistic talents that you can promote using marketing.

Freelancing – Do freelancing in different sub-niches.

Business/Agency owner – E-commerce or digital marketing services

Are 1-year or lesser duration programs in digital marketing better than 2-year master’s programs?

I think 1-year or lesser duration programs are better because:

  1. They are more affordable.
  2. They save your time.
  3. They’re more suitable for working professionals.
  4. You can spend more time on practical learning rather than theoretical.
  5. You have the opportunity to do the real work sooner in internships or full-time jobs.

Why should someone enroll in executive programs in digital marketing?

The executive programs as the name suggests are for working professionals.

You get these benefits in them:

  1. They are more focused on hands-on training.
  2. You can widen your skillset thus get more work opportunities.
  3. You can even switch your career with an executive program.
  4. Taking this course can get you a higher-earning job.
  5. New knowledge and skills can also help you to start or scale up your business.
  6. You get networking opportunities with other similar professionals.

Which countries are good for doing master’s in digital marketing?

Right now you can access the best of the courses anywhere in the world that has the internet.

Many top universities have launched online digital marketing training programs.

Digital Marketing is a practical field and someone can be an expert in it with work experience only.

So a lot of countries have these great courses/programs.

You don’t have to, for instance, move to Canada for obtaining training in digital marketing. You can do it very well at your home.

Can I do a master’s in digital marketing online?

Absolutely. Many good universities are offering whole courses online.

The online method is more effective than offline.

Why? Here are some reasons:

  1. Digital marketing is all online. So you can practice and work from home.
  2. You save significant expenses and time.
  3. Flexible timings make online learning suitable for working professionals.
  4. Learn from the best of the trainers that otherwise are not generally available offline.
  5. You can learn in your environment.
  6. You have more time to spend with family, do hobbies, exercise and learn other skills.

Learn 14 Best Benefits of Digital Marketing

Since the beginning of the 21st century, technology has been expeditiously evolving causing changes in every part of our lives.

Companies have inexorably been affected by these changes and have started using information and communication technologies for product marketing and getting to know their customers.

According to Statista, ad spending in the digital marketing advertising market is projected to reach $515277m in 2022.

Earlier, businesses reached their target audience through channels like television, radio, magazines, events and direct mail means using traditional channels and it was more than enough to keep business heads above water, however, this is no longer true.

Now people spend more time online, So companies to stand out in the competition reach potential customers through digital channels and strategies are so popular because of sheer convenience and efficiency. Everyone is understanding the benefits of digital marketing.

Therefore the scope of conventional marketing is not as effective and influential as it was and digital marketing provides the means and opportunity for businesses and entire industries to reach a far greater segment in undeniably more convenient and productive ways.

If there is one characteristic where the difference between small and large businesses is clear cut, it is resources.

The lack of adequate resources affects a small business on multiple levels including marketing. Conventional marketing needs a lot of money, that’s why every small business should have a digital advertising plan.

benefits of digital marketing

The above chart from Statistic shows how quickly the two trends are merging. See how the wide gap just eight short years ago has closed. The two lines have either overlapped or soon will. It’s quite evident that consumer attention has shifted from traditional to digital.

Top 14 Benefits of Digital Marketing

With the vast range of benefits of digital marketing in online advertising of products and services, it has become the prime medium for marketing worldwide. Every company needs to understand the benefits that it can derive from digital marketing which include:

1. Cost-effectiveness:

When comparing the costs of digital marketing with traditional marketing such as tv ads, techniques of digital marketing like PPC, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing can cost as little as several hundred/thousand every month in contrast with a single TV advertisement that can cost humongous amounts of money which is certainly not affordable for most companies.

Even if you use other methods of conventional marketing like newspapers and magazine ads they can fill out all your marketing budget and are also not as effective as digital marketing techniques

So digital marketing can be potentially more cost-effective and successful.

Even the most affordable and smallest methods of digital marketing can attract a large audience at a very low cost, so digital advertising has the potential of reaching a limitless amount of customers that too at substantially low cost.

Top 5 cost-effective digital marketing strategies include

Email marketing:

It is extremely affordable. Also, it delivers an excellent return on investment.

You get direct access to your target audience and email marketing campaigns allow you to build a relationship with potential customers which enhances customer loyalty.

Search Engine Optimisation:

It is one of the most cost-effective strategies of digital marketing as it targets people actively searching for keywords relating to your product or service. It involves keyword research, content-marketing, blogging, on-site optimization, and content distribution. Search Engine Optimization is a long-term process and can help develop sustainable traffic.

Content marketing:

It is cost-effective as it relies on your knowledge it allows you to build brand reputation, drive improved conversion rates and assist you in building authority.

It is indeed very cost-effective as it costs 62% less than outbound marketing and 3 times lead generation as many leads according to the content marketing institute.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media is very cost-effective yet a great marketing tool. It is particularly used for targeting specific demographics and is great for reaching a larger audience on a small budget.


PPC is very ideal if you are on a tight budget as it allows you to set your maximum spend. Your budget then gets divided between google ads, paid marketing, and retargeting.


It is cost-effective as it re-engages potential customers who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

To know more about these above-mentioned strategies or Internet marketing you can explore the courses offered by Digital Academy India.

According to Statista, 80% of consumers do their research online before buying a product.

2. Measurable:

It is crucial to know whether a particular marketing idea is working or not. In conventional marketing, the success of marketing promotion is difficult to track but in the case of digital marketing, every single tactic is measurable.

This is one major reason why one needs to invest in digital marketing.

In online marketing, it becomes really easy to know which tactic is working and which is not just by looking at real-time analytics and measuring them and allows you to change your campaigns accordingly to make them more effective.

Also, this allows you to carry forward the advantage of the knowledge and experience you gained from this process to enhance future campaigns.

Thus digital marketing analytics allows you to use your money efficiently and distribute your marketing budget as it takes the guesswork out and you focus your efforts on strategies that are most likely to improve ROI.

3. Targeting:

It allows precise audience targeting.

One of internet advertising’s strongest trump cards is its targeting capabilities as it allows digital marketers to target specific consumers based on their search histories or behavior online.

Behavioral targeting is so effective at deriving sales. Also, it offers plenty of personalization opportunities. A single personalized video or email can get your brand off the ground!

Conventional marketing tactics don’t offer the target capabilities as digital marketing does. It is certain in the case of digital marketing that content is consumed by the right audience.

SEO allows you to reach those customers who search the web for content and topics related to your company and social media and PPC helps you to target those who are most likely to be interested in your services based on interest.

4. You can reach your customer through social media:

This is one of the most important advantages as social media is the best way to reach your customers, unlike traditional techniques where you experience a limit in scope and size.

For example, print ads are restricted to a specific market, time, and place but reach in digital advertising will be farther and more targeted.

According to Statista, 90% of B2C businesses report that social media is the most effective tool for their marketing tactics.

5 . It’s more engaging:

Internet marketing is much more engaging than conventional marketing as it has access to various types of interactive media.

Traditional marketers have limited advertising choices while online marketers can use various content types to attract different users and also it caters to different users’ tastes.

6. It has excellent ROI:

Internet marketing provides an excellent return on investment compared to traditional marketing advanced digital marketing techniques are significantly cheaper and provide more effective results. Investing the amount of money in paid digital ads is more effective and can generate way more conversions.

7. It enables in-depth performance tracking:

Online advertisers get access to ad metrics and performance in google ad manager.

Various internet tools for marketing help you get access to relevant data and allow you to adapt on the fly and tweak underperforming campaigns and this isn’t possible in conventional marketing.

8. It’s effective for building brand awareness:

Investing in digital marketing is one of the best ways to build brand awareness especially in content and SMM.

GoogleAdWords serves over 30 billion ad impressions a day and with such massive potential for exposure, brands worldwide don’t penny-pinch on advertising.

According to Statista, 94% of B2B marketers already use LinkedIn and such sites for marketing plans and purposes.

9. It has a vast reach:

Online marketing is globalized and this has increased plenty of business opportunities for business owners to expand businesses beyond a single country’s borders.

10. It builds stronger relationships:

Brands need to stand out in this ever-growing sea of competition if they want to succeed therefore building a relationship with an audience is critical to success.

Establishing a strong presence on social media channels is a surefire way to earn customers’ trust.

11. It is more time-efficient:

A conventional marketing plan requires so much time to prepare but digital ones don’t, launching an online campaign is much quicker.

A digital marketer can easily design, implement and monitor multiple campaigns simultaneously saving a lot of time and resources.

12. You can automate it:

There are plenty of tools that can help you streamline your digital marketing campaigns. Streamlining using automation tools helps businesses cut costs and optimize marketing endeavors.

13. SEO helps you reach online to more potential buyers:

SEO helps you to reach more buyers and is indeed one of the most important tactics.

You can optimize your website content for search engines by using specific keywords to better explain your product or service to get more targeted traffic to your website which will, in turn, improve conversion SEO can help local businesses as most buyers look for local shops and 28% of searches for something nearby result in a purchase so local SEO can be really helpful for companies operating in different regional areas.

14. Digital marketing helps communicate with consumers on the smartphone:

Digital advertising allows you to communicate with your customers who are browsing their mobile phones and consuming content. You can reach a large audience, especially the younger lot who access the internet through mobile phones.

Conclusion on benefits of Digital Marketing

Above were the digital marketing benefits.

With the increasing rate of technological developments, smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices have become common everyday items.

Correspondingly, people who use social networks and emails have been using digital media for shopping. Search engines make web surfing much easier for people.

In addition, the process of decision-making in purchasing has become much less difficult for promotional videos and comments about the product to help customers decide.

The most important difference between digital and conventional marketing is that in digital marketing the data is used properly.

So, digital marketing is probably the best option. If you want to reach a wider audience while keeping costs low, go for digital marketing.

It allows you to collect valuable information on your audience immediately so that you can create an even more effective marketing campaign.

However, traditional marketing still exists.

If you want to reach local people, conventional marketing methods may be more fruitful and stand out better than digital marketing methods.

When you consider which marketing strategy is best for your business, consider your audience, where they get their information from, and use that to make your choice.

Want to kickstart your career in the Exciting Field of Digital Marketing?

Undoubtedly, digital marketing is the future.

Younger generations have not known a time without smartphones, and they are starting to enter the workforce backed by another generation that will be even more digital.

Therefore every company and brand needs a digital marketing strategy to survive in today’s world, so there are plenty of career opportunities.

Guide to: Top 10 ways to learn Digital Marketing in 2022

If you are interested in joining this exciting field, check out the Digital Vidya’s Executive Program in Digital Marketing, in partnership with Deakin University, Australia which provides comprehensive training on everything you need to know to thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What are the benefits of digital marketing for students?

Completing digital marketing training can be beneficial for students in many ways, both professionally and personally. If you don’t understand digital marketing, you won’t succeed in business today.

With the skills you have acquired during the training, you can improve and promote all your strengths on various platforms, such as your own website, social media account, newsletter, Google Ads, and many more.

With the development of the digital nomadic lifestyle, students are also looking for careers that will provide them with flexible schedules.

When digital marketing is done online, it doesn’t matter if you are in the office or working in a cocktail bar on a tropical beach.

Q2.What are the benefits of digital marketing during covid-19?

People are spending way more time online than ever before therefore businesses have been forced to focus on their digital strategy.

Digital Marketing has transformed the world of marketing and advertising. It has benefited the brands and marketers for implementing marketing strategies during the covid period. Some of the major benefits include:

  1. Analyzing user behavior and retargeting
  2. Monitoring results in real-time
  3. Establishing a strong brand presence through digital advertising
  4. Prioritizing product lines
  5. Strengthening omnichannel strategies

Q3.What is conversion rate optimization?

It is the process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action the Conversion Rate Optimization process involves understanding how users move through your site and what actions they take.

Q4.Can digital marketing increase online sales?

Yes, the goal of internet advertising is to improve website traffic and online conversions thus helping you reach overall business goals.

It helps you to reach a more qualified audience to market your products which leads to more sales for your online business growth.

Digital marketing can really help small businesses to grow.

Q5.What digital marketing tools should we use?

The tools you use should depend on the goals of marketing. few relevant tools for every business include Google search console, Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Google my business, Google keyword planner, SEMrush.


10 Benefits of Having a Digital Marketing Career


Welcome to another blog on the numerous big benefits of a digital marketing career.

If this is your first blog on the topic then well, Hi Welcome.

Benefits of Having a Digital Marketing Career

Digital Marketing is booming because people see a lot of advantages in the function. From the time of its conception, it has only grown. Statista reports the Digital advertising revenue from the financial year 2008 to 2020 and a forecast for 2022. The curve shows exponential progress

Revenue From Digital marketing
Revenue from Digital Marketing

Source: Statista

Apart from revenues and numbers, the real sustainability of digital lies in the fact that it makes the lives of its stakeholders better. The impact that it creates in the daily lives of a business, as well as consumers, makes a career in digital marketing even more meaningful.

As businesses and consumers are happy with the medium of communication a digital professional who lies at the fulcrum of this has a very significant role to play.

The main responsibility of a digital marketer is to deliver the right message, in the right digital channel, in the right format to the right people at the right place at the right time. Yeah RIGHT!

Digital platforms and skills for Digital Marketing

As a digital marketer, you would be doing some or all of the below function

1. Frame buyer persona and perceived buyers’ journey :

The digital specialist needs to have a mind frame of who your customers are. Accordingly, the content, the message, and the platform could be decided. It also helps you to perceive the buyer’s journey and plan content to satisfy consumers at various stages of the buyer’s journey.

Choose digital channels to be present and prioritize

Multiple digital advertising channels help businesses reach their customers.

  1. E-mail Marketing
  2. Social Media
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Pay-per-click advertising
  5. Video advertising

But not all customers are present in all channels.

Besides, it is difficult for businesses to be effective in all the channels. So digital marketers should identify the digital platforms that most of their buyers use and roll out consumable content in those channels to ensure targeted reach.

Other factors like the nature of business, business goals, the budget also affect the channels you choose.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Though a website could be considered one of the digital channels, it is mandatory to the digital presence and not a choice. To make websites more effective, SEO is essential.

Choosing the right keywords to target, planning content around it and being displayed at top of the results page, and sustaining in the spot is key to online marketing.

3. Social Listening

Social listening is the process of being attentive to any user-generated content related to your business or your competitors. It helps you to build a strong understanding of how your product is received by users and where do you or your competitor stand in the spectrum of user consideration.

3. Strike strategic partnerships

The digital universe enables you to broaden the scope of your business through strategic partnerships. It could be a content partnership with influencers or a product partnership with experts in allied fields.

Edtech firms are a great example of this. Learning platforms like Digital Vidya, UpGrad collaborate with foreign universities like Deakin University, Australia that are experts in the respective field. This would not have been possible in the physical environment.

Digital space merges boundaries on various levels geographical, cultural, demographical creating umpteen opportunities to add value to our consumers.

4. Measurement, analytics, and improvement

Emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud have taken data collection, storage processing, and reporting to a higher level of proficiency. Where market research used to be a separate exercise, current advancements in technology has integrated data collection and analytics into everyday marketing activities that could be revisited at regular intervals to analyze the status of key performance indicators and improvise marketing strategy to get the business closer to the goals.

Ok Digital marketing is great for businesses and consumers. What about a career?

Take a look at the below video. It gives a good idea of the various benefits of this career.

Don’t stop here. Read on as I have some additional points to convey.

10 Benefits of Having a Digital Marketing Career :

Find below my list of benefits that could be derived from a career in digital marketing :

1. No pre-qualification and no age limit

The Digital platform is for everyone who knows how to use it. That is all that is needed. It’s a profession that transgresses sectorial boundaries and does not require any pre-qualification.

The youngest digital marketer is 12 years old and there is no maximum age limit to be a digital marketer.

But if you have an inclination towards the field and want to build a career in it, digital marketing courses could guide you in the right direction.

For further information, you can explore the digital marketing courses offered at Digital Academy India.

So the will to study the basic concepts, Creative and Out-of-the-box thinking will help you establish and do well in this career.

2. Perpetually growing industry

Some may have the wrong assumption that Internet marketing is booming because of the pandemic and the demand would come down post-pandemic. This is not true.

Of Course, the pandemic made it a mandatory function for businesses to survive but it was gaining momentum even before the COVID 19.

A survey about Digital spending in the US reiterates the fact that it showed year-on-year growth even before the pandemic.

Digital Marketing ad Spend

When all the areas showed a slump during the lockdown, digital marketing might be the only sector that showed an increase in spending. This shows that digital marketing is here to stay and grow.

3. High demand and high paying jobs

A Linkedin report revealed that 50% of the top ten marketing job opportunities are in the digital and media space. The report also names 5 skills in-demand SMM, Paid Search Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Marketing. All are parts of internet marketing. No surprises here.

Marketing falls under the top ten highest paying jobs in the industry and having expertise in digital marketing will only improve your chances of being successful in marketing.

Digital marketing Salary

According to Payscale, the average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager is about 5.5 LPA and it grows with experience.

4. Flexible

One of the crowd-pulling qualities of digital advertising is its inherent flexible nature. As a digital marketer, all you need is a laptop and internet connection and you can work from anywhere.

It can manifest into a part-time job, full-time job, or an internship as the jobs can be divided into worklets.

5. Entrepreneurship and freelance opportunities

Human sentiment is to be independent. Everyone at some point of time in their career would like to go solo either through freelancing or by building their firm.

Studying the India Startup scenario shows exponential growth from 2015 to 2021. The number of unicorns has shown a whopping 66% year-on-year growth in the past 5 years.

And you know what fueled this growth in a pandemic hit economy?

Digital businesses in India!

Similarly, Digital marketing is considered among the top 5 fields that offer maximum freelancing opportunities. Companies mostly seek freelancers for functions like SEO, SMM, Analytics, Branding, and web design.

6. Ability to Work across sectors

Digital advertising is essential for every sector. The pandemic has proven this pretty much.

Some of the industries that use Digital advertising the most include

  1. Retail
  2. Consumer Product Goods
  3. Financial Service
  4. Telecom
  5. Automotive
  6. Electronics
  7. Entertainment
  8. Health & Pharma

As a digital marketer, you can transcend between different industries and contribute to the growth of the company even though you are a fresher or have work experience in a different sector.

The digital-marketing strategy may change between industries, but the underlying basics would be the same.

This opportunity to work across industries makes the job even more interesting.

7. Closer to reality

Digital advertising allows companies to directly reach consumers and encourages them to have one-to-one interaction with the company regarding products and services.

Before the digital era, consumers hardly knew the executives of a company. A business was mostly viewed as a third party from whom consumers can buy products.

But with the advent of Social Media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc, people can follow CXOs, sometimes even get to interact with them. This gives the companies a more human image and makes them accessible. People like Anand Mahindra and Elon Musk who are active on Twitter have contributed more in making Mahindra and Tesla or SpaceX household names.

Not only consumers, but businesses also no longer view consumers as people buying their products and services. They view them as a persona and think of ways to serve them rather than just market their product.

Digital marketing has changed the way marketing is dealt and as a digital professional, you would be able to enjoy that openness and honesty in your career.

8. Creativity

Online Marketing is a collection of concepts, tools, analytics, reporting, and strategizing. All the resources are available easily online either for free or at a low cost, which any digital marketer could use.

So to be a class apart from the pack the resources should be used creatively.

The profession encourages out-of-the-box thinking in keyword research, content planning and formats, social-media posts, and customer service.

Being a digital marketer you always have the creative freedom to test out ideas. The advantage in this field is that you get instant feedback through consumer reviews or real-time data analytics on what is working and what is not. You will mostly have the time to make changes to your strategy before any damage is created.

9. Greater reach and visibility

A career in digital marketing does not stop at just being your breadwinner. The skills you learn as a digital marketer can greatly help you build your personal brand. Many digital marketers have grown into influencers. Neil Patel, Ankur Warikoo, Gary Vaynerchuck are some of the prominent names who shot to fame through their digital marketing skills.

And why is personal branding important? Because the times demand it.

Gone are the days when recommendations would fetch you jobs. Qualification and work experience are still relevant but a good social-media profile does create an additional impact on recruiters.

Social Media platforms like LinkedIn have become a popular recruiting ground. Your profile acts as your Digital resume where you can showcase your expertise, your previous work, and your interest area.

This not only maximizes your visibility among potential employers but also helps you draw the right kind of opportunities towards you by following relevant companies and individuals.

So even if you do not pursue a career in digital marketing, having digital skills will be a great boost to yourself and your career.

10. Impactful

Many of us go through a crisis not only in our personal lives but also in our careers. The questions like “Why are we doing this?” eventually rise at a stage when a glossy remuneration is not exciting anymore.

As a person who has been closely observing this field for the past two years, I am utterly baffled by the amount of impact it creates in everyone’s lives.

Factors like deeper internet penetration, increasing time spent by a user on digital space (AppAnnie’s report reveals that Indians spent close to 4.8 hours on mobile apps in a day) have made it a powerful tool that has a massive reach.

Digital marketing can steer democratic elections in countries, establish a diplomatic dialogue between countries, popularize social movements (#metoo, # Blacklivesmatter, #climate strike), spread positive messaging on a large scale.

Even UN Peacekeeping forces have established a digital toolkit for mediation. It recognizes Social-Media, Data Analytics, and Virtual Reality as important tools that will contribute to mediation and maintaining peace.

So the scope of Digital marketing is endless. Being a digital marketer you can explore any area of your interest and create an impact in that field using your digital skills. Wouldn’t that make a fulfilling career?


As I am writing this blog 1.18 billion websites exist in this world. You can check this website for real-time data on this

Let me know the number when you read this blog. You can post your answers in the comment section.

Though 2,52,000 new websites are created every day only 17% of the total websites remain active. I wonder why?

There is a high probability that they are inactive due to a lack of digital marketers promoting it.

So, if anyone says that Digital marketing will become stagnant, they are just not reading the future correctly.

Digital marketing is a future-proof career. It has survived through the pandemic when most of the sectors failed. Digital is what kept most economies afloat from being lost in the locked-down world.

The career can take any shape you want it to. That is the beauty of the field. And there are a lot of allied careers that could be explored like Training, graphic designing, media planning, public relations, influencer interface, affiliate marketing, etc.

But the picture is not all rosy. Digital marketing is still not very easy. It requires certain inherent skills like

Adapt to a changing environment :

This field is rapidly evolving. The strategies that work today may become obsolete in a few months. The tools used keep on adding new features. Our marketing communication should keep up with the trend. All this requires the marketer to be updated and vigilant.

An appetite to learn :

You will never know what skills could be used for digital marketing. Earlier designing was an artist’s job. But if you are a marketer with designing skills you would be in a better position to carry out your job. Good language skills can help in keyword research and content marketing. So there is no limitation to learning new things in this field. On the contrary, not learning would be a deterrent.

Team player :

It may seem that digital marketing is a one-man job as it’s only a laptop that is needed. But the function is an amalgamation of various other functions like content, graphics, communication, advertising, PR, customer service, measurement, and analytics.

To run a successful digital marketing department experts in each area should be able to work together. Hence being a good team player can help you sustain in this career.

Empathy :

Online Marketing increases the communication frequency between the business and the consumer. As someone handling communications, you should be able to recognize your consumer’s needs and know the right thing to say which would create the maximum value to your users.

Being empathetic towards your customers will help you and your business in creating a lasting relationship with them.

As Uncle Ben from the Spider-Man comics puts it

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Digital marketing could be a great career making you all the more responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of growth can one see in a digital marketing career?

As a fresher, you may start in any one of the following roles

  1. Digital Marketing Executive
  2. SEO Executive
  3. Search Ads Executive
  4. E-mail Marketing manager
  5. Web Analyst

Post 3-4 years of experience you can take up specialist roles in the above-said functions. In the later part of your career as a digital marketing specialist, you would be considered for department lead roles in Marketing, Strategy, Digital Marketing, etc.

Is a Digital Marketing course necessary to establish a career in it?

Attending a digital-marketing qualification course is highly recommended. Digital marketing is growing in popularity and subsequently would become a competitive field. Getting a professional certification would not only pave the way to well-paying jobs but also would help you learn digital marketing concepts in a structured manner.

Most of the institutes like Digital Academy India offer placement assistance on successful completion of the course.

What are some of the popular digital marketing certifications that would help in your career?

There are many free and paid certifications that are widely recognized in the industry. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Google Skillshop
  2. HubSpot
  3. Facebook
  4. VSkills
  5. Hootsuite
  6. MOZ SEO certification

You can take up certifications for a particular function like SEO, Social-Media, Email Marketing, Search Ads, or Web Analytics that is in line with your specialization.

Which kind of Digital Marketing Courses would help in getting digital marketing jobs?

There are many online platforms like Digital Vidya, Digital Academy India, Delhi School of Internet Marketing offering different types of digital marketing training.

If you are already in the field of digital marketing and want to specialize in one particular area of digital marketing then you can go for short-term certification courses in that function.

But if you are new to this field a 6 month-1 year program which could be a Master’s program or Executive Degree, will be a good enough time for you to learn the concepts of digital marketing.

Before choosing the course see to that they provide practical training and offer internships and placement assistance.

Is a digital Marketing career popular in India?

The number of internet users in India was around 636 million in 2021. This number is still 50% less than the Indian Population. So you can imagine the scope that digital marketing holds in this country. With the Indian Government’s Digital India Initiative, internet penetration is sure to reach deeper pockets of the sub-continent.

So this is a very good time to be a professional and be a part of this digital revolution that is unfolding.


Top 8 PG Diploma Programs In Digital Marketing

There are a lot of digital marketing courses and diplomas. But not many of them give you the essential skills to be successful in your job.

PG Diploma Programs in Digital Marketing

PG Diploma Programs in Digital Marketing will teach you everything from the core understanding of marketing, through analytics and web development to Hootsuite and Facebook ads.

The degree also goes into the wider field of online marketing, which helps you to understand how digital marketing can be applied in different areas and industries.

Apart from the core internet marketing course offered at the PG level, there is an elective course that will help you to further hone your skills. In short, a good degree will give you all that you need to land a job in the area of Internet Marketing.

In the past decade, we’ve witnessed a dramatic change in a society that was operating on a physical platform to a virtual world.

The need to find skilled and competent people to deal with this transition has increased tenfold. With the Masters in Digital-Marketing degree, you could join this rapidly growing industry and make a successful career path for yourself.

Digital marketers are essential assets. Therefore, the choice you make of an institution that provides the Masters in Digital-Marketing will dramatically affect the way you succeed in a professional environment. With the assistance of an excellent Master’s in Digital-Marketing, you can acquire the knowledge needed to be successful in the field of digital.

Before we look into marketing that is available in India we’ll get you familiar with the essentials that every successful master’s degree must possess.

Must-Haves of a Good PG Diploma in Digital Marketing Program

A top Master’s degree should include the following digital marketing syllabus:

  1. Analytics
  2. Aspects of Design
  3. Digital Advertising
  4. Search Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Strategic Marketing
  7. Video Marketing
  8. Media Planning & Buying

Course Characteristics

Here are some course characteristics that are expected to be included with a masters degree in Digital-Marketing degree:

Mandatory Internship: Why? Without any real-world knowledge, you will not be able to conquer the digital landscape.

Programs that require internships let you use your knowledge in the real-world business environment and provide you with the boost that you need to enter the market as a full-time digital marketing professional.

Practice with Industry Leaders: Trainers It is hard to beat getting to learn from someone who has practiced their subject every day.

If you are seeking a master’s degree in digital advertising, ensure you read the credentials of their instructors.

A professional industry expert is equipped with a deep understanding of the field as well as valuable insight and connections to top digital companies.

Practical Learning using Capstone Projects: Practical learning is the only method to master digital marketing.

Choose programs with an enthralling mentorship program, thorough skills training, and the digital marketing tools needed to put your knowledge into practice and projects that reflect an actual brand.

Capstone projects will allow you to develop your skills through a hands-on method and also make you ready for the changing digital world.

Industry-Recognized Certifications: An industry-recognized certification can help employers assess the quality of their abilities.

If you’ve joined an institute affiliated with the major digital agencies in your area, think of yourself as two steps ahead of your competition.

The chances of securing an employment opportunity at these reputable agencies are higher since employers have more confidence in hiring talent through the same sources to guarantee the highest quality.

Assistance with Employment: A good master’s in digital marketing currently offers support for placing and, just as they should.

Don’t be fooled by their “100% Placement Assistance” offer, instead, take a look at the recruiters they’re associated with.

If their recruiters are part of the top digital firms or brands in the vicinity be sure to consider signing up for their program.

Below we have shown the Average Salary of jobs related to Digital Marketing. The salary amount is only predicted to rise in the near future.

Average Salary of Digital Marketing Executives
Source: payscale

Role of a Digital Marketer :

  1. Optimize website Structure
  2. Optimize Website Content for SEO
  3. Send appropriate traffic towards the site
  4. Create a variety of Digital Marketing strategies by using SEO and SEM
  5. Get more people to engage with the site by using Social Media strategy
  6. See the daily updates of Google Algorithms
  7. Create optimized digital content like infographics, videos, and more.

Top 8 PG Diploma Programs in Digital Marketing :

1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is Asia’s leading professional training firm. They are an official partner in training for Google & Microsoft India and have agreements with world-class companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and NASSCOM & Skills.

The Institute has more than 10 years of training experience.

They provide a variety of courses in Digital-Marketing for the convenience of students. They provide PostGraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, which has been designed to provide deep knowledge of the consumer and different channels.

The online program is designed to provide hands-on training in designing, monitoring, analyzing, and improving multiple digital media channels to increase your return on investment.

This is a reputable training institute and the trainers are professionals who guide the students into successful professionals. They are in collaboration with Deakin University.

Executive Program In Digital Marketing online, which has been designed to provide a deep understanding of consumers and the different channels.

They have highly professional instructors who are experts in guiding students into professional success.

Learning Benefits:

1. Knowing what is the Internet Marketing Landscape & creating your online presence

2. Marketing digitally for Brands, SMM & SEO techniques

3. Digital Brand strategy and make use of E-mail Marketing

4. Increase brand visibility through ads and leveraging Google Analytics

5. Inbound marketing & Leadership insights

6. Learn about content-driven marketing techniques and affiliate marketing

7. Start with the internship, Email strategies, and tactics, and plan for Marketing digitally

8. Make yourself industry-ready with internships and programmed Facebook marketing.

9. Marketing via YouTube & WhatsApp

10. Give yourself a certificate to be a part of your very own ” collection of certificate wall”

The Institute offers a Master’s course known as the Certified Digital Marketing Master Program (CDMM) comprising 44 modules.

Course curriculum :

  1. Understand Digital Marketing Landscape & create your own Online Presence
  2. Digital Marketing for Brands, Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Techniques
  3. Digital Brand Strategy and leveraging Email Marketing
  4. Increasing Brand Visibility with Google Ads & leveraging Google Analytics
  5. Inbound Marketing & Leadership Insights
  6. Insights into Content Driven Marketing Techniques & Affiliate Marketing
  7. Begin with Internship, E-mail techniques & Strategize Digital Marketing
  8. Get industry-ready -Internship, Programmatic & Facebook Marketing
  9. Marketing through Youtube & Whatsapp
  10. Award yourself with your own “Wall of Certificates”

Course Highlights :

  1. The trainers of the Institute have been in the industry for more than two decades.
  2. It’s simple to follow and is well-organized. Access to the latest materials as well as other tools is also provided.
  3. They offer the course materials that will last for the rest of your existence.
  4. Internships focus on hands-on projects and research.
  5. 100% Placement Support
  6. More than 15 Industry-specific Certifications (Including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn)
  7. Students can have answers to their questions through the Q&A Forum.
  8. Get free marketing tools digitally valued at INR 72000/.
  9. Digital Vidya offers a unique internship program to aid you in enhancing your abilities.

Who will benefit from the course?

  1. Marketing agents
  2. Career changes
  3. Consultants
  4. Freshers

Contact details :

Phone number – 91-80100-333033

Email address –

2. Symbiosis International University (Pune)

The understanding and knowledge of digital marketing are important for any marketing expert. Today it’s a major driver for the bottom line of a business through the use of innovative methods and platforms to promote products, attract new users and take advantage of larger markets.

PGCM [DM] will provide an enhanced understanding of the underlying principles of digital advertising, and allow students to comprehend the concepts and tools that can assist companies in moving towards digital channels.

The course is focused on creating and implementing digital advertising strategies and gaining expertise in social advertising and improving customer engagement through the use of electronic CRM.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Integrated E-Marketing
  2. E-Customer Relationship Management
  3. E- Supply Chain Management
  4. Internet And Web Optimisation
  5. SEO
  6. E-mail Marketing And Mobile SEO
  7. SEM
  8. SMM
  9. Online Market Research
  10. Project

Course Highlights :

1. Assess and analyze Internet marketing and further utilize it for marketing communication options.

2. Compare and contrast different tools and techniques available for Digital-marketing and suggest a final marketing strategy.

3. Evaluate and prepare digital advertising strategies using the latest trends.

Contact details :

Phone Number: +91-20-6621 1000


3. Henry Harvin Education

Included in the 5 Most Popular Digital Marketing Course by India Today. Learn about Technical SEO, Mobile SEO, Off-page SEO, Social SEO, Local SEO, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, SMM, Affiliate Marketing.

They offer an advanced master Certification from the Post Graduate course for Digital-Marketing along with 3 Course Certifications which include Advanced Training, Digital Content Writing, Advanced Excel as well as Simulation Digital Advertising Projects & Hackathons.

They offer Guaranteed Internships and Professional Job Help. 1 year Gold Membership with Digital-Marketing Academy

Course Curriculum :

  1. Initialization of Digital-Marketing
  2. Website Planning
  3. Website Creation
  4. Lead generation for Business
  5. ORM
  6. SEO
  7. Google Webmaster
  8. Bing Webmaster
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Creative Designing
  11. Facebook Marketing
  12. LinkedIn Marketing
  13. Twitter Marketing
  14. Pinterest Marketing
  15. Instagram Marketing
  16. Search Marketing
  17. E-Commerce Marketing
  18. Google AdSense
  19. Affiliate Marketing
  20. Earn as a Freelance

Course Highlights :

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to master the Fundamentals of Digital-Marketing
  2. Learn about the process and the factors such as targeted traffic Retention, Conversion, and Targeted Traffic
  3. Make a Website Wireframe, Structure of Web Page
  4. Learn more about Technical SEO Off-page SEO, Mobile SEO Local SEO, Social SEO, and more.
  5. Learn about SMM, such as Facebook as well as Instagram Marketing. LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Marketing, its, and much more.
  6. Create Mobile Ads Campaigns as well as Google Ads
  7. Discover how to save money on marketing costs by going digital
  8. Learn to assess progress in Marketing
  9. Get a global audience for your business
  10. Learn about SMM strategies for all the major Social Media platforms to help grow or expand your company

Contact details :

Phone: +91-9015266266

Email –


It was founded in 1991. MICA is among the first B-schools that are resident in India and was named one among “The Economic Times’ Top Educational Brands 2017”.

MICA is well-equipped to provide all of its courses and programs online, led by professionals in the field. They offer engaging group discussions with faculty and mentorship, as well as the use of live and recorded sessions, and are renowned for their experience in online teaching since 2005.

Their program is designed by the top faculty at the institute.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Marketing, Business, and E-Marketing
  2. Search Marketing
  3. Mobile-Marketing
  4. Web Analytics
  5. Social-Media & Content Marketing
  6. Display Advertising
  7. Advanced Tutorial Classes
  8. End-of-Term Project

Eligibility :

Students who have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent degree in any field recognized as such by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) are eligible to apply.

Students who are preparing for the final examinations for the Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent qualifications) are qualified to apply.

Course Highlights :

  1. The ability to apply knowledge of leadership and management theory and practice in a creative way to address real-world business issues.
  2. Inspire critical and analytical thinking skills to make informed and make business decisions based on evidence.
  3. The ability to comprehend how to manage and communicate every aspect of the business.
  4. Improve your ability to assist yourself as well as your coworkers to meet your goals as an organization in an ecosystem of collaboration.
  5. Allow students to learn and develop values to enable students to become global citizens and open beings to the demands of the business world.
  6. Increase awareness and develop the ability to manage personal and professional goals.

Contact Details :

Phone Number: +91 2717 688250



The Digital-Marketing Course at Ducat is the marketing and marketing of your service or products using digital platforms, mostly via the internet, but also in conjunction with mobile phones, tablets, show/search/video advertising, and other social platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Digital-marketing platforms comprise software that is primarily built on the web that can create, speed up the process, boost, and transfer the value of a product from the producer to the consumer via social or digital channels. It is possible to reach hundreds of millions of consumers for your products and businesses every day through promotions on various social and digital platforms.

Course Highlights :

  1. They offer the best digital-Marketing Training by experts in the field.
  2. Both Weekend and regular classes are available.
  3. Our trainers are experts with many years of industry experience.
  4. Ducat’s trainers Ducat aid each student in live project-based training.
  5. We also offer 100% assistance with placement.
  6. We also offer internships in all fields.
  7. Students can visit at any time and have access to the labs.
  8. We also prepare our college students for interviews and offer every tool needed to find employment.
  9. Discussion Zones are also accessible.
  10. 24×7 internet facility.
  11. Students will work in real-time on projects.
  12. Ducat Noida offers a well-Recognized course Completion Certificate along with a letter of project.
  13. Students can take the class again without cost.
  14. It assists students in college to gain knowledge of complicated technical concepts.
  15. Accepted are UPI, cheque Paytm, cash credit card, debit card, and Net Banking.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Content Writing
  2. SEO
  3. SMM
  4. E-mail Marketing
  5. YouTube Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. ORM
  8. Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google Adwords
  9. Native Promotion
  10. Apps Marketing
  11. Marketing Automation
  12. Online PR
  13. Website Designing

Contact Details :

Phone Number: 70-70-90-50-90


6. ITM-Group of Institutions (Navi Mumbai)

The only style that doesn’t fade can be described as Digital-Marketing. It is a highly versatile and dynamic subject that is an exciting and fascinating field working in. It is a great job for those who want to be flexible in their work routine. and are keen to explore the creative side and play with the latest innovations.

The field of digital service will never close down or decrease on the basis of its effectiveness and adaptability. The most suitable career choice for those who want to start their own digital service company or work freelance work.

Businesses today are faced with a multitude of tasks that require digital assistance and this leads to the ever-growing demand for professionals with a background in digital-marketing within the business.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Fundamentals of Digital-Marketing
  2. Web Analytics
  3. SEO and SEM Studies
  4. Content-Marketing
  5. Content Management
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Digital Laws
  8. Media Handling
  9. Web Designing Basics
  10. E-commerce Tools and Management
  11. Social Media Fundamentals
  12. New-age Technological Advancements
  13. Practical Implementations
  14. Online PR and Promotions
  15. Video Marketing
  16. Image Optimisation
  17. Online Bidding
  18. Online Ads
  19. Content Types and Channels

Course Highlights :

  1. AICTE approved a 2-year all-time PGDM program.
  2. The course covers the following areas of study: SMM, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Advanced Excel, Customer Analytics, Inbound Marketing, Business Analytics, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, & Google Analytics.
  3. Live Projects with entrepreneurs who are aspiring to work in the field of Digital-Marketing Services for industry exposure.
  4. “Digicourse Limited” is a Digital-Marketing Company, conducts an ongoing workshop in which experts from the company visit campus and instruct students starting in Term I. Students learn about the applications that are part of SEO and SEM as well as other essentials in online marketing.
  5. They offer complete support to students who are aspiring to earn Google Analytics certification (Basics+advanced)

Contact Details :

Phone Number: +91 07666371147


7. Amity University

An intense 12 months course to assist emerging leaders navigate the ever-changing digital world to develop winning strategies. Wharton University Business programs consistently rank in the top three globally.

Wharton offers knowledge that is an analytical rigor that is based on evidence-based research and vast knowledge of the industry, transformed into practical strategies by our knowledgeable faculty.

A 12-month commitment includes renowned faculty from the industry who bring the real-world experience of Access to 24/7 recordings of video lectures, comprehensive study materials to help you study, Optional Live Online doubt solving sessions with experts and industry mentors.

Online coursework that includes mini-projects, case-studies, and assignments. Experience in the field of Digital Advertising Tools & Platforms

Course Curriculum :

  1. The Path to Digital Journey
  2. Building Digital Presence & Optimization
  3. Fundamentals of Digital Market Social Media and E-Commerce
  4. SEO
  5. SEM
  6. Display Marketing
  7. Managing the Value of Customer Relationships
  8. Content Marketing
  9. Effective E-mail MarketingModule X – AdTech & MarTech Ecosystem
  10. Mobile App Marketing
  11. Marketing Analytics – Data Tools and Techniques
  12. Selling Ideas – How to Influence Others

Course Highlights :

  1. Learn through doing Real World Projects and Case Studies to prepare you to succeed in real-world scenarios within your industry
  2. Find Alumni Status from Amity Future Academy
  3. Concentrate on strategy as well as the tools.
  4. Access to study materials 24/7 and video lectures
  5. A course that is holistic and focuses on content, marketing concepts, technology and data
  6. Dual Recognition-PG Certificate at Amity Future Academy & Certificate from Wharton Online

Contact Details :

Phone Number: 1800 102 3434


8. Parul University

The curriculum for this program has been developed to provide students with a deep knowledge of the most recent technological platforms, through instruction that is practical and hands-on. This will allow students to take one step ahead of their career. The digital-marketing industry is akin to nearly all industries.

The program provides students with the capability to use various platforms available online in order to affect market forces and boost sales. Participating in this course allows students to explore this field and offer all the necessary business solutions.

Course Curriculum :










10. SEM







19. SMM
















Course Highlights :

  1. 100% live training
  2. An online and offline training program
  3. 100% job Assistance | Lifetime Support
  4. Free Tools and software
  5. International Certificate
  6. Freelancing training
  7. Digital business consultation
  8. Influencer Meetups
  9. Digital case studies
  10. Internship Opportunity

Contact Details :

Phone Number: +91-2668-260201


Digital Academy India

The academy is among the top digital marketing education institutes that assist students with personal and professional development.

They integrate the practical and teaching to help students develop tangible skills and adapt to the latest patterns and strategies.

The programs for digital-marketing are :

  1. Certification Program for Digital Marketing(CPDM)
  2. A corporate digital-marketing training program
  3. Google Adwords certification course
  4. Course for Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  5. Social media & Mobile-Marketing Course
  6. Certification for search marketing

Course Curriculum :

  1. SEM Google AdWords, Digital Display Advertising
  2. SMM
  3. SEO
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Integrated Digital-Marketing Communications (IMC)

Course Highlights :

  1. Making an online marketing strategy
  2. Learning Pay per click campaigns
  3. Remarketing campaigns
  4. Innovative ways to SEO
  5. Google Algorithm updates
  6. How to utilize Google Adsense
  7. Learn Email Marketing
  8. Mobile marketing
  9. Learn about ROI measurement
  10. The best practice for SMM
  11. Real-time projects
  12. Google certified professional

Contact Details :

Phone: 980100 33033

Email –


To conclude, a Digital-Marketing Diploma is an assurance of your devotion and commitment to take endeavors to upskill yourself. While career hunting, this functions in your favor — firms are likely to employ prospects who have advanced industry certifications than those who don’t (even if they have the same academic credentials).

It goes without saying that digital-marketing certifications make you a lucrative candidate in the field of digital-marketing.

If you are interested to dive into the world of digital marketing, check out Digital Vidya’s Executive Program in Digital Marketing – Deakin University

The career possibilities in digital-marketing are abundant; you get to pick what you want to become.

If your goal is to achieve a specific career goal in the short term, it is a good idea to get a professional certificate in digital marketing. Courses in digital-marketing are tailored to the needs of the industry. Lookout for eligibility criteria, admission process, certifications included in the postgraduate digital marketing program.

Most digital-marketing courses give you an overview of all the vertical digital technologies. Plus the domain itself is so dynamic that you have to learn something new every day.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What can I do with a Masters’s in Digital Marketing?

A master’s degree in digital-marketing will prepare you for a wide variety of lucrative jobs within the world of digital. The opportunities are SMM Manager, SEO expert, Copywriter, Brand Manager, and many more.

Q2.Is a Masters in Digital Marketing worth it?

The world is going digital and every company is going through a digital transformation. Getting a master’s degree in digital-marketing is without a doubt worth the investment. Every employer today is looking for digital marketers who are skilled and are more than ready to offer a lucrative salary to their expertise.

One of the major benefits of a master’s degree in digital-marketing at present is that it provides you with the security of a job even in times of uncertainty for the economy.

Q3.Is there an MBA in Digital Marketing?

There aren’t any MBA for Digital-Marketing programs in India at the moment. There are however several reputed institutes/ business schools that offer an advanced postgraduate program in digital-marketing, which includes the program equivalent to the MBA with comparatively lesser program fees.

In addition, in recognition of the rapid growth of the digital sector, the universities of India offer MBA programs that include the subject of digital-marketing in a specialty program.

However, we’d advise our readers to take an advanced diploma or postgraduate course in digital-marketing since it’s a broad field that requires more focus than an ordinary MBA program.

Q4.Is Digital Marketing a good career in India?

The high pay, the booming demand, a huge gap in skills, and job security are just some of the reasons that digital-marketing is an excellent job choice in India. Digital advertising expenditures are expected to be at 25000 crores in India in 2021 with a growth rate of more than 10.5 percent.

This will result in the creation of thousands of jobs in the Indian digital industry, which covers marketing via social media production, content creation, online retailing, as well as online advertising.

Q5. What is the starting salary of digital marketing in India?

The median starting salary of digital marketers in India is about the sum of Rs.3,12,861. However, this figure is dependent on many factors like how big the company is and the expertise you have.


7 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Do you reside in Bangalore? Do you want to know about top digital marketing courses in Bangalore?

Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

To assist you in finding the right course we’ve compiled our most popular 7 digital marketing courses in Bangalore with details like course curriculum, duration and placement options, certificates, and more.

Before we get to the online marketing classes in Bangalore Let’s first consider the increasing role of marketing via digital to Bangalore.

Every brand is striving to be more successful in its marketing field and to a wider range of customers. But, the old methods of marketing automation have failed to provide the best ways to expand. This is where the necessity for digital marketing campaigns is born.

The digital marketing field is remarkably similar to traditional marketing however, the primary difference is that you use web marketing campaigns to advertise your organization, brand, or product.

With 90 percent of the population moving towards the internet, businesses have recognized the significance to have online.

The field of digital marketing is growing at such a rapid pace, the demand for experienced digital marketers who can manage the company or brand in this new field is growing at the same time.

This is why many students are thinking about this field as a job possibility.

Being a digital marketer comes with numerous advantages as well as numerous opportunities to take advantage of for professional advancement.

Below you can see the Average salary for digital marketers in Banglore.

digital marketing salary in Bangalore
Source: Glassdoor

The salary depends on the skills and expertise you carry.

However, it’s crucial to master these skills correctly.

When you’ve got a firm grasp of all the latest trends, concepts, strategies, marketing tactics, and tools used in the field, you’ll be able to do amazing things.

To make the learning process easier for us, we took the opportunity to provide a list of the top seven online marketing classes in Bangalore.

The Demand For Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Numerous excellent institutes offer exceptional education in Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore.

But the subject matter is so extensive that you have to think about a few aspects before settling on a specific Digital Marketing Institute.

Today, Google Certification has grown to be a significant element in the overall digital marketing strategy and planning.

Be sure that the institutes offer sufficient Google Certification programs in their digital marketing course.

The course and fee structure vary greatly from one institute to the next. It is important to understand the subject you’d like to learn to improve and increase your skills.

A majority of these institutions offer demonstration sessions, so you can check the demo videos of their institutes to determine which Institute is suitable for you.

Join your Social Media links and check out the reviews, opinions, and ratings. Be aware of these important points before you choose a particular digital marketing institute to learn your information.

Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore:

Below we have mentioned top digital marketing institutes that provide the best digital marketing training

1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya was the first institution in India to launch the first social media-related seminar in 2009. That same year they also launched the world’s most prestigious master certification program for digital marketing.

In the years since 2009 Digital Vidya has grown to become an EdTech company that has educated over 60,000 individuals from over 55 different countries.

With their long-standing time in business and long-standing presence, they are the most effective data science and digital marketing business in Surat.

Over 70 trainers who are certified employ Digital Vidya the majority of them have over 10 years of expertise.

One of the most significant characteristics of these trainers is their expertise in a specific area.

They are specialists in fields like SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, and e-commerce marketing.

You won’t find a more qualified group of instructors to help you. The capacity of trainers working together to design the perfect curriculum is unmatched. This is precisely the way Digital Vidya has done. They enlisted the top professionals in this field to develop the curriculum.

This program has also been examined by leading companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hubspot, and Shopify and ensured that it is compliant with the standards of the industry and has the capabilities.

At Digital Vidya, they also have a focused approach towards corporate training. In the past 10 years, they have been constantly working on developing mechanisms that improve retention of the matter post-training.

They, conduct enterprise training and workshops in a form that makes it feasible for trainees to jump-start their tasks without additional support.

They provide a variety of Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore for the convenience of students.

Executive program in Digital Marketing online, which has been designed to provide a deep understanding of consumers and the different channels.

The goal of the course is to provide hands-on training in developing, monitoring, and analyzing, as well as optimizing your digital marketing channels to increase the return on investment.

It is a highly professional institution and the instructors are experts in guiding students into professional success.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM/Google AdWords)
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Inbound Marketing
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Facebook Marketing
  7. Other Digital Marketing Topics

Course Duration :

(i) Fast Track Training for 4 Months

(ii) Regular Track Training for 7 Months.

Course Highlights :

  1. The Digital Vidya faculty is a great team of trainers.
  2. Most of them have been in the industry for over two decades.
  3. It is easy to follow and well-organized. Access to new materials as well as different tools is also available.
  4. Digital Vidya offers the course material to last the duration of your life.
  5. Internships are focused on hands-on projects and research.
  6. Digital marketing course with placement guarantee
  7. 15+ Industry Certifications (Including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn)
  8. Students can get their questions answered through this Q&A Forum.
  9. Get free digital marketing tools worth INR 72000/.
  10. Digital Vidya offers a unique digital marketing internship program that can help you improve your skills.

Contact details :

Address: Axis Bank Building, 2nd Cross Road, Neeladri Nagar, Electronic City Phase 1, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100


Phone: +91-80100-33033

2. Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India is among the top digital marketing education institutions, helping people with their personal and professional development.

They integrate the practical and teaching to help students gain tangible knowledge and apply them to digital trends and strategies.

The institute offers a complete understanding of digital marketing, which is focused on the quantitative and digital aspects that are driven by data.

The digital marketing programs they have are :

  1. Certification Program in Digital Marketing(CPDM)
  2. The corporate, digital marketing training program
  3. Google Adwords certification course
  4. The Certified Digital Marketing Associate course
  5. Social media & Mobile Marketing Course
  6. Certification for search marketing

Course Curriculum :

They have 13 modules, which comprise :

  1. Introduction to digital marketing
  2. Optimization of websites and usability
  3. Search Engine Marketing -SEM
  4. Digital Display Advertising
  5. YouTube Advertising
  6. Search Engine Optimization- SEO
  7. Mobile Marketing
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Generating leads for Business
  11. Web Analytics
  12. Integrated Digital Marketing Communications

Course Duration

They offer classes online. Instructor online, from 4 to 7 month live online classes (weekday and weekend batches).

Who should take Digital Academy India Digital Marketing course in Bangalore?

  1. Marketers who are looking to make more value from their digital channels.
  2. Digital marketers looking to develop their skills and advance their careers.
  3. IT/Technology professionals who wish to provide digital marketing solutions to their clients.
  4. Students looking to develop their digital marketing abilities to take advantage of a variety of job opportunities.

Course Highlights :

  1. The course curriculum is developed by experts.
  2. Access to the course content for life
  3. You have an option to work on real-time tasks.
  4. Participate in projects.
  5. Exclusive Internship Opportunities

Contact details :

Tel: +91-80100-33033


3. Delhi School Of Internet Marketing

DSIM is the fastest-growing institute for digital marketing in India. It’s a center of knowledge for working professionals, businessmen, and specialists where top-quality teachers instruct different subjects.

DSIM is renowned for its streamlined style that includes classes as well as online learning.

It started with a single center, but then it increased to over 15 centers throughout India. Since it was established, DSIM has successfully passed more than 30,281 students.

In addition, in the last two years, the school has been able to conduct all of its training on the internet and has experienced significant growth thanks to the top-quality coaches.

Accredited DSIM students have been able to enjoy the most lucrative pay packages within their respective departments.

Through their outstanding advanced digital marketing education, DSIM has practiced more than 59000 professionals, put in more than 4912 students in the right positions, and helped define the career of 10281+ professionals and increase the revenue for 5826+ businesses.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Effective email marketing
  2. Email Automation
  3. Consumer Acquisition Strategy
  4. Facebook Marketing
  5. Facebook Advertising
  6. LinkedIn Marketing
  7. Twitter Marketing
  8. Instagram Marketing
  9. Pinterest Marketing
  10. Snapchat Marketing
  11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  12. SEO: Social Media
  13. Mobile Optimization
  14. Google Competitors Analysis
  15. Google Adword
  16. Display Advertising
  17. Mobile Advertising
  18. Video advertising
  19. Advanced Campaign Optimization

Course Duration :

  1. Online – 4 months
  2. Classroom – 6 months

Course Highlights :

  1. 14 certifications from Google, Facebook, and Hubspot
  2. India Job Opportunities
  3. Digital marketing tools worth 72,000+ are available for free.
  4. Each batch is home to over ten trainers. Each trainer is an expert
  5. Students immediately start working on projects after the course is over.
  6. Access to the Learning Management System 24 hours a day with many benefits
  7. Access to the most up-to-date material for the real world (slides or videos), quizzes/quizzes, and exams)
  8. Get free access to the Experts Section – Industry webinars led by experts who discuss the various aspects of Digital Marketing. This simplifies the learning process.
  9. You will be given access to the Q&A platform to ask questions related to the course.

Contact details :

Address: 5, Krishna Industrial Area, Hosur Road, Near Forum Mall, Above Enfield Showroom Koramangala Bangalore, Karnataka–560029

Helpline: 080-41266200

4. Digital Academy 360

They have digital marketing courses in Bangalore Marathahalli, Jayanagar, Malleshwaram, Indiranagar, and more areas.

It is among the most well-known digital marketing colleges in India which provides the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore.

They’ve been named “The Most Online Education Institute” from Education Times as well as Knowledge Hunt.

They’ve taught 2000 students. They have more than 250 employers and they have been acknowledged for their top-quality hiring procedures.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  2. WordPress Website Designing
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
  4. Webmaster / Search Console
  5. Google My Business
  6. Google Display Ads / PPC / SEM
  7. Social Media Optimisation
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Bing Ads
  10. Google Analytics
  11. Online Reputation Management
  12. Video / YouTube Marketing
  13. Quora Marketing
  14. Email Marketing
  15. WhatsApp & SMS Marketing
  16. Content Marketing
  17. Affiliate Marketing
  18. AdSense Marketing
  19. E-commerce Marketing
  20. App Store Marketing
  21. On-page SEO Strategy, Auditing, Planning, and Reporting
  22. Google Ads Campaign Optimisation, Bidding & Budgeting
  23. Social Media Marketing Planning and Optimisation
  24. Digital Marketing Competitor Analysis

Course Duration :

Their digital marketing course in Bangalore is for 3.5 months.

Course Highlights :

  1. 19 Digital Marketing Certifications
  2. Recognized Certifications
  3. Live Projects and Industrial Case Studies
  4. Practical Training
  5. Masterclass
  6. 100% Job Placement Support

Contact details :

Phone: +917353515515

Address: 435 Paras Plaza, 2nd Floor, Sampige Rd, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003

5. Digital Monk

Digital Monk is one of the most prestigious Digital Marketing training institutes in Bangalore.

Their digital marketing courses in Bangalore are targeted at college students, professional entrepreneurs, business owners, and future entrepreneurs.

Digital Monk has trained over 5500+ students over the past year. With over 100 placement partners. Let’s look at the course they offer:

Course Curriculum :

  1. Introduction to digital marketing
  2. Graphic Design
  3. Video Marketing
  4. Youtube Optimization
  5. Website Design and link building
  6. Landing Pages
  7. Web Security & Optimization
  8. Ecommerce Marketing
  9. Content Marketing
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Social Media Marketing
  12. Google Ads
  13. Microsoft Bing Ads
  14. Facebook Ads
  15. Search Engine Optimization
  16. Google Tag Manager
  17. Google Analytics
  18. Online Reputation Management
  19. Conversion Rate Optimization
  20. Digital Marketing Strategy
  21. Affiliate Marketing
  22. Growth Hacking
  23. Sales Funnels
  24. Freelancing

Course Duration :

The course duration is 2 to 4 months.

Course Highlights :

  1. 50+ Modules
  2. 15+ Certifications
  3. 100% Placement Assistance
  4. Complete Practical Program
  5. 6 Capstone Projects
  6. Learn from industry experts.

Contact details :

Phone: +91 8310657401

Address: No.944, 3rd Floor, 16th Main Rd, Kuvempu Nager, BTM 2nd Stage, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560076

6. Learn Digital Academy

Learn Digital Academy is India’s only digital marketing company which is located at an institute for an agency located in Bangalore.

It was named “The Institute of the Year for Digital Education in 2020” and provides accredited digital marketing classes in Bangalore and also real-time projects and hands-on learning.

If you’re searching for an advanced program for digital marketing located in Bangalore it’s the ideal option.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Website Building & Web marketing
  3. Content marketing
  4. Blogging
  5. Search Engine Optimisation
  6. Google Ads/PPC
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Lead Generation
  9. Mobile Marketing
  10. Email Marketing
  11. E-commerce Marketing
  12. Online Reputation Management
  13. Affiliate Marketing
  14. Sales Funnels
  15. Digital Marketing Strategy
  16. Google Tag Manager
  17. Google Analytics

Course Duration :

Their digital marketing course in Bangalore is for 3 months.

Course Highlights :

  1. 12 Google Recognised Certifications
  2. 3 Months Internship
  3. 100% Placement Assistance
  4. Practical Training on Live Projects

Contact details :

Phone: +916366370046

Address: J.P.Nagar, 4th Phase, Govindappa Building, Near Delmia Circle, Bangalore – 560078.

7. National Institute Of Digital Marketing (NIDM)

NIDM was established by the late Mr. M.S Kuma, a digital marketing expert and speaker with more than 10 decades of expertise.

The instructors here have eight years of experience as professionals in the realm of digital.

They have trained more than thousands of trainees who come from HP, ThinkVidya, Myntra, Flipkart, etc, and have run more than 50 corporate seminars.

NIDM Koramangala Koramangala provides excellent advanced digital marketing programs in Bangalore for working professionals, students, and entrepreneurs.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing strategies.
  3. Google certified Ad words Professional.
  4. Google Certified Analytics Professional.
  5. Search Engine Optimisation
  6. Lead Generation Campaign
  7. Affiliate Marketing — Business Process Development.
  8. Startup Consulting — Social Media Marketing
  9. Online Branding
  10. SEO
  11. SMM
  12. SEM
  13. E-Email Marketing
  14. Google Adsense
  15. Affiliate Marketing
  16. Google Analytics
  17. Blogging

Course Duration :

Their digital marketing course in Bangalore is for 3 months.

Course Highlights :

  1. Free Demo
  2. Mock Interview questions and interview preparation
  3. 5 Live Projects
  4. 8 Globally Recognised Certifications
  5. Post Graduation Support
  6. Expert Advice from Industry Professionals
  7. Placement Services

Contact details :

Address: #201, Santa Clara building, 3rd Floor, Opp. MTR and Marks & Spencer, Koramangala, Bangalore- 560047.

Phone: +91 9611303057


Digital marketing training isn’t as hard as you’re believed to be. With the right knowledge, you can be an expert in the digital world.

To guide you on the correct path we offer the digital online Marketing Training Course that gives you the chance to study with professionals in the industry.

If you do decide to pursue online training, then we’d like to hope that this list will help you choose the right institution that will suit your needs best.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the cost of a Digital Marketing course in Bangalore?

The price of a course in digital marketing in Bangalore can range from INR 10,000 and INR 5,00,000 based on the institution and the level of the course you choose for. However, the course’s level and the institution you are learning at will affect the complete amount of money you pay.

Q2. Which is the best institute for Digital Marketing in Bangalore?

As mentioned in the list above, Digital vidya, Digital Academy India, DSIM are among the top 3.

They are the best institutes for digital marketing in Bangalore because of their comprehensive online digital marketing course. We highly recommend them.

Q3. Which are the best Digital Marketing courses online?

Courses which provide high-quality self-paced video lectures, followed by live online sessions and one-on-one mentoring sessions with experts are great. Do your research online based on your needs, find a course that suits you best.

Q4. Is digital marketing a good career?

Digital marketing is certainly a great career option as it is the fastest-growing industry. Digital Marketing is a dynamic career that is full of thrilling challenges and possibilities.

Highly skilled employees enjoy great rewards as well as faster advancements in their professional careers. You may be a creative or tech-driven person, there’s a job for you in the world of digital marketing.

This is all for today! I hope that this article has allowed you to select an option from the many offline courses offered by the institutes located in Bangalore.

We also hope that this list can help you move your first step towards having a successful career in marketing via digital channels.


8 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Nagpur

If you are viewing to understand digital marketing and the top digital marketing courses in Nagpur. This page will discuss the points as you will get better clarity about the best digital marketing courses in Nagpur & digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Courses in Nagpur

The growth of digital penetration & a boom in e-commerce has led to more demand for digital marketers.

With more people using smartphones & accessing the internet, it is obvious for business to focus their marketing using a digital marketing strategy. Since the scope of reach is enormous.

As such with the more usage of smartphones & people, trying to find about the product or services through a click has flourished the digital advertising industry.

In addition, online shopping has drastically increased during the pandemic, buying day to day items like vegetables, medicines, household items to electronics items online has become the necessary & reality.

This has led to more dependency on digital advertising through which the business can display its products. Ultimately going for digital marketing courses in Nagpur to understand the strategies.

Why digital marketing?

  1. Reaching the target audience
  2. Cost effective way to make business online
  3. Measurable form of marketing
  4. Better ROI for marketing investments
  5. Creates brand awareness


The New consumers are moving towards the digital era by accessing the internet & smartphones to check the products & services. In addition, Social media connects people.

The trend is expected to move forward since most of the users are youngsters.

Hence reaching the right target audience through digital marketing strategies is the best way to get new customers & to stay connected with existed customers

Why are digital marketing courses in Nagpur are important?

The demand in the digital advertising industry calls for more professionals who are well versed & skilled in digital marketing strategies.

This pressures to opt for digital marketing courses in Nagpur to get proper guidance in the form of digital marketing training.

Digital marketing courses in Nagpur involve industry-recognized certifications, technical knowledge, exposure to tools which is the backbone of digital marketing strategies & hands-on experience.

Nagpur being a big city in Maharashtra with a growing potential of IT capital is one of the great scope prospects of the digital marketing industry.

An increasing number of digital marketing agencies proves the progress of the industry & more job opportunities in the sector.

The above results of show digital marketing jobs in Nagpur. If you check further for the SEO, PPC, Content writers & SM specialists, etc., you can better much more results.

This shows the job prospects after completion of the internet marketing certification courses.

No specific educational qualification is required to pursue the digital marketing certification course.

Career prospects after completing the Digital marketing courses in Nagpur

  1. Digital marketing Manager
  2. SEO specialist
  3. Social Media Marketer
  4. Content writer
  5. Email Marketer
  6. SEM specialist
  7. Content creator – AR-VR
  8. Automation expert
  9. Paid media specialist
  10. Data analyst
  11. Web developer
  12. Blog writer

Hence, the scope after completing the internet marketing course & training is plenty. This makes it a most sort out course due to the fast-moving digital era.

Every one of us is internet savvy, if you search the internet, you may land up with many digital marketing institutes that offer digital marketing courses in Nagpur.

Benefits of joining the digital marketing courses in Nagpur

  1. Career opportunity
  2. Restarting career
  3. Work from home option
  4. Freelancer
  5. Monetary benefits

Who can join digital marketing courses in Nagpur?

1. Students / Job seekers – Since the industry is booming there is more demand for digital marketers & less supply of skilled professionals. The completion of digital marketing training attracts more job opportunities.

2. Working professionals – Professionals who could like to update themselves with digital technology & can stand ahead of other peers.

3. Business owners – Entrepreneurs show interest in digital advertising to highlight their business visibility & uplift the business to the next level.

Salary prospects after completing the digital marketing courses in Nagpur :

DesignationExperienceSalary PA
SEO Entry>1Y1.7L
SEO Specialist1-9Y2.3-4.6L
PPC  Entry>1Y3L
PPC Analyst< 2Y4-5L
Web developer Entry>1Y2L
Web developer with esp.2-3Y3-5L
SMM – entry>1Y2.5L
SMM – Specialist2-9Y4-9L
SEM –entry>1Y2.8L
SEM – Specialist1-93.6-9L
Digital marketing executive1 y2.4L
Digital Marketing Manager10Y12L

The salary may vary from each company & depending upon your skills in marketing strategies.

Few points to remember before choosing the best out of many digital marketing courses in Nagpur.

Suggestions in choosing the right digital marketing training institute

1. Understanding your requirements from the course

2. Does the digital marketing training institute provide experienced teachers

3. Check for updated modules

4. Check the infrastructure of the digital marketing institute for classroom training

5. Q & A platform for online classes

6. Hands-on experience

7. Exposure to real-time projects

8. Industry recognized certifications

9. Internship

10. Does the digital marketing training institute Job Placement assistance

11. Check the testimonials & reviews

12. Course fee charge. Any fee concessions or discounts provided

13. If you pop up any other queries raise the questions with the institute before enrolling for the same

Now we understand the necessity of pursuing digital marketing courses in Nagpur.

Let us discuss Digital Marketing Courses in Nagpur that provide in-depth courses on Digital Marketing.

1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is Asia’s leading professional training company. It is the official training partner of Google & Microsoft India and has partnerships with global giants such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and NASSCOM & Skills.

The Institute has 10+years of experience in training.

They offer different courses for Digital Marketing for the convenience of the students.

· Executive Program in Digital Marketing, which has been framed for the in-depth understanding of consumers & various channels. The course is framed to get hands-on experience in creating, monitoring & tracking, analyzing, optimizing digital marketing channels to maximize your ROI.

The institute is a professional institute & the trainers are experts who mold the students to become successful professionals.

This program is a joint venture with Deakin University.

Course Curriculum :

1. Understanding the Digital Marketing Landscape & creating your online presence

2. Digital marketing for Brands, SMM & SEO techniques

3. Digital Brand strategy & leverage E-mail Marketing

4. Increasing Brand visibility with ads & leveraging Google Analytics

5. Inbound marketing & Leadership insights

6. Insights into content-driven Marketing techniques & affiliate marketing

7. Begin with the internship, Email techniques & strategize Digital Marketing

8. Get Industry ready –Internship & programmatic Facebook marketing.

9. Marketing through YouTube & WhatsApp

10. Award yourself with your own “ wall of certificates”

· The Institute provides a Master’s program called Certified Digital Marketing Master Program (CDMM) with 44 modules.

Course curriculum :

1. SEO

2. SEM

3. SMM

4. E-mail Marketing

5. Inbound-Marketing

6. Web-Analytics

7. Facebook Marketing

8. Other Digital Marketing topics

· Certificate courses on Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & Facebook Marketing.

Course Highlights :

  1. Hands-on experience across tools of digital marketing
  2. Assignment
  3. Mentorship
  4. Quizzes to test your knowledge
  5. Case studies
  6. Mentorship Sessions
  7. Paid internship
  8. Program support
  9. Networking
  10. Career coaching
  11. Join a free demo session

Who will get benefitted from the course?

  1. Marketing agents
  2. Career switches
  3. Consultants
  4. Freshers

Contact details :

Phone – 91-80100-33033

Email address –

2. Digital Academy India

The academy is one of the leading digital marketing training institutes, which helps individuals with professional & personal growth.

They blend the practical & learning for the students to attain tangible skills & to translate themselves with digital trends & strategies.

The institute provides a holistic view of digital marketing which focuses on the quantitative & data-driven aspects of digital marketing.

Their digital marketing programs are

  1. Certification Program in Digital Marketing(CPDM)
  2. Corporate digital marketing training program
  3. Google Adwords certification course
  4. Certified Digital Marketing Associate course
  5. Social media & Mobile Marketing Course
  6. Certification in search marketing

Course Curriculum :

Module 1: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
– Google AdWords
– Digital Display Advertising
– Remarketing Campaigns 
– Cross Device Marketing

Module 2: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
– Effective Social Media Strategy 
– Paid Campaigns on Social Media Platforms
– Measuring RoI on Social Media 

Module 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– keyword search and on page optimization
– Off page SEO and Link Building
– SEO audit and measurement tracking

Module 4: Email Marketing
– Effective Email Design and Functionality
– Customer acquisition strategies
– Email Marketing Analytics

Module 5: Web Analytics
– Understanding Data than Matters
– Setting up Google Analytics 
– Understanding user data

Module 6: Integrated Digital Marketing Communications (IMC)
– Creating effective pitch for High Value Clients

Course Highlights :

  1. Designing an online marketing plan
  2. Learning Pay per click campaigns
  3. Remarketing campaigns
  4. New ways of SEO
  5. Google Algorithm updates
  6. How to use Google Adsense
  7. Learn Email Marketing
  8. Mobile marketing
  9. Understand ROI measurement
  10. Best practice of SMM
  11. Real-time projects
  12. Google certified professional

Contact details :

Phone – 91 80100 33033

Email –

3. IIM skills

IIM skills courses come with programs on most demand courses in today’s job market. The institute offers online courses. It is a progressively thinking institute

A holistic training encompassing the latest concepts.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Introduction to digital marketing
  2. Web development at WordPress
  3. SEO
  4. SEM
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Inbound Marketing
  7. SMM
  8. Integrated digital marketing plan
  9. Web analytics
  10. Online Reputation Management
  11. Content writing & Advanced Blogging
  12. Media buying & planning
  13. Video Marketing(YouTube)
  14. Marketing automation
  15. Digital Infographics Resume creation

Course Highlights :

  1. 3 months guaranteed internship
  2. Launch your digital marketing agency
  3. 300+placement partners for interview support
  4. Personalized mentorship for career & business
  5. Launch your podcast with apple, google & Spotify
  6. Launch your YouTube channel & Go live with affiliate marketing
  7. Practical Learning
  8. Master certification
  9. Tool driven course
  10. Lifetime access
  11. Fringe benefits

Contact details :

Phone – +91 9911839503

Address : Plot No.14, Ashtankar Bhavan, 2nd floor, Suyog Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra – 440015

4. Asha Digital Marketing Training Institute(ADMTI)

This institute provides a vision to digital marketing aspirants by lending a helping hand through the practical learning experience with real-time projects from the digital marketing industry. It is two months fourteen modules of digital marketing course

Course Curriculum :

  1. SEO
  2. SMM
  3. Google analytics
  4. Google Ads
  5. Facebook Advertising
  6. Email marketing
  7. Lead generation business
  8. Top 5 digital marketing tools
  9. Hashtag viral marketing
  10. WhatsApp marketing
  11. Learn Digital marketing strategies
  12. E-commerce business marketing
  13. Real-time projects
  14. Add on modules

Course Highlights :

  1. Free internship
  2. Work on live projects
  3. 100% job assistance
  4. 3 google certifications
  5. 3 days free demo classes
  6. Experience faculty
  7. Practical training

Contact details :

Phone – 09552533322

Address :Plot No.21, Near Nandanvan chowk, Canal road above Jay Xerox, Near Naresh dairy, Nandanvan, Nagpur, Maharashtra – 440009.

5. NSDM India

NSDM India institute offers one of the best learning digital marketing approaches. Industry experts have crafted the course syllabus to make you understand & competent to face the digital marketing industry.

They offer advanced digital marketing course

Course Curriculum :

  1. Fundamentals of digital marketing
  2. Email marketing
  3. Blogging
  4. Affiliate-marketing
  5. Website planning & analysis
  6. Content marketing
  7. Influencer marketing
  8. Online reputation management
  9. SEO
  10. App Store Optimization
  11. SEM/PPC
  12. Video Marketing
  13. Web Analysis
  14. Display Advertising
  15. Growth Hacking
  16. Lead generation & building sales funnel

Course Highlights :

  1. Get access to paid tools
  2. 13+ certifications
  3. Live projects
  4. Resume & LinkedIn profile building
  5. 100% placement assistance
  6. Guest lectures from thought leaders
  7. Lifetime LMS access
  8. 24*7 Facebook Community support
  9. Mock interviews to crack toughest companies
  10. Advanced modules
  11. Hybrid learning approach
  12. Weekly mentoring session
  13. Weekly doubt session
  14. Career transition program
  15. Global standard curriculum
  16. Priority access to all webinars

Contact details :

Phone – 9022071935

Address – 1st floor, 379, Pt.Nehru Marg, Opp to Zero Mile Metro station, Near Morris College T point, Sitalbudi Nagpur

6. Digital education by Echo Advertising Agency

It is an agency-based digital marketing course. They have three particular specializations that will help the students.

Course Curriculum :

  1. The nucleus of digital marketing
  2. Personal branding
  3. Content writing
  4. WordPress management
  5. Automation tools
  6. Sales funnel
  7. LinkedIn marketing
  8. Social media optimization
  9. Instagram influencer
  10. Agency management
  11. Freelancing project

Course Highlights :

  1. Using important tools
  2. Certifications

Contact details :

Address: 278, Mata Mandir Road, Dharampeth, Nagpur


IIDM in Nagpur has been certified as central India’s google partner. Their course is meant to upskill Individuals, professionals & entrepreneurs.

They provided the techniques & strategized plans. And encourage the learners to be curious enthusiastic and determined as it is a foundation for digital marketing learning.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Email Marketing automation
  3. Mobile marketing mastery
  4. WordPress installation & blogging
  5. Digital Marketing overview
  6. SEO
  7. SEM (PPC)
  8. Affiliate-Marketing mastery

Course Highlights :

  1. Syllabus developed by highly experienced professionals
  2. Special training sessions conducted by entrepreneurs
  3. Practical & realistic exposure
  4. Mentorship assistance for individual projects
  5. Real-time encounter with accomplished professionals
  6. Consulted more than 70 companies

Contact details :

Phone – +91 75888 77781

Address: 2nd floor, Durham apartment, central park road, Dhantoli, Nagpur – 440012.


This institute has 20+ years of experience. With an experienced team, they deliver the right choice of content.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Learn how your website traffic can be converted into inquiry to make your online presence.
  2. Learn to create pictures from pictures that will engage Graphics to promote WhatsApp & Facebook
  3. Understanding to Attract digital presence
  4. Creating effective paid campaigns using Google AdWords & Facebook marketing eCommerce courses

Course Highlights :

  1. 100% placement support
  2. Internship program
  3. All free tools
  4. Free Webhosting space & Domain name
  5. 100%business & project support
  6. Most affordable fee structure
  7. Special library for students

Contact details :

Phone – 937 066 2177

Address: 1-3 irrigation colony, Tatya tope Nagar, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur, Maharashtra – 440015


The digital explosion creates a surge in demand for talent, skilling models tend. The Digital marketing industry seeks to attract non-tech students & professionals.

The digital marketing industry is flourishing for the past few years & the trend has boosted further due to pandemics. Digital marketing has become an essential part of any business model. If you are not into digital marketing it is like hiding your business after starting up.

Thus, the demand for marketers with digital skillsets is gaining more importance.

This can be attained through industry-recognized digital marketing certifications & hands-on assignments.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the duration of digital marketing courses in Nagpur?

The duration of the digital marketing courses is between (3months to 6months -12weeks – 24weeks). The short-term course is between 4weeks to 6 weeks.

2. What should be the criteria to choose a professional digital marketing course?

Checking the updated curriculum, trainer’s qualification, hands-on experience on live projects, dossiers, and internship certifications. Since job market rules with the experience & qualification. Internship opportunities & job placement assistance is essential.

3. What is the qualification required for pursuing a digital marketing course?

A class XII pass from any stream is essential some institutes insist on a degree from any background.

4. What is the average salary of a digital marketing professional?

The average salary of a skilled digital marketing professional is 2L-5L PA. it may vary from each company with your experience & skill set.

5. What are digital marketing courses fees in training institutes?

Digital Marketing fees in Nagpur may vary from 10K to 60K. The fees depend on the training center and the services they provide.

6. Is a digital marketing career in demand?

Yes, digital marketing has more job career options. You can become a freelancer, Specialist in SEO, PPC & SMM, or a digital marketer. Additionally, you can become a content writer or web developer.


Top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

If you are on this page after searching for “Top Digital Marketing Institutes in Chennai” on Google you have already experienced the magical workings of digital marketing. The miracle of wanting to know about something and being taken to exactly the pages that give you that information is what Google tries to do every single time every single search.

Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

Digital Advertising aids businesses to be that source for your user.

Just like how traditional marketing has various modes like print, radio ads, TV ads, pamphlets, physical places, Digital Marketing has websites, blogs, Social media, YouTube videos, and ads, Search Engines’ Ads, E-mails, and more.

Digital marketing has spread like wildfire especially post-pandemic. Every business has realized that without a digital presence their company would be pushed into oblivion.

I am not kidding at all. Let me demonstrate. You can also try it.

I searched the Keyword “Digital Marketing Jobs in Chennai” for two different periods

1 October 2019 – 30 October 2019

and 1 October 2021 – 30 October 2021

See below the search results.

digital marketing jobs in Chennai
digital marketing jobs in chennai

Did you notice the change in the scenario between the same period but on in BC and the other in AC (the new definition of BC – Before COVID 19 and of course AC is After COVID 19)

Learning Digital marketing is a vital skill not only for the marketing of companies and business owners but also for individual promotion. Imagine if a company trying to hire you wants to know about you. The first place they will most likely visit would be your social media profiles. If they like what they see, they may even hire you.

That is the power of digital marketing and according to me, it is a must-have skill for every individual. Search Optimization even works for Linkedin Searches.

It is becoming the most happening career option i.e there are many career opportunities. Popular Digital marketing training institutes are cropping up in every geography.

Our “Singara Chennai” is no exception to that. The city is the fourth-fifth largest contributor to India’s GDP. Housing India’s top Engineering Institutes IIT-Madras, Chennai is a highly evolved education Hub.

Top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

So here Is a list of top Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

1. Digital Vidya

The name is synonymous with Digital Marketing Training in India. It was started by two IIT, Delhi Graduates Mr.Kapil Nakra and Mr. Pradeep Chopra who realized the potential of the Digital Marketing Program. They started training professionals in Social Media Marketing in 2009 just two years after Facebook Ads was launched in 2007.

It is no exaggeration to say that Digital Vidya is a pioneer in Advanced Digital Marketing Education.

Since then the institute has made successful inroads into Edtech with a plethora of courses and specializations in Digital Marketing field, Big Data Business Analytics training, and Cyber Security.

One of the key features of Digital Vidya is it has a firm corporate presence in which it not only conducts these skills to its clientele through corporate training courses and workshops, but also aims to include itself in its administration evaluation programs through content production, provide digital marketing consultancy, large-scale skill growth, and economic impact initiatives.

It has struck vital partnerships with top companies to bring in the right kind of expertise into its Courses. Its partners include Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, VSkills, Facebook, NASSCOM, Shopify, and Rajasthan Royals Digital team.

Recently it has collaborated with Deakin University, Australia which is considered among the top 1% universities in the world, to offer an Executive Program in Digital Marketing.

The institute has trained 38000+ professionals in a span of more than a decade and has alumni spread across more than 55 countries around the globe.

It also has spread its hold in 12 locations in India and 5 countries abroad with branches in the USA, Singapore, Canada, Dubai, and Cameroon.

Its flagship course, Certified Digital Marketing Masters (CDMM) was started in 2013 in collaboration with VSkills (A Government of India Initiative)

Course Curriculum

The course offers a well-rounded curriculum that is in line with the industry trends. The pedagogy includes

  • Live classes
  • Assignment
  • Quizzes
  • Case Studies
  • Hands-on training in Digital Marketing Tools

The syllabus is listed below

TopicNo. of ModulesLive class hoursFeaturesTools
Search Engine Optimization4 modules8 hoursIntroduction to SEOOn-Page SEOOff-Page SEOSEO Audit, Tools, and Measurement RankWatch, Broken Link Checker Google Keyword Planner Screaming Frog
Search Engine Marketing5 modules15 hoursIntroduction to SEM Creation of Google Display NetworkMobile Ad CampaignsShopping CampaignsYouTube MarketingGoogle AdWordsMerchant Centre
Social Media Marketing5 modules10 hoursIntroduction to Social MediaFacebook MarketingInstagram and LinkedIn MarketingPinterest and Snapchat MarketingSocial Media StrategyCanvaHootsuite
E-mail Marketing3 modules8 hoursDeliverabilityE-Mail ContentCustomer Acquisition StrategyNurturingAutomationMailChimpClearbit Connect, Anymail Finder, E-mail generatorSPF Validation Tools
Inbound Marketing4 modules10 hoursCustomer conversion FunnelLanding PageConversion OptimizationLifecycle
Web Analytics5 modules8 hoursGoogle AnalyticsContent Performance AnalysisSocial Media AnalyticsSocial CRM AnalysisGoogle Analytics

Course Highlights

  1. 100+ Class hours
  2. 140+ Assignment hours
  3. 2 internships (Digital Vidya and NASSCOM)
  4. 250+ Placement Partners
  5. Learn digital marketing from expert trainers with more than 10 years of Experience
  6. 10+ trainers batch
  7. 15 certification
  8. INR 72K+ worth of tools
  9. 15+ specialization courses
  10. Lifetime access to Reading Resources through Learning Management System
  11. 24X7 active Q&A Forum
  12. Regular updating of LMS with new study material, quick enquiry and Live online recordings

Course Duration

The institute offers 2 modes of completion

ModeClass hours/weekTotal Duration
Fast Track63 months
Regular36 months

Contact Details

Address : 31 Puram Prakasam Road, Balaji Towers, Flat 1B, Balaji Nagar, Royapettah Chennai , TamilNadu – 600014


Phone: +91-80100-33033

2. Digital Academy India

It is a top-notch digital marketing training institute that is mentored by three women experts in the field namely Manjari Sharma (Education Evangelist), Marialena Zinopoulou (CEO, Digital Marketing Association, UK), Rosie Phipps (Founder and Principal, Oxford College of Marketing).

It has trained more than 5000 professionals in thus helping them in building a fruitful digital marketing career in the field. They offer short-term and long-term courses designed for working professionals, freshers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in Internet Marketing.

In line with their objective to prepare future leaders, their digital marketing courses in Chennai put greater emphasis on practical online training driven by quantitative and programmatic marketing.

Course Curriculum

Their flagship course “Certification Program in Digital Marketing” used a project-based pedagogy to train the learners in strategy and implementation techniques along with concepts.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)Google AdWordsDigital Display AdvertisingRemarketing Campaigns Cross-Device Marketing
Social Media Marketing (SMM)Effective Social Media Strategy Paid Campaigns on Social Media PlatformsMeasuring RoI on Social Media 
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Keyword search and on-page optimizationOff-page SEO and Link BuildingSEO audit and measurement tracking
Email MarketingEffective Email Design and FunctionalityCustomer acquisition strategiesEmail Marketing Analytics
Web AnalyticsUnderstanding Data that MattersSetting up Google Analytics Understanding user data
Integrated Digital Marketing Communications (IMC)Creating effective pitches for High-Value Clients

Course Highlights

  1. The course provides training in devising marketing objectives and designing an online digital marketing strategy
  2. It provides an opportunity to work on live tasks in the area of choice
  3. Lifetime membership and access to course materials and live recording of class sessions
  4. Equips trainees in planning, implementing, and measurement of strategies
  5. Participation certificate issued on completion of 54 hours of online training.

Course Duration

The course duration is 6 months.

Weekday and weekend batches are available

Contact Details

Tel: +91-80100-33033


3. Digital Scholar

Digital Scholar is a digital marketing training institute founded by Sorav Jain. It is the training wing of echoVME (A Social Media and Digital Marketing Agency). Since its foundation in 2019, it has built an alumni base of more than 1 lakh marketing professionals.

Their vision is to create digital marketing resources and research opportunities for the benefit of this field. They work with a mission to impart sector-specific training so that every industry is benefited from the advantages of the digital space.

They offer an online certification that puts more weight into practical training.

1Orientation and Fundamentals of Marketing
2Personal Branding
3Content Writing
4WordPress Management
5Search Engine Optimization
6Facebook and Instagram Ads
7Search Engine Marketing
8Email Marketing
10Sales Funnel
11LinkedIn Marketing
12Social Media Management
13Instagram Business Marketing
14Agency Management
15International Freelancing

Additionally, the curriculum also offers specializations in 

  • Copywriting
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing

Course Highlights

  1. On successful completion of the course, the trainees are eligible to appear for Google certifications and Facebook certicate
  2. The institutes teaching is heavily influenced by an agency working style as it is a part of a digital marketing agency
  3. The institute has tie-ups with 400+ national and international partners and hence assures placement support
  4. Expert trainer with relevant industry experience
  5. The course has an overall rating of 4.9 with 1985 google reviews
  6. Study materials include PPTs, PDFs, e-notes, cheat sheets & knowledge-based videos on the LMS for a lifetime.
  7. Assured internship at echoVME

Course Duration

3 months

Weekend Batch available

Saturday 7 pm to 9 pm

Sunday 9 am – 12 pm

Contact Details

Address: 1B, Sapna Trade Centre, 135, Poonamallee High Road, Pursaiwalkam, Chennai 600084.

Phone : +91-9169231231

4. FITA Academy

FITA (Focus’d IT Academy) is an IT and Language training center. It provides a plethora of training and placement services for fresher to establish a career and professionals to upskill or make a successful career switch. They have 15 years of experience in IT training.

It offers a variety of courses in Information Technology, Digital Marketing, and language classes. The total number of their offering is currently more than 150

They offer a certified digital marketing course that covers in-depth training in new tools and techniques that are used in the industry.

Course Curriculum

The course comprises 50 modules listed below

1Digital Marketing Overview
2Comprehending SEO
3Analysis and Research of Keywords
4On-Page optimization
5Technical SEO
6Off-Page Optimization
7Advanced Link Building
8Updates of Google Algorithm
9Blog Marketing
10Content Marketing
11Making a Competitor Analysis
12Website Audit
13SEO Tools
14Google – My Business
15Google Analytics
16Get Acquainted with SEM
17Google Search Ads
18Google Display Ads
19Remarketing of Ads
20Video Marketing
21Mobile Marketing
22Whatsapp Marketing
23SMS Marketing
24YouTube Optimization
25Social Media Optimization
26Social Media Marketing
27Designing Tools – Canva
28Facebook Marketing
29Instagram Marketing
30LinkedIn Marketing
31Twitter Marketing
33Email Marketing
34Social Media Marketing Tools
35Digital Marketing Certifications
36Crack a Digital Marketing job
37Lead Generation from Quora
38Quora Marketing
39TikTok Marketing
40Influencer Marketing
41Building Powerful Websites using WordPress
42Setting up of Website using WordPress
43Lead Generation
44Mastering CRM
45Know-how to make money online?
46Google Adsense
47Affiliate Marketing
48Online Reputation Management
49Optimization of App Store
50Conversion Optimization

Course Highlights

  1. The course is designed to meet industry requirements
  2. Expert trainers with more than a decade of experience
  3. Educates trainees in Digital Marketing Strategies
  4. Offline classes conducted at FITA Academy premises
  5. Interactive classes and regular recap sessions
  6. Affordable cost of courses along with course completion certificate
  7. Flexible batch timings – Weekend, Weekday & Fast track Digital Marketing Training in Chennai at FITA Academy
  8. 100% placement aid provided

Course Duration

Self Paced course with Weekend batches available

Contact details

Address: 37F Velachery Main Road, Next to Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Velachery, Chennai – 600042 TamilNadu

Phone No: 93450 45466

5. Digital Academy 360

Digital Academy 360 is an award-winning training institute offering courses in Digital Marketing, Graphic designing, web designing, Information technology, and personality development. IT has 6 branches in Bangalore, 1 in Mysore and 2 in Chennai

It offers two courses in digital marketing viz Skills Diploma in Digital Marketing and Analytics and Certification training program in Digital Marketing

Course Curriculum

Skills Diploma in Digital Marketing is a 5-in-one course program with 6 specializations and includes 100+ modules.

1Introduction to Digital Marketing
2Competitor Analysis and Marketing Research
3How to do Keyword Research Like a Pro
4Website planning and creation
5WordPress static website
6Search Engine Optimization
7Google Ads
8Social Media Marketing
9App Store Optimization
10Online Reputation Management
11Content Marketing
12EMail Marketing
13Affiliate Marketing
15Adobe photoshop and illustrator
17Lead Generation
18E-Commerce Marketing

Course Highlights

  1. 10+ Industry Experts from different domains
  2. 20+ Digital Marketing premium and free tools are taught
  3. 5+ live projects and Paid campaigns to work on
  4. 10+ top industry case studies
  5. Trainees will be eligible to write 20+ certifications
  6. Weekly assignments
  7. Career support and individually dedicated mentor
  8. Job notification and 100% job assistance.

Course Duration

6 months course

Contact Details

Address: 129/28, 100 Feet, Velachery Bypass Rd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600042

Phone : +91 7353 515 515

6. DMC

This is the training branch of Zuan Education Technology which is an SEO, Web Designing, and development agency. It has been in business for about 5 years and has experience in working with start-ups to build its digital presence.

They offer a digital marketing certificate course that helps trainees learn the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns. The course is suited for both freshers and professionals looking to establish a career in digital marketing.

Course Curriculum

Below is the list of modules covered in the course.

1Basics of Digital Marketing
2Trends and Keyword Research
3Google Algorithms and Update
4Content Marketing
5Content & Copywriting
6Complete Guide on Website Planning & Creation
7Building Website Using WordPress
8Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
9On-Page Optimization
10Technical SEO
11Off-Page Optimization
12Website Audit
13SEO Tools
14Google My Business (or) Local Business and Listing (or) Google Map
15Google Ads (or) Pay Per Click Marketing (SEM)
16Merchant Centre (or) Product Listing Advertisement (PLA)
17Mobile Marketing
18Google Analytics
19Search Console (Beta)
20Social Media Optimization (SMO)
21Facebook Optimization
22Instagram Optimization
23Twitter Optimization
24LinkedIn Optimization
25Pinterest Optimization
26YouTube Optimization
27Social Media Marketing (SMM)
28Facebook Marketing
29Instagram Marketing
30Twitter Marketing
31LinkedIn Marketing
32YouTube Marketing
33Quora Marketing
34Online Reputation Management (ORM)
35Email Marketing
36Affiliate Marketing
37App Store Optimization (ASO)
38Know-How to Make Money Online
39Inbound Marketing Strategy
40Lead Generation
41Landing Page Optimization
44Mini Project (Reporting)
45Ecommerce Marketing
46Whatsapp Marketing
47Video Monetization
48Digital Marketing Certifications
49Getting Started As Freelancer
50Achieving Your Digital Marketing Goal

Course Highlights

All the trainers are certified by Google and exhibit a high level of expertise

Flexible online and offline classes with live projects for an in-depth understanding of concepts.

It has trained more than 1500 professionals in 250+ batches

The curriculum is continuously updated to meet industry standards

Contact Details

Address: New No. 61, Old No. 36, 2nd Floor, Arcot Road, Kodambakkam, Chennai – 600 024

(Near Meenakshi College Bus Stop)

Phone No.: +91 9025500600

7. WebD School

This institute was founded in the year 2014 and is involved in digital training covering a wide range of areas like UI/UX Design, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Digital Marketing, and Android App Development. Recently they have started online courses in all the abovesaid area.

Course Curriculum

The unique aspect of their digital marketing course is that they include designing in their curriculum including Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, and other UI/UX Designing. The course consists of 18 modules in total.

1Introduction to Digital Marketing
2Website Planning & Optimization
4Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
5Search Engine Marketing-Google Ads
6Design Fundamentals
7Email Marketing
8Video Marketing
10Content Marketing
11Online Reputation Management (ORM)
12Affiliate Marketing
13Mobile Marketing
14Google Adsense
15Conversion optimization

Course Highlights

  1. Expert Trainers
  2. Special Doubt Clearance sessions
  3. Live Interactive classes
  4. Regular Webinars
  5. Recorded Video Sessions
  6. Individual attention to students
  7. Regular Assessments and assignments
  8. Final portfolio development assistance
  9. 100% placement assistance

Course Duration

4 months with 50 class sessions

Contact Details

Address: No.30, 1st floor, SSR Pankajam Towers, Arunachalam Rd

(above Kovai Pazhamudir Cholai)SaligramamChennai-600093

Phone: 9791333350

8. Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is an IT software training company. It offers courses in Data Science, Programming, Software Testing, Web Designing, Data Warehousing, Project Management, and Digital Marketing. It lays great importance in individual career upliftment and providing supplementary courses.

Course Curriculum

The online marketing course trains learners to use digital space in different ways to achieve business objectives.

Following are the list of 14 modules included in the curriculum

1Basics of Digital Marketing
2Analysis and Keyword Research
3Search Engine Optimization
4On-Page Optimization
5Off-Page Optimization
6SEO Updates and Analysis
7Local Business and Google Mapping
8Google Ads
9Social Media Optimization
10Social Media Marketing
11Google Web Analytics
12Webmaster tools
13Creating simple website
14Interview preparation

Course Highlights

  1. 30+ hours course duration
  2. Industry Expert Faculties
  3. Completed 800+ Batches
  4. 100% Job oriented training
  5. Free Demo Class available
  6. Certification guidance
  7. Live digital marketing projects included in the training

Contact details

Address: No.8 11th Main Road, Vijaya Nagar Velachery, Chennai- 600042

Phone: +91 9707 250 260

Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai – Final Thoughts

According to World Economic Forum Report 2021, in the next five years, Digital Marketer jobs will increase by more than 14% making it the most opportune career.

To offset this demand for qualified Digital marketers, many digital marketing institutes have cropped up. So, anyone hunting for a digital marketing course should keep the following in mind.

The institute should have a good brand value. A certification from the institute should hold legibility in the digital marketing circuit.

The institute should have expertise in digital marketing training. Institutes imparting Digital Marketing education exclusively could be more preferable as they would direct their resources towards sustaining the quality of the course.

Partnerships in Digital Marketing is important as it uses lots of tools created by different digital businesses like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, HubSpot to name a few. Institutes that have partnerships with such large digital players will have updated information about their corresponding tools.

The trainers handling live classes and classroom training should be experts in the field with more than half a decade of experience

The institute should provide access to tools and impart hands-on training in using them. This should be a default part of the course.

Finally, internship and placement assistance is vital to start any career. A quality digital marketing institute should have a functional placement wing to facilitate a smooth transition of trainees from the classroom to the workroom.

Doing a digital marketing course may make you a digital marketer. But doing it in a good institute will make you a better one.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

What is the Digital Marketing course fees in Chennai?

The digital marketing course price in Chennai is between INR 20,000 to INR 1,50,000 for a digital marketing course. Digital marketing course fee structure also depends on the proficiency level of the course. A certification-level course may cost lesser than a professional or executive-level program.

What is the average time taken to complete digital marketing courses in Chennai?

Digital marketing essentially takes at least 3 months to 6 months to master. Most institutes offer regular and fast-track options to complete the course.

Is Digital Marketing Internship necessary before taking up a job?

If you are a fresher or new to digital marketing, it is advisable to take up an internship or two to give you a grip on how things are dealt with in a real-life digital marketing work environment. Good institutes like Digital Vidya and Digital Academy India offer internships as part of the best digital marketing course.

What are the job opportunities after you complete digital marketing courses in Chennai?

There is a wide scope in this field. As a fresher, you can be in entry-level jobs like Digital Marketing Executive, SEO specialist, Social media executive, web analyst, search advisor. As you gain experience you can grow up to digital marketing professional, strategist, Search Analyst.

What are the eligibility criteria to join digital marketing courses in Chennai?

There are no pre-qualification criteria for taking up a digital marketing course. A basic college degree is enough to fetch a job in Digital Marketing after completing a professional digital marketing course. If you are planning to be a freelancer then you can take a professional level digital marketing course even after completing the 12th standard.

Are there free digital marketing courses in Chennai?

Google certified digital marketing course in Chennai is a free course.

Master the basics with a free Interactive Advertising Bureau-accredited course. There are 26 modules to explore, all designed by Google trainers, collected full of practical exercises and real-world cases to help you turn knowledge into action.


8 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Pune

Pune is one of the top 10 Indian cities for internet usage. Pune is also known as the Oxford of the East or cyber-software capital. Digital marketing is one of the most exciting career options in Pune thanks to the growth of schools, colleges, and businesses. We have created a list of the best digital marketing courses in Pune to meet the growing demand.

Any type of business today needs digital marketing. It is essential to provide an interactive experience for customers, in addition to speeding up delivery. Where can you find the skills to meet all these requirements professionally?

Digital marketing is a hot career choice in the 21st century. It is not just for existing business methods and their skilled keepers. In the meantime, digital implications have seen a 90% increase in usage over the past five years. Your marketing skills and traditional advertising will not be sufficient to fill the gap in internet marketing. This is where a process becomes essential.

Why take up digital marketing courses in Pune?

  1. The skillset is in high demand
  2. Drives professional development
  3. There are many career choices
  4. Get creative
  5. Higher salaries

Global digital advertising spending is expected to exceed 335 billion USD in 2020

It will offer more than 20 million job opportunities by 2020. This raises the question: Where will these professionals be trained? This sector has been working with different training institutes to open new institutes that to teach and improve the skills of those who are interested.

Future Scope for Digital Marketing Growth

Digital marketing has changed dramatically. The ad has been through six verticals: social, desktop and native, mobile, video, and programmatic. Online platforms influenced 50% of India’s population, so the change in ads and other commercials for brands took its toll.

This is similar to the daily newspaper. People prefer the digital version to the printed ones. This is a small example of the future digital marketing industry. It also shows the potential job opportunities that are expected to be created in the next few years, with 20 lakh jobs.

Finding a job in the Digital Marketing Sector

Any potential professional must decide what their preferred and most suitable career path is. Let’s take a look at some career opportunities that this sector has to offer you to help you make an informed decision. You can find many digital marketing courses in Pune and institutes that offer promising careers. However, you’ll need to be guided.

We have divided the career opportunities for digital marketers into two categories to help you narrow down your selection.

Optional Careers for Junior and Mid-Level Positions

  1. Internship in digital marketing
  2. Online-reputation executive
  3. Digital marketing executive
  4. Link Building Specialist
  5. SEO Executive
  6. Google Ads Specialist
  7. Web Analyst
  8. Executive in content-marketing

Higher-level Digital Marketing Positions

  1. The strategist
  2. Manager of Paid Advertising
  3. Digital marketing executive
  4. Digital Marketing Head
  5. Web content manager
  6. Head of Digital Branding
  7. SEO Analyst
  8. Online Leads manager
  9. Google AdWords Specialist
  10. E-Commerce Specialist
  11. Specialist in social media
  12. Online reputation manager
  13. E-mail marketing specialist
  14. Manager of online leads

Digital marketing has been the best way for businesses to reach potential clients and customers. This industry offers promising careers and great opportunities. This attracts many people to digital marketing careers to make the most of every opportunity.

Here’s an overview of digital marketing jobs available in Pune.

digital marketing jobs in Pune

You must register with a reputable institute to be able to take a strong position in the industry. It is difficult to find an institute that offers up-to-date courses.

You can find the best digital marketing training institutes in Pune if you’re interested in taking your career to the next level.

A lot of professionals and students are interested in pursuing a career in Digital Marketing because they recognize the enormous potential for career advancement. The demand for digital marketing courses in Pune is high.

1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya, a trusted institution, is one of the best instructor-led sessions that provide in-depth knowledge of digital marketing. It is an innovator in the teaching of cutting-edge concepts and new developments. Digital Vidya offers the best digital marketing courses in Pune with its 44 digital marketing modules. There are many branches across the country, with Pune being the most popular. Demo classes are also available.

In today’s digital world, digital marketing is a vital skill. Digital Vidya’s the premium Certified Digital Marketing Master Class, has been providing a best-in-class training program. It is an approved partner of Microsoft, Google, and LinkedIn India to provide comprehensive training for companies to help them grow.

They also gives corporate training to companies.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (Google Analytics/Google AdWords)
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4. E-mail Marketing
  5. Inbound Marketing
  6. Web-Analytics
  7. Facebook Marketing
  8. Other Digital Marketing Topics

Course Duration :

(i) Fast Track Training for 4 Months

(ii) Regular Track Training for 7 Months

There are many benefits to the course, including some that we will mention below.

Course Highlights :

  1. The Digital Vidya faculty is a great team of trainers with 20+ years experience
  2. Most of them have been in the industry for over two decades.
  3. It is easy to follow and well-organized. Access to new materials and various tools is also included.
  4. Case studies to understand practical implementation bettercareersareeting strategy better
  5. Digital Vidya offers the course materials for a lifetime.
  6. Internships that are focused on hands-on projects and research.
  7. 100% Job Placement Support
  8. 15+ Industry Certifications (Including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn)
  9. Students can clarify their doubts by using the Q&A Forum tools worth INR 72000/.
  10. Digital Vidya offers a unique digital marketing internship that will enhance your skills.
  11. Get to attend free demo session

Digital Marketing Certifications :

  1. Be certified professional by having 3 exclusive certificates: Awarded by Facebook, LinkedIn, and Digital Vidya
  2. 12 External Internet Marketing Certificates
  3. 8 Google Certifications
  4. HubSpot Certifications
  5. Vskills Certification

Contact Information :

Address:31. Cloud 9, NIBM Road. Pune, Maharashtra – 411060

Phone: +91-80100-33033

2. Digital Academy India

Digital Academy India is an established provider of digital marketing training in India and consulting services. In the past two years, they have trained over 5,000 students and professionals in India to help them build successful career.

They improve their knowledge and skills to manage, evaluate, and execute digital marketing campaigns. To ensure that students have the best digital marketing skills, they combine both academic and practical training.

Digital Academy India is another great option for Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. Digital Academy India offers a Corporate Digital Marketing Program to help company employees.

Course Curriculum :

They have 13 modules, which comprise :

  1. Introduction
  2. Optimization of websites and usability
  3. SEM
  4. Digital Display Ads
  5. YouTube Advertising
  6. SMM
  7. SEO
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. E-mail Marketing
  11. Lead-Generation for Business
  12. Web Analytics
  13. Integrated Digital Marketing Communications

Course Duration :

They teach online classes. Online instructor, 4-7 months online live courses (weekday and a weekend batch).

Course Highlights :

  1. The course curriculum was developed by experts in digital marketing.
  2. Access to the course content for life
  3. You have the option to work on Live Projects.
  4. You can learn by doing: Take part in a Live Project.
  5. Exclusive Internship Opportunities
  6. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact Information :

Tel: +91-80100-33033


3. Delhi School Of Internet Marketing

DSIM is India’s fastest-growing Digital Marketing Institute. It’s a hub of knowledge for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. The world-class teachers provide training on a wide range of topics.

DSIM’s hybrid delivery model, which includes online and digital marketing classroom training, is well-known. It started with one location in Delhi has grown to more than 15 locations throughout India. Since its inception in 2011, DSIM has successfully educated more than 30281+ students.

It has also launched all sessions online in the past two years and is a huge success because of its highly-qualified trainers. The highest pay packages are available to graduates of the DSIM program in their areas.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Effective email marketing
  2. Email Automation
  3. Consumer Acquisition Strategy
  4. Facebook Marketing
  5. Facebook Advertising
  6. LinkedIn Marketing
  7. Twitter Marketing
  8. Instagram Marketing
  9. Pinterest Marketing
  10. Snapchat Marketing
  11. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  12. SEO: Social-Media
  13. Mobile Optimization
  14. Google Competitors Analysis
  15. Google Ads
  16. Display Advertising
  17. Mobile Advertising
  18. Video advertising
  19. Advanced Campaign Optimization

Course Duration :

Online – 4 months

Classroom training- 6 months

Course Highlights :

  1. 14 certifications from Google, Facebook, and Hubspot
  2. India Job Opportunities
  3. Digital marketing tools worth 72,000+ are available for free.
  4. Each batch is home to over ten trainers. Each trainer is an expert on the topic he or she teaches.
  5. Students can immediately start working on projects after the course is over.
  6. Access to the LMS 24 hours a day with many benefits
  7. Access to the most recent content for life (slides and videos, quizzes/quizzes, assignments, exams)
  8. Get free access to the Experts Section Section – Industry webinars led by experts in Digital Marketing who discuss the various aspects of Digital Marketing. This simplifies the learning process.
  9. You can access the Q&A platform to ask questions and get answers from a variety of experts.

Contact Information :

Address: DSIM, 2nd Floor, Tandale Prestige, Above Mulchand Sweets, Senapati Bapat Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune – 411005

Contact : 8800290309

4. Victorious Digital

Victorious Digital, a trusted name in Pune for its Digital Marketing Training Institute was founded in 2014. The institute currently offers 42 modules in digital marketing courses in Pune that give a 360-degree knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing. This institute offers job assistance and live projects to more than 2500 students. Victorious Digital experts will help you find the right combination of theory and practical learning to prepare for a successful career.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Digital Marketing Course Overview
  2. Search Engine and its Basics
  3. Google Algorithm
  4. Domain and Hosting
  5. Website Analysis
  6. Keyword Research
  7. SEO concepts
  8. SEO On-Page activities
  9. Things not to do in SEO
  10. SEO Off-Page activities
  11. Google Webmaster Tool
  12. Google Analytics
  13. SEO Tools
  14. SMO
  15. SMM
  16. Social Media-Automation
  17. Local SEO
  18. Google Adword
  19. Display Advertisement
  20. Video Marketing
  21. Mobile Promotion
  22. Lead-Generation for Business
  23. Content Marketing
  24. Copywriting
  25. Email Marketing
  26. Affiliate Marketing
  27. ORM
  28. Growth-Hacking
  29. Internet Marketing Strategies
  30. Freelancing Projects
  31. Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

Course Duration :

The Online program takes a little more than 2 months, around 10 hours a week. There are weekend batches too.

Course Highlights :

  1. Learn directly from Industry Experts
  2. 15+ International Certifications From Google
  3. Guaranteed Paid Internship
  4. 100% Placement Assistance & Resume Building
  5. 100% Practical understanding With Assignments

Contact Information :

Address: Office No. 102, 24, 1st floor, Princeton Plaza, Above Chitale Bandhu. Near Garware Bridge. Deccan Gymkhana. Pune – 411004

Phone: 9545022110

5. Digital Trainee Academy

Digital Trainee, India’s first practical digital marketing institution, offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Pune. This institute follows the ‘Say No to Theory’ guideline. Students, entrepreneurs, and workers who are interested in learning more about digital business can all take this course. This course will help you advance your career, increase your earnings, and improve your employment opportunities. Digital Trainee Pune offers advanced digital marketing classes that is internationally recognized.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Digital Marketing Overview
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Introduction to Google Search console
  4. Content Marketing
  5. App Store Optimization
  6. Website creation
  7. Search Engine Marketing
  8. Online Display Advertising
  9. Mobile Marketing
  10. Video Marketing
  11. Conversion rate and Remarketing
  12. Social Media Marketing & Optimisation
  13. Google Analytics
  14. ORM
  15. Email Marketing
  16. Google Adsense
  17. Affiliate Marketing
  18. Lead generation for businesses
  19. Mobile App Creation
  20. Social Media Automation
  21. Growth Hacking with Digital Marketing
  22. Influencer Marketing
  23. SMS Marketing
  24. Entrepreneurship for Business
  25. People and Management Skills
  26. Leadership Fundamentals
  27. Master Planning
  28. Public Relations
  29. Startup Plan & Strategy
  30. Sales Training
  31. Marketing hacks
  32. Media Plan
  33. Digital Marketing for Personal Branding
  34. Canva is a tool for graphic design
  35. Viral Marketing

Course Duration :

2 months

Course Highlights :

  1. Interactive Training by Expert Trainers
  2. Online digital marketing training is only available to 10-15 applicants.
  3. Individual Attention
  4. Skype Private Groups Access
  5. Calls to Placement can be made at any time.
  6. Access to the Learning Management System. HD Video Backup. Study Materials.
  7. Proposal and Quotation for a high-ticket client
  8. Internships for 2-3 months are confirmed. Also, a Google certificate is available for +15 points.

Contact Information :

Address: Office No. 102, Gulmohar Centre Point, Sopan Nagar Road Opposite to Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar Chowk, Pune, Maharashtra 411014

Phone: 8983774747

6. School of Digital Marketing

School of Digital Marketing, one of the best digital marketing schools in Pune, is well-known for its quality courses across the country. There are eight branches in India, and more than 8000 students have received career-based training.

This 11-module course provides a comprehensive overview of the most recent digital marketing trends and advances. The weekly assignments and real-world projects allow students to learn faster and have expert trainers who are Google Certified Industry Experts.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Google Product Listing Ads
  2. Ecommerce Analytics
  3. Amazon Sponsored Ads
  4. DBM, Bing Ads
  5. Facebook Catalog
  6. Media Planning
  7. Yahoo Advertising.

Course Duration :

2 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. 120+ hours of training, over 2 months
  2. Resume & Interview Preparation Training
  3. 100% Placement Assistance
  4. One-on-One Mentoring
  5. Rated 4.8 out of 5
  6. 20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  7. 6+ Managerial Skills
  8. 2+ Live Projects

Contact Information :

Address, Spot 18, Office no.507 5th Floor Rahatani Mana-mandir Society Pimple Saudagar Pimpri-Chinchwad. -411027

Contact: +918698606660


The PIIDM Institute Pune offers job-oriented digital marketing training. The course covers everything from the basics to advanced levels of digital marketing technologies. This is industry-proven and influential. A team of digital marketing experts has developed the curriculum.

You will be awarded 15+ certifications by Google, HubSpot, and other companies. You can request a demo class before you make your final decision. They offer one of the most popular digital marketing courses in Pune.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Digital Marketing Overview
  2. Blog Creation
  3. Designing a business website
  4. E-commerce creation
  5. App Creation
  6. Graphic Design
  7. Video Creation
  8. Social Media Automation
  9. Search Engine Fundamentals
  10. On-Page SEO Fundamentals
  11. Off-Page SEO Fundamentals
  12. Google Algorithm
  13. Keyword Research
  14. Analyze of Competitors
  15. Advanced SEO techniques
  16. Local SEO
  17. Video Optimisation
  18. Social Media Optimisation
  19. Voice Search Optimization
  20. Search Engine Marketing
  21. Display marketing online
  22. SMM
  23. Email Marketing
  24. Content Marketing
  25. Remarketing
  26. Traffic and Lead Generation
  27. Google Analysis
  28. Google Webmasters
  29. App Optimisation
  30. Reputation Management
  31. Growth hacking
  32. Blogging
  33. Google Adsense
  34. Affiliate marketing
  35. Dropshipping
  36. Influence Marketing
  37. Freelancing

Course Duration :

2-3 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. Soft Skills Training
  2. Personal Mentorship
  3. Creating Portfolio
  4. Study Portal and Material
  5. Professor Faculty with 8+ Years of Experience
  6. Speakers at Industry Events
  7. Lifetime support
  8. 100% Job Assistance

Contact Information :

Address: 404, Shivank Building, Apte Road, Opt Venus FC Road, Deccan, Pune, Maharashtra – 411004

Contact: +91 9607355959

8. Digital Dnyan

It is one of Pune’s most respected Digital Marketing Schools. Digital Dnyan’s course is designed for anyone looking for a job as a Digital Marketing professional, creative, and interested in freelance opportunities.

This course is based on the expertise of faculty who have over 8 years of experience in digital marketing. You will have access to the most current curriculum and practical understanding. Additionally, you can access lifetime strategy and planning guidance, and material access. This course will help you beworking professionalonals.

This course is suitable for both job seekers and freshers in any field. It also benefits professionals working in the corporate sector. The training is beneficial for both small and medium-sized business owners as well as people who are returning to work after a long break.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Basics of Website Development
  3. Core Marketing Concepts
  4. How it Works and What Server Is
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Social Media Optimisation
  7. Off-Page and On-page SEO
  8. Reporting and Analysis Tools
  9. SMS Marketing
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Content Marketing In Blogging
  12. Lead generation
  13. Freelancing
  14. Conversion Optimization
  15. Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning
  16. Marketing via E-commerce
  17. Whatsapp Marketing
  18. Affiliated Marketing
  19. Online Reputation Management

Course Duration :

2-3 Months

Contact Information :

Address: Shop No.4, Kumar Millenium Beside, Rajashri Shahu Bank, Shiv Thirth Nagar, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 411038

Contact: 9284693861


Learn Digital marketing in an easy and fun way. It is worth looking into learning digital marketing online. Offline marketing courses are not necessary right now.

The best digital marketing course in Pune offers top-quality education and excellent placement opportunities.

FAQs on Digital Marketing courses in Pune

1. Which institute is best for digital marketing courses in Pune ?

Digital Vidya’s comprehensive online course is the reason it is at the top of digital marketing courses in Pune. This ranking was based on the options listed above. It is the leader in instructor-led online training.

They have worked hard to improve their digital marketing courses in Pune by adding industry certifications from Google and Facebook. Students who complete their digital marketing courses in Pune on time, receive 100% placement assistance are eligible for 100% internships.

2. What are the digital marketing courses fees at Pune?

Digital Marketing courses in Pune fees range between 20,000 and 5,00,000. The course level and the institute you are training at will determine the fees of digital marketing courses in Pune.

3. What are the requirements for a digital marketing course at Pune?

Each institute has its requirements for digital marketing courses in Pune. Enrollment in the qualification course generally requires a passing certificate from class 12. A postgraduate course requires a graduation degree from a university-recognized college.

4. What’s the average salary for a digital marketer working in Pune?

The annual salary for a Pune-based digital marketer is between INR 2,50,000 and INR 5,00,000. (1-2 years). A manager with 5 years of experience can expect to make between 8L-15L per year. The company’s size, talent level, and professional knowledge will determine the salary.

5. How long are the digital marketing courses in Pune?

Online marketing training in Pune takes anywhere from three to six months. Some digital marketing courses in Pune can be completed over two years depending on the digital marketing institutes. The majority of institutes offer weekend and weekday digital marketing courses in Pune.


Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Kolkata

The Digital marketing industry is growing drastically; the pandemic has increased the online marketing for all the items. This trend is likely to stay, as it has become convenient & people are adapting to the new normal way of life.

Digital Marketing Courses in Kolkata

Internet marketing has become the reality of the world.

We are living in a digital era where everything is available in the hands in the form of smartphones. Nowadays People just browse about the products & services before buying the same.

By 2023, the number of internet users in India will grow 666 million. This shows how people are shifting online. From hospitals to small, medium & big businesses are moving digital marketing, which is making sense.

The consumers are active in social media & google searches. Hence, it is understandable for businesses to use digital marketing strategies for business.

That is why there is a demand for digital marketing programs & digital marketers effectively use digital marketing strategies thereby resulting in more conversions & Return on investment.

Kolkata, which is famous for the jute processing industry. The increasing number of digital marketing agencies shows the metropolitan city is emerging fastly in the digital marketing industry.

The requirement for digital marketing services in Kolkata is in rising from startups to large-scale organizations everyone is searching for digital marketing professionals

More job openings attract students/job seekers to enroll in digital marketing course to pursue a career in digital marketing.

Why is digital marketing important?

  1. Cost-effective
  2. High ROI
  3. Easy to measure
  4. Easy to Adjust
  5. Brand awareness
  6. Reaching the target audience


Since the new generation, customers are more into social network & internet access.

Learning digital marketing courses through recognized digital marketing institutes is the right way to understand digital marketing strategies.

Career Prospects

Digital marketing certifications have great career prospects throughout the world. In addition, in India, it is flourishing especially in the capital of West Bengal – Kolkata.

digital marketing jobs in kolkata

The above is a search result of a digital marketing executive. If you search further based on specialization in SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, Content Writing, Email Marketing, PPC, Social Media you can get many more job opportunities.

Hence, the scope of digital marketing is great in the city of Kolkata. Interested people can join proper certification courses with practical assignments to begin a successful career.

The advantage of pursuing a digital marketing certification is no specific educational background is required. Any pandemic or lockdown may not be a hindrance for this course as most of the reputed institutions offer online digital marketing courses.

Salary Prospects of Digital Marketing Professionals

DesignationExperienceSalary PA
Beginner level<13L-4L 
Team Lead2-43L-7L
Digital Marketing head5-1010-30L
Salary Prospects

Top Jobs in the digital marketing industry

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Optimization
  3. Email marketing
  4. Pay per Click
  5. Freelancer
  6. Content writer
  7. WordPress developer
  8. Google Analytics
  9. E-commerce specialist

Who can benefit from the digital marketing training?


Since digital marketing course training has a great scope the younger generations have great career prospects. Hence, it is prudent to learn digital marketing.

Job seekers

It is always wise to stay updated with the digital era, which is the backbone of the job market. Digital marketing training with hands-on experience attracts outstanding job opportunities.

Working professionals

Digital world keeps moving quickly updating yourself with the era helps in staying ahead of others. The marketing strategies will benefit you with more benefits & to compete with your peers.

Business owners

Entrepreneurs are showing interest in understanding digital marketing strategies to improve their company’s visibility through digital marketing & which can help in leads & conversion.

This bridges a bond with their customers & can reach greater heights.

Points to remember while choosing the right digital marketing institute

  1. When you decide to pursue understanding digital marketing, you pop up many queries & inquiries with the help of browsing the queries. Check the alumni & go for a demo class to understand the quality of training.
  2. Understanding your requirement from the training of the course
  3. Enquire about the trainers & their experience
  4. Training approach
  5. Check for the latest updated modules
  6. Flexible batches
  7. Q & A platform for online classes
  8. Infrastructure for offline classes
  9. Hands-on experience in assignments
  10. Experience in live projects
  11. Industry recognized certifications
  12. Internship
  13. Job placement assistance
  14. Check the reviews & testimonials
  15. Course fee whether nominally charged

Let us move further to find the Best Digital Marketing institutes in Kolkata.


Below are the top 10 digital marketing courses from the best digital marketing training institutes in Kolkata.

1. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya is the top institute in India with its reputation & experience they provide top training in digital marketing courses & data science, which is in demand in the job market.

They give online training in Kolkata currently.

The quality of training with hands-on assignments, case study & live projects makes the institute ahead of other institutes in the city.

The trainers are professionals who share their experience & knacks with the students, which makes the session interactive & enjoyable every minute.

The institute is the official training partner with global social media partners like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn & NASSCOM skills.

Course Curriculum :

Since the institute is student-friendly it has various programs for a better understanding of the digital marketing course. Students can be benefitted by choosing any program based on their interests & convenience.

Executive program in Digital marketing. This programmer benefits the marketers, career switchers, consultants & freshers. The duration of the course is 10 months.

1Creating your online presence & digital marketing landscape
2Digital marketing for brands, Social Media Marketing, SEO Techniques
3Digital brand strategy & leverage email marketing
4Increasing brand visibility  with google ads & leveraging google analytics
5Leadership insights & Inbound marketing
6Content-driven marketing techniques & Affiliate marketing
7Begin with internship, Etail techniques & Strategize digital marketing
8Get industry-ready – internship, Programmatic & Facebook marketing
9Marketing through youtube & whatsapp
10Wall of certificates

Which global experts frame rated as the best online education provider and are content partners of Facebook & LinkedIn.

This program makes you a certified digital marketing master (CDMM). The duration of the course is 4 to 6 months.

It covers 44 modules & provides 72K worth of free tools, which is the backbone of digital marketing strategies.

Course Curriculum of CDMM :

Search engine Optimization4
Search engine Marketing5
Social Media Marketing5
Email Marketing3
Inbound marketing4
Web Analytics5
Facebook Marketing2
Other digital marketing topics15

Course Certifications :

Google Skills
Content marketing Certification
CDMM course


This certification course can deepen your expertise in marketing strategies.

Some of the certification courses provided by the institute :

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Search Engine Marketing
  4. Web Analytics
  5. Facebook Marketing
  6. Inbound-Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Mobile App Marketing

Course Highlights :

  1. Training provided by top Trainers
  2. Interactive & Practical
  3. Attend from anywhere & save time
  4. Class recordings
  5. Individual attention & Collaborate learning
  6. Lifetime updates

Contact Details :

Phone -91-80100-33033

Email id –

2. Digital Academy India

This Academy is part of Digital Vidya and it is an initiative to educate students & professionals to learn digital marketing courses.

They offer four different digital marketing programs & course curriculum

Digital marketing certification program ( CPDM)

Course curriculum :

Module 1: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
– Google AdWords
– Digital Display Advertising
– Remarketing Campaigns 
– Cross Device Marketing

Module 2: Social Media Marketing (SMM)
– Effective Social Media Strategy 
– Paid Campaigns on Social Media Platforms
– Measuring RoI on Social Media 

Module 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– keyword search and on page optimization
– Off page SEO and Link Building
– SEO audit and measurement tracking

Module 4: Email Marketing
– Effective Email Design and Functionality
– Customer acquisition strategies
– Email Marketing Analytics

Module 5: Web Analytics
– Understanding Data than Matters
– Setting up Google Analytics 
– Understanding user data

Module 6: Integrated Digital Marketing Communications (IMC)
– Creating effective pitch for High Value Clients

Course Highlights :

  1. Digital marketing course for students
  2. Workshop & training for professionals
  3. Speaking engagement for events
  4. Online digital marketing certification
  5. Customized coaching

Contact details :

Phone – 91-80100-33033

Email –

3. IIM skills

IIM skills are one of the best digital marketing training institutes with the best experiential hands-on learning with good theory, practicals & application on various tools the training motivates you to become an employable professional.

The duration of their course is 3months.

Course curriculum :

  1. Introduction
  2. Web development at WordPress (2 Modules)
  3. Search engine Optimisation(4 modules)
  4. Search Engine Marketing(Google Ads – 4modules)
  5. Email Marketing(4 Modules)
  6. Inbound-marketing(3 modules)
  7. Social Media Marketing(6 Modules)
  8. Integrated DM strategy(1 module)
  9. Web Analytics (google analytics – 4 modules)
  10. Reputation- Management(ORM- 3 Modules)
  11. Content writing & Advanced Blogging(modules -3)
  12. Media buying & planning (Module 1)
  13. Video marketing (youtube – 1 module)
  14. Marketing automation (Module 1)
  15. Digital infographics resume creation (Module 1)

Course Highlights :

  • Practical learning
  • Master certification
  • Tool driven course
  • Lifetime access

Contact details :

Phone -9911839503

Email –

4. Seven boat academy

Seven boat Academy is a unit of Seven boat infosystems Pvt ltd which is a premier digital marketing agency in Kolkata. They focus on a strong in-depth foundation & ongoing updates for the benefit of the learning process.

Course curriculum :

  1. Search engine Optimization
  2. Google Ads
  3. Inbound-marketing
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Marketing automation
  7. Digital marketing mix by AACRAO model

Course highlights :

  1. Online self-paced
  2. Online instructor-led
  3. Offline classroom
  4. Workshop & webinars
  5. Free & paid internship
  6. Corporate training

Contact details :

Address – Unit-304, Diamond arcade. 1/72, Cal Jessore Road, Kolkata – 700055(near the diamond plaza, PVR Mall, Nagerbazaar, India.

Phone – +91 801704 9042

5. Calcutta media institute(CMI)

CMI has developed customized courses on digital marketing where the candidates will be trained in hands-on applications.

Course curriculum :

  1. Introduction
  2. Effective inbound-marketing using SEO
  3. Search engine marketing(SEM) as paid inbound marketing technique
  4. Paid outbound marketing – Online display campaign
  5. Online display & video campaigns using AdWords & YouTube
  6. Leveraging social media for marketing development & branding
  7. Remarketing/Retargeting – communicating to the intent to purchase audience
  8. Email marketing
  9. Mobile marketing
  10. Digital media analysis
  11. Campaign analysis
  12. DM strategy

Course Highlights :

  1. Understand & appreciate the role of digital marketing in organizations
  2. Implementing the digital marketing strategy for the organization
  3. Appling various tools & techniques
  4. Interact with digital marketing agencies
  5. Preparing for a career in digital marketing

Contact details :

Address – 501, Elgin Chambers, 5th floor, !A, Ashutosh Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700020. West Bengal.

Phone – +91 98312 30988

6. Vision uplift Academy

This academy has a group of sales & digital marketing experts who felt the need for different trending in digital marketing skills in this internet marketing era. Hence provides training based on their experience.

Course Curriculum :

  1. SEO(on-page & off-page)
  2. Social media marketing(Facebook, Twitter & others)
  3. Paid Ads( PPC, Google Adwords, Bing Adwords, Facebook Ads & others)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Inbound marketing
  6. Mobile Marketing
  7. Online reputation management

Course Highlights :

  1. Detailed digital marketing course modules
  2. HubSpot & google certified experienced faculties
  3. Learning in a simple way
  4. 100% job-specific oriented courses
  5. 100% assistance on placement
  6. Understanding various ways to earn money online
  7. Do classes in small batches
  8. Instalment facilities with flexible
  9. Get lifetime support

Contact details :

Address: RDB Boulevard, Regus, 8th floor, Plot – K1, Sector V Block –EP & GP Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091.

Phone – +91 98 303 367183

7. Acesoft Academy

Acesoft provides advanced & premier industry training in India. Their training is a real-life project-based which gives in-depth & industrial knowledge. They have a 6 months course.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Understanding digital marketing
  2. Website planning & architecture
  3. Search engine optimization & Search engine Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Lead generation & conversion
  7. Digital display marketing
  8. E-commerce website marketing
  9. Adword(PPC) campaign
  10. Mobile web marketing
  11. Blog & earning through Adsense
  12. Affiliate marketing
  13. Web analytics & visitors tracking
  14. Content marketing
  15. Youtube Advertising
  16. Using WordPress for SEO & Marketing
  17. Online reviews & brand reputation
  18. Digital marketing & Artificial intelligence
  19. Guaranteed to earn as a freelancer
  20. Free website, domain & hosting

Course highlights :

  1. To enhance knowledge of current & latest digital updates
  2. Gaining knowledge about the visitor’s behavior in the digital economy
  3. Making comprehensive planning for digital marketing strategies

Contact details :

Address: 4A, G.J. Khan road, Near 24, Bus stand, Topsia, Kolkata, West Bengal – 7000039.

Phone no. : 8583959528

8. White hat Academy

White hat Academy understands the gap between the internet users & the need for skilled talented professionals to showcase the customers to market their products online.

They provide an Advanced Digital marketing training program with google AdWords & Microsoft adCenter certification. The duration of the course is 4months.

Course curriculum :

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Facebook PPC Management
  3. Video & Image SEO
  4. Multilingual SEO technique
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Project management

Course Highlights :

  1. Globally Applicable certificates from Google & Microsoft
  2. 100% job assistance
  3. Viral marketing made easy
  4. Complete course material

Contact details :

Address: Merlin infinite, DN-51, office no – 814, 8th-floor Sector V – Salt lake city Kolkata – 700091

Phone : +91 9903194492/ 91 33 6615 7424

9. Karmick institute

Karmick Institute has designed various professional courses based on the current trends. PHP/MYSQL, ASPNET, web designing, IOS Application, Android application, UX &UL, Hybrid app development, Digital-marketing testing /QA are the eight-course offered by the institute.

They have an advanced course with a duration of 3 months.

Course curriculum :

  1. Introduction
  2. Digital-marketing avenues
  3. Search engine optimization
  4. Search engine Marketing
  5. Social media marketing
  6. Content marketing
  7. Email marketing
  8. Web analytics & visitor tracking
  9. YouTube & video marketing
  10. Affiliate marketing

Course Highlights :

  1. Learn the technique of high-quality traffic
  2. Understanding the search engines in google, yahoo & bing
  3. Identifying relevant keywords
  4. Successful SEO strategies that could help website planning
  5. Understanding competitor’s sites how to go ahead of them.

Contact details :

Address: 116A, Purbalok (premises no 1118) street no. 6th, Kolkata, West Bengal – 700099

Phone no. : +91 9836423755

10. NIHT

The institute course has been structured based on the current trends & facts of digital-marketing.

They offer the following courses web development, creative designing, video editing, certification & master’s course in digital-marketing, eCommerce dropshipping, google analytics, Advance analytics & amazon marketplace.

Course curriculum :

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Ecommerce Marketing
  3. AR, VR, & Live Streaming
  4. Advanced analytics
  5. Programmatic advertising
  6. AI usage
  7. Gamification & viral marketing
  8. Marketing automation
  9. Introduction to conversion rate Optimization
  10. Psychographic marketing
  11. On job training

Course Highlights :

  1. Placement assistance
  2. Paid internship
  3. Global certification
  4. Mentor support
  5. Classroom-based training

Contact details :

Address: 16C, Ashutosh Mukerjee road, 1st floor, Near Homeland Mall, Kolkata – 700 020.

Email –


The growth of the digital marketing industry is very impressive & the future looks bright. Hence pursuing a digital marketing course will uplift your career & business without any second thought.

Choosing the right digital marketing training institute is an important step since the trainers & the institute play a vital role in motivating you to the next level.


1. What is the educational qualification required to pursue digital marketing courses in Kolkata?

No, Particular educational background is required to pursue a career in a digital-marketing course. But some institutes prefer class XII pass & some prefer a degree.

2. What are the course fees for the digital marketing courses in Kolkata?

It may vary from institute to institute beginning from 10K to 60K for recognized certifications and digital marketing learning services. Some institutes provide master courses while some also offer graduate diploma courses

3. How is the scope of digital marketing?

The scope of digital-marketing is bright. And hence there is a demand for the course.

4. What is the benefit of completing a digital marketing course?

You can start a career, restart your career as a digital marketer or become a freelancer.

5. What is the future of digital marketing?

Most of the world’s population is connected with mobile phones. Hence this internet & digital era has been the reality of life & will stay back with us. Leading to the use of more digital-marketing strategies to showcase our products.


8 Best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

Are you looking for digital marketing courses in Delhi?

If you are a beginner and have little or no knowledge about advertising and promotion techniques, you surely need to understand all these.

With the increasing popularity of search engine optimization, the internet marketing industry is growing like never before. Therefore, those looking for advanced digital marketing courses in Delhi must take proper steps to get themselves trained.

The rapid development in online marketing has increased the number of jobs available within the industry. In recognition of the massive opportunity for career advancement in this area, many professionals, business owners and students are contemplating an occupation in Digital Marketing. This has led to the demand for Digital Marketing courses in Delhi.

Due to the growing demand to hire Digital Marketing specialists, now is the best time to understand the digital marketing field better and learn how to use its advantages to build your career.

Before we dive into the best Digital Marketing courses in Delhi, Let’s first take some thoughts on the significance of understanding Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing courses in Delhi cover all the essential components of the procedure. From the explanation of how SEO and SEM customers sales funnels work to advanced HTML and WordPress, content marketing strategies, social media optimization, content writing, graphic designing, influencer marketing, video optimization and video marketing Digital marketing courses in Delhi could aid you in gaining complete knowledge of all options.

The job of a digital marketers isn’t just exciting but also very lucrative.

Below you can see the number of Digital Marketing jobs in Delhi, they are over 30,000.

The rapid growth online has led to hiring skilled and knowledgeable people to help with the digital marketing process. There is a need for professionals with experience in various online marketing aspects that exceed the available talent. Therefore, experienced professionals in this field can be expecting a lucrative career path soon.

Digital marketing is an exciting and dynamic field that offers many possibilities for professionals rather than limiting them to a specific job sector for many years.

Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

After taking a course at a reputable institution, the digital marketer will comprehend the numerous elements of marketing digitally. This is just one of the many benefits of a online marketing course. It can be an excellent idea to gain confidence when applying for jobs across various profiles and categories.

The knowledge you’ve acquired through the training will help you get the extra points you need on your resume.

There is no need to wait around for potential job opportunities and employers to get your start in the field of digital marketing if you’ve earned a master’s level in the field from a recognized institution. You can create your online presence or perhaps even start a company in digital marketing after you have a solid foundation about the skills that require the expertise of a digital marketer.

Choosing a suitable course type could be daunting for starters. There are so many options to choose from, and the best way to get started would be to determine your goals first.

What are you looking out for? For instance, if you are on a full-time basis, probably the best course type would be a course on advertising and promotion.

On the other hand, if you are self-employed, you will have no time to go and learn digital marketing from an offline training institute. So, in that case, I would suggest you enroll in some online training courses offered by some reputed institutes in Delhi.

In the case of Delhi, many institutes are offering digital marketing courses in Delhi. Therefore, choosing the right marketing institute could be a challenging task.

There are some essential factors to consider in this regard. For instance, do you prefer an institute that offers bachelor’s degree programs, masters or doctorate programs, or do you prefer short duration, monthly or weekly classes? Answer these questions and get yourself enrolled in suitable digital marketing courses in Delhi.

After doing so, find out the course name and syllabus. In addition, find out if the institute follows the latest industry-related research and updates? What are the teaching specifications? Answer these questions to ascertain the credibility of the institute.

Many institutes in Delhi offer cheap courses. You can find affordable rates for your desired Digital Marketing courses in Delhi, whether marketing, finance, or web analytics. Moreover, these institutes also have a website that provides detailed information regarding the course curriculum, faculty, reputation management support, and admission procedures.

If you are looking for a good course curriculum in Delhi, contact an appropriate institute for information.

Digital marketing courses in Delhi can help you identify your strengths and provide you with confidence in your ability to become self-sufficient. When you begin to gain experience in a particular subject, it’s essential to develop a positive attitude. In the beginning, taking a digital marketing course could be completed entirely online. The second option is to enroll in a course in digital marketing in your other job, at your speed.

When you’ve completed your certification training in the field of digital marketing, expect to be soon bombarded with offers to freelance. There are many digital marketing jobs to be found online. It is possible to find employment that matches your professional profile, whether it’s writing copy, designing websites, or content development. Because these digital marketing courses in Delhi equip customers with an understanding of the many marketing elements through digital, the advertised jobs will immediately match your skills.

Parameters for choose Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi :

  1. The credibility of the Institute
  2. Updated Course Curriculum
  3. Expert Faculty
  4. Industry-Relevant Certifications
  5. Student Testimonials
  6. Flexible Batches
  7. Live Project Experience
  8. Placement Assistance & Internship

Top 8 Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

Below mentioned are some of the best Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi by reputed institutions.

Without further a due, let’s dive into them.

1. Digital Vidya

Digital vidya is on the top of our list of Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi. Digital Vidya was the first institute in India to officially start Social Media training workshops in 2009.

They officially introduced the flagship certified Advanced Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi. The course has been the factor in the success of over 60,000 professionals across 55 countries in 2009.

Their rich history makes them the leader in their field and they are one of the strongest digital marketing training firms in Delhi.

Digital Vidya is a reputable team of over 70 trainers, with the majority of them possessing a rich experience that spans more than ten years. One of the most significant aspects about their trainers is they are specialists in a specific area of expertise. Therefore, they are specialists in search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound Marketing, ECommerce Marketing, etc.

In all honesty, you won’t find the best instructors to guide you. In addition the ability of trainers in creating an educational program in collaboration is simply unmatched. That’s the kind of thing that Digital Vidya has done. They have collaborated with the best minds of the business to design their curriculum for courses and this makes them stand at the top of other Digital Marketing courses in Delhi.

If you are interested in digital marketing then you should surely join their free demo class to experience live lectures.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM/Google AdWords)
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Inbound Marketing
  6. Web Analytics
  7. Facebook Marketing
  8. Other Digital Marketing Topics

Course Duration :

4-7 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. 44 Modules
  2. 2 Internships
  3. 15 Certifications
  4. 100 Classes Hrs
  5. 250+Placement Partners
  6. ₹ 72K Worth digital marketing tools for free
  7. 140 Assignments Hrs
  8. 10+ Trainers/Batch
  9. 95%Succeeded
  10. 100% job placement
  11. 6 case studies
  12. Weekday batches along with option of Saturday- Sunday batches

Contact Information :

Address :1001, 10th Floor, Tower-1, Pearls Omaxe Building, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura New Delhi – 110034


Phone: +91-80100-33033

2. Digital Academy India

The most reputable institution for digital marketing located in Delhi is Digital Academy India. This program teaches students and professionals about digital marketing, which is the current popular course. The program to be certified in digital marketing is divided into various modules, most of which contain case studies or exercises to help students do.

They have educated over 5000 people in 150+ training since 2012. Digital marketing is dominating in the present-day world. Small or large, every company needs digital marketing since it can reach massive audiences quickly. It’s cost-efficient and efficient, and in the modern, digitally changing environment, it’s far more effective than traditional marketing methods.

Digital Academy’s Certified Digital Marketing Course, you can become a digital market professional with more than 15 best trainers.

Course Curriculum :

They have 13 modules, which comprise :

  1. Introduction to digital marketing
  2. Optimization of websites and usability
  3. Search Engine Marketing -SEM
  4. Digital Display Advertising
  5. YouTube Advertising
  6. Social Media Marketing – SMM
  7. Search Engine Optimization- SEO
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Lead Generation for Business
  12. Web Analytics
  13. Integrated Digital Marketing Communications

Course Duration :

They teach online classes. Online instructor, 4-7 months online live courses (weekday and a weekend batch).

Course Highlights :

  1. The Course Curriculum was designed by Digital Marketing Experts
  2. Lifetime Membership for access to Content
  3. Chance to participate in Live Projects
  4. Learn through doing: The opportunity to participate in an Live Project of your choice
  5. Exclusive Internship Opportunities
  6. 24*7 Support Offered

Contact Information :

Address : B-32, 3rd Floor, Lajpat Nagar 2, Nearest Landmark: Lajpat Nagar Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi -110024

Tel: +91-80100-33033


3. Delhi School Of Internet Marketing

DSIM is among India’s fastest-growing Digital Marketing Institutes. It is a renowned institution that is open to instructors, students, and entrepreneurs and has a world-class faculty that teaches a variety of classes.

DSIM is well-known for its interdisciplinary framework that includes classroom as well as online instruction. It started with just one location and has since expanded to 15 centers all over India. Since its beginning in the year 2011, DSIM has successfully qualified more than 3028 students.

DSIM has trained 59000+ professionals, effectively put 4912 students in the right place, helped shape the careers of 10281+ people, and helped boost businesses’ earnings with 5826+ employees through their exceptional education.

In addition, it has brought all of its classes online in the past two years and has experienced substantial growth because of its highly qualified trainers. The certified DSIM students have earned the highest salaries within their respective fields.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Effective Email Marketing
  2. Email Automation
  3. Consumer Acquisition Strategy
  4. Facebook Marketing
  5. Facebook Advertising
  6. LinkedIn Marketing
  7. Twitter Marketing
  8. Instagram Marketing
  9. Pinterest Marketing
  10. Snapchat Marketing
  11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  12. Social Media for SEO
  13. Mobile Optimization
  14. Competitors Analysis on Google
  15. Google Adsense
  16. Display Advertising
  17. Mobile Advertising
  18. Video Advertising
  19. Advanced Campaign Optimisation

Course Duration :

3-6 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. Premium Quality Training
  2. First & the Oldest Institute
  3. No Trainers – Only Internet Millionaires & CEO’s
  4. Advance Techniques & Strategies
  5. Live Online Batches
  6. Real Affiliate Earning
  7. Most Powerful Digital Marketing Course
  8. Only Premier Google Partner
  9. 25,680, Ex-trainees with Proof.
  10. Real Batch Image
  11. FREE Tools
  12. Industry Recognized Certifications

Contact Information :

Address : 3rd Floor, Building No. 29, Paschim Vihar Extension, Rohtak Road, Next to Paschim Vihar (East) Metro Station, Opposite Metro Pillar no: 196, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi–110063

Helpline: 8800290309

4. Digiperform

Digiperform is recognized in digital marketing as one of the top digital marketing courses in Delhi. In the present, where digital marketing is now the essential skill for anyone, Digiperform’s structured curriculum designed within LMS offers its students the ability to learn about all of the different modules of digital marketing, which helps students become an expert in the area of Digital Marketing.

Since its inception over 9 years, Digiperform’s significant placement cell has assisted many of its students to get started in their Digital Marketing careers.

With the evolution of the educational sector. Many institutes and other organizations are now online to offer educational content to students and their clients; Digiperform has effectively launched its online course. Students can acquire and improve their digital marketing abilities.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Marketing & Web Presence Foundation Module ( 5 Modules)
  2. Online Business Visibility Creation (6 Modules )
  3. Lead Generation (5 Modules)
  4. Personal Branding & Online Earning (4 Modules)
  5. Interview Preparation (1 Module)
  6. 8 Masterclass
  7. Lead Nurturing (4 Modules)
  8. 3 Capstone Projects With 9 Specialization Badges

Course Duration :

2-4 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. Innovative Ideas
  2. High- Quality Training
  3. Smart Classes
  4. 100% Placement Assistance

Contact Information :

Address : 364, 2nd Floor, Kohat Enclave, Pitampura, Delhi – 110034

Phone: +91– 890-890-9966

5. Delhi Institute Of Digital Marketing

Delhi institute is among the most renowned digital marketing institutes in Delhi, with twelve years of experience in digital marketing. Delhi institutes is one of the well-known digital marketing firms based in Delhi to meet skilled digital marketing professionals.

DIDM trained more than 7,000 students. They were acknowledged as such by ASSOCHAM with the title of “Most Promising Brand” DIDM will provide high-quality education through its cutting-edge digital marketing courses and in-depth understanding of strategies for digital marketing to meet the increasing needs of highly skilled professionals across the globe.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Online Reputation Management
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Search Engine Optimization
  7. Google Adsense

Course Duration :

3 | 5 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. Learn through our LMS with dedicated mentorship and expert career guidance.
  2. In-depth practical digital marketing training sessions will make you job-ready with an excellent salary package.
  3. Taking up their digital marketing course with 50+ Modules can help working professionals to have an edge over the competition.
  4. Digital Marketing can help you shine to stand out by becoming a successful entrepreneur.
  5. Special session on Black Hat SEO & Drop Shipping.

Contact Information :

Address : E-557, 2nd Floor, Opp Goyal sons, Near Ramphal Chawk, West Delhi, Dwarka, Sector-7, New Delhi-110077

Phone no. : 09313204343

6. Internet Marketing School

Established in 2016 by the chief executive officer of IMS Group, Mr. Sanjay Singhania, Internet Marketing School has been one of the famous centers to provide the top industry-leading digital marketers.

The most impressive thing you will see regarding this Internet Marketing Institute is that they offer classes both offline and online along with their current curriculum for job seekers, freshers, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and business proprietors.

Its ISO & Google partner training institute has been certified by over 6000 students and has been ranked above 4000+ of its learners.

It has its placement cell and a reputable industry body to take care of placement.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Website Planning & Development
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. SEM (Google Ads)
  4. Web Analytics
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Inbound Marketing
  9. Make Money Online
  10. Mobile Marketing
  11. E-commerce Marketing
  12. Google Data Studio

Course Duration :

3/5 Months

Course Highlights :

  1. Expertise in professional web designing and HTML.
  2. Insights on how to develop promotional strategies for SMM.
  3. Through practice and revision sessions on mobile apps development.
  4. Real-time experience on how to generate revenue online.
  5. Supervised and guided by industry-leading experts who are results driven.
  6. 100% success ensured to those taking Google’s Certification Exam under our guidance
  7. Practical oriented and industry-based modules prepare the students eligible for prospective employment at the top MNCs
  8. Providing 100% support on placement on course completion

Contact Information :

Address : C-64, 1st Floor, Shivalik Main Road, Malviya Nagar Landmark: Above Honey & Dough New Delhi – 110017

Phone: +91 9871402213

7. Simply Digital

One of the most prestigious Digital Marketing Institutes, Simply Digital was founded by the late Mr. Prashant Sinha in 2015. The principal goal of the institution was to help candidates with the most recent Digital Marketing trends. Simply Digital is well known for its Digital Marketing courses in Delhi, primarily focused on improving the quality of their skills and enhancing the expertise of the candidates.

Students will get practical experience working with marketing datasets, constructing fake advertising, interactive website optimization and SEO strategies. They will also practice these strategies in the course of this program of digital marketing. The students will have a thorough understanding of different media platforms selling methods, sales strategies, and budget allocation after the conclusion of the online marketing education.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Overview of Digital Marketing
  2. Website planning and Creation
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. PPC Advertising & Google Adwords
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Social Media Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. E-commerce Marketing
  9. Mobile Marketing
  10. Content Marketing
  11. Creating an Internet Marketing Strategy
  12. Local Business SEO
  13. Affiliate Marketing
  14. Video Marketing
  15. Making Money via Adsense and Blogging

Course Duration :

3-6 months

Course Highlights :

  1. Industry experts lectures
  2. Customized digital marketing course
  3. 360 degree solution to all the digital marketing related queries
  4. Faculty members IIT-IIM alumni
  5. Industry experts have got excellent reviews and testimonials for their lectures
  6. Students get internship in digital start-ups
  7. Final placements at all levels across industries

Contact Information :

Address : 97/1, 1st Floor, Adhchini, New Delhi – 110017

Phone no. : +91-8595372760

8. Digital Marketing Profs

Digital Marketing Profs has oriented its curriculum to provide experiential exposure. They have taught more than 5500 students.

The institution has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and provides training via online as well as offline methods. Digital Marketing Profs is a famous professional training establishment located in Rohini, New Delhi, India. They provide customized digital marketing courses to students seeking employment as well as a course in digital marketing for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their business online as well as a bespoke digital marketing program for corporations and colleges in Delhi.

In addition to live projects as part of their curriculum, Digital Marketing Profs also provide complete assistance in arranging.

Course Curriculum :

  1. Importance of Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals
  3. On-page SEO
  4. Off-page SEO
  5. Local SEO
  6. Google Algorithm
  7. SEO Tools
  8. Google Search Console/ Google Webmaster
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Website Creation and Analysis
  11. Competitor Website Analysis
  12. Mobile Sites SEO

Course Duration :

3-6 months

Course Highlights :

  1. 100% Job Assurance
  2. Affordable Course Fee
  3. Training on Real time Projects
  4. Industry Expert Trainers
  5. Soft Skills Training

Contact Information :

Address : 502, GD Northex Tower A09,

Netaji Subhash Place, PitamPura New Delhi-110034, India

Phone no .: +91-98-10-501-504


Digital Marketing’s effectiveness as a marketing strategy and as a career choice offers a lot of potential. Any young person is advised to enter this field as soon as they can. It is now the perfect moment to start your career in the field of digital marketing. Learning Digital Marketing offers students and practitioners an edge over their peers when starting a career in this field.

If you’re searching for Digital Marketing courses in Delhi, the best Digital Marketing Courses Delhi mentioned above are among the most likely.

Frequently Asked Questions on Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi

1. Which are the best digital marketing courses in Delhi?

Digital Vidya and Digital Academy India is on top of our list of Digital Marketing courses in Delhi. Digital Academy India is the market leader in instructor-led online training. It has been striving to enhance the quality of its courses with time, including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn industry-specific certifications.

2. What is the digital marketing course fees for digital marketing courses in Delhi ?

Digital Marketing courses in Delhi typically costs between 20,000 to 50,000 rupees. The cost is typically determined by the institution where you receive your instruction and also the degree in the training.

3. Which is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi with placement?

Digital Academy India provides 100% internships and placement assistance for students who finish their training promptly and at their desired time.

4. What are the Eligibility criteria for Digital Marketing Courses in Delhi?

Digital Marketing Training’s basic criteria to be eligible is, you need to have a finished bachelor’s degree (from any stream) or 12th Pass

You also require to work on your analytical skills, communication skills, follow persuasion skills, etc.

Also for that very reason, you need to have a consistent learning attitude and keep yourself up-to-date on the latest trends in the technology to stay leading of your competition.

5. Which are the digital marketing courses with Certificates by Google?

Digital Academy India designed the Google Adwords Certification Program to help entrepreneurs and professionals achieve their digital marketing goals. Our Project method of teaching based on research covers both the strategy and methods of implementation that help you gain practical abilities.