Top 7 Tips To Leverage MailChimp For Email Campaigns

Email Marketing is broadcasting a commercial message to a group of certain people via emails. Basically, marketing the business using emails is an effective way to promote your firm sales and gain maximum traffic through the same. It is considered to be a more personalized form of marketing, you get to connect with your targeted set of audience by maintaining a direct connect. The process of email marketing encourages customer’s loyalty, promotes repeat business, convinces customers for buying products and policies, and acquiring more customers.

Email marketing campaign is a basic ingredient to any of the marketing strategy. As we all know, how mobile is taking over desktop these days marketing campaigns are gaining success via mailing process. Keep your emails short and crisp, so that t gains the attention and does not consume much time of the reader. Do not forget to embed relevant videos and images regarding your product and services in order to accomplish the goal of a successful email marketing campaign.

MailChimp is an appropriate platform for your firm to conduct a successful email marketing campaign as per the niche of your thriving business. MailChimp facilitates its users with better writing content and also to keep you updated with all the Spam laws required.

Top 7 Tips For A Successful Email Campaign

1. Begin Using A Relevant Template

Planning to create a RSS-Driven campaign? It is important for user to start creating a campaign by selecting RSS-Driven Campaign followed by the selection of any one RSS template from the options available. Regardless of what code you have inserted into a non-RSS template, it will be impossible for MailChimp to display your blogs.

2. Careful Usage of Columns

MailChimp provides the user to utilize 2,3 and even 4 template column, as per the requirement of the campaign. But, it is more convenient for the user to use column 1 in the campaigning process. The main reason behind it is, what we are creating is a fluid, re-sizable email, which is visible to a wide range of users through browsers, email clients, and applications.

3. Subject should be Customized

Opening of an email solely depends upon its Subject. If the reader finds it vague, he/she might directly put it into trash without even opening your mail. This might hamper and spoil the  success of your email marketing plan. You should make it crisp and catch but please avoid making it spammy.

If you’re planning to send your posts via RSS to email, it is very important for you to make the blog post title as the subject line of your emails.

4. Give utmost attention to the first text of your reader.

A wide range of email programs mainly GOOGLE, often visualizes the first few words of an email even before you open it. It should be hooked with the subject line of your campaign, if not do it.

5. Linking with Social Media

Do not forget to link your email chains with your social media profiles, to give a personalized touch. It gives a better impact to link your profiles, as the reader might not waste his/her time in searching for your profile on their own. Wanna figure out more info on the best Playtech casinos? Then check out this review from experts. You’re going to discover all the benefits and downfalls of Playtech slots and platforms to play on.

6. Plain text is still preferable

Emailing is the simplest form of marketing, though it never gets out of fashion. It makes the campaign more preferred, as not every one owes a smartphone even in today’s time. Simplicity never goes out of style.

7. Make the fine Print Funky

Creativity never goes out of the window, especially when we are designing to grasp all the attention. MailChimp facilitates the users to modify and have some real fun with the footer, as per their own creative skills.

Above are the basic tips that are provided to lead a successful email marketing campaign for the betterment of your business. It previews your creatively designed email campaigns in both HTML and plain-text, the user can select as per the need of your firm. It just takes a nano-second with nothing but the click of a button. After a few moments, you can check for errors and re correct them accordingly. In MailChimp, it is easy for the user to check the subject line of the user with just a click the “Header Info” button in HTML preview, or check “Show header stuff” in plain-text.

List Of Top 20 Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing has been outrightly announced as one of the top 2 tools for customer engagement by the e-marketers. A very wide concept that entails fetching customers through engaging mailers, newsletters etc. enables email marketers to grab the attention of the online customers such that they get converted into online business.

Thus, it becomes essential for users to learn and enrich their knowledge base with respect to the tools and techniques to enhance the level of email marketing campaigns. Enlisted below ae the top 20 email marketing tools that marketers must know:


Mailchimp is one of the most widely used platforms for users to create, send and track the email newsletters & allows you to send emails to up to 500 subscribers all at one go.

My Emma2

My Emma primarily helps to create visual designs by selecting downloadable options to customize the email.

Constant Contact3

Constant Contact allows bulk email marketing service by creating email advertising campaigns from a variety of customizable templates.

Mad Mimi4

Mad Mimi acts as a campaign comparison tool. Unlike other email marketing tools, here the access to free accounts extends to 2,500 contact and 12,500 emails in a month.

Vertical Response5

Vertical Response is 100% mobile and social friendly email marketing tool that allows you to quickly design & create professionally viable mails by dragging, dropping and adding the precise user-friendly content.

Get Response6

An email marketing deliverability tool, Get Response enables video email marketing, supports online surveys and helps to integrate several apps.


To enhance the standard of the email campaigns and stand out from the other template designs, Benchmark allows to implement interactive videos and links.


AWeber’s easy to use interface is gaining popularity amongst email marketers as it allows them to add attachments to custom created HTML newsletters.


iContact is yet another email marketing tool that offers easy to use templates and designs using HTML coding.

Dialect Premailer

Dialect Premailer is a prerequisite email marketing tool especially in case of coding your own HTML emails.


This tool allows social media integration wherein the free version allows up to 5,000 subscribers delivering the same features as that of paid account.


Contactology is an Email Reader Simulation Tool that helps the users to view how emails get displayed across different email accounts.


ReachMail is amongst the most idealistic tool that is used in email marketing. Unlike its contemporary tools, ReachMail allows you to send 15,000 mails within a month that includes 5,000 contacts.

Litmus Subject Line Checker14

As the name suggests, Litmus Subject Line Checker allows you to test the selected subject line and ascertaining its correct display.


CakeMail allows people to send newsletters and while one can choose to create groups to send targeted messages, one can also create and send newsletters to the entire list.

Campaign Monitor16

Campaign monitor offers unlimited image hosting with no pre-built logos, links or watermarks in emails. Moreover, this tool allows you to preview screenshots of designed emails before sending.


An extension of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, BrandMyMail is one such email marketing tool that enables to increase the level of engagement via social media channels.

Graphic Mail18

Graphic Mail helps to build and handle email recipient activity, track clicking activity, view bounced email rates, ensure timely delivery of mails, create actionable reports and much more.

Sender Score19

Sender Score helps to filter the mails by ascertaining how email providers might be blocking, bulking or filtering your email in spite of delivering the mails to the inboxes.


Boomerang has been providing email marketing solutions since 1991. This tool has response tracking and read receipt features that lays down sixty different reports that helps to identify and trace which user is clicking what, when and where.

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