Leads Generation Through Digital Channels: Webinar Recording

Well, there is hardly any doubt that each and every organization is sniffing for potential customers. With digital channels, the potential customers are turning to online channels in order to research about the products and services before they finally talk to the sales person. According to a study, direct traffic, web referrals, and social engines were the three most popular online mediums for the lead generation which accounted for 93% of leads.

This being the reason, buying process has changed, and organizations are finding new ways to reach their buyers. Well, the trends we are seeing is marketers are focusing on being found and heard instead of finding customers via mass advertising as well as email blasts.

Lead generation, a marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product and services for sales, has changed over time. Now it often uses digital channels and has been undergoing various changes in recent years. With the rise of online and social media, the change has been dramatic.

This valuable topic was taken up during the webinar on ‘Leads Generation Through Digital Channels’ by industry expert Manish, a senior digital marketing strategist having 12+ years of a progressive career marked with rich experience. He has diverse experience of working with Infosys, Sonata Software, and Accenture. Manish has beautifully explained how one can use digital and social media platforms to generate leads. BANT (Budget Authority Need and Time) model was also explained in this webinar which will surely fill your sales funnel.

Key Takeaways

  1. The fundamentals of lead generation and the best practices associated with it.
  2. The ways in which digital and social media platforms can help in lead generation.
  3. Principles of lead scoring (including explicit and implicit lead scoring).
  4. Ways in which you can collect information about the prospects.
  5. How to deliver the highest quality leads to your sales team.
  6. and finally, how to get a kick-start to the lead generation process.

Learn How To Integrate Social Media Into Business Practice: Boost Your Brand On Social Media – Webinar Recording

CEO & Founder at AfzalKhan.org, Afzal Khan shares that social media is also referred to as Web 2.0. This is so because this term expresses the association between human interaction and Internet-based groundswell technologies such as mobile and video for instance Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Social media has been broadly defined to refer to ‘the many relatively inexpensive and widely accessible electronic tools that enable anyone to publish and access information, collaborate on a common effort, or build relationships.’”

Social media has been broadly defined to refer to ‘the many relatively inexpensive and widely accessible electronic tools that enable anyone to publish and access information, collaborate on a common effort, or build relationships.’ Thus, in the present day scenario to stay at par with the competing entities, business owners must readily learn to integrate social media practice into business activities as this is the need of the hour.

With a view to lay emphasis on how to boost a brand’s online presence, Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Consultant, Afzal Khan led a webinar on ‘Learn How To Integrate Social Media Into Business Practice: Boost Your Brand On Social Media’ for the community.

During the webinar, he shared the practical tips and tricks, best practices and marketing tactics especially via trending platform like Twitter using tools like HootSuite etc. so as to create successful social media campaigns for your business or organization. Moreover, he also shared with the community that it is important to frame the business case study to be ready for social media.

All of Afzal’s past experience helped him turn into an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Consultant: Certified SEO where he is helping small, medium & large Corporate, Speaker, Authors by offering his SEO, SEM, Social Media, E-commerce SEO, Branding & Online Reputation Management services. Along with this, he is also keen into helping Start-ups.

List Of Top 20 Social Media Marketing (SMM) Tools For Marketers

Social Media Marketing or SMM as it is popularly known as is the platform on which social interactions are done. Without social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram etc., life seems incomplete. Also, these aforementioned social media platforms readily enable marketers to perform brand promotion via social media marketing campaigns.

To perform social media marketing appropriately and effectively, there are certain tools which are enlisted below:



One of the most widely used software applications for scheduling posts on future dates on major social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus is Buffer.


Hootsuite is yet another comprehensive social media publishing tool that came into existence in the year 2008. This tool primarily helps to send messages from a single platform, streamline posts, schedule tweets and get free reports via email.

Facebook Power Editor


Facebook Power Editor is a social media tool, specifically used for Facebook and is an inbuilt tool which is useful for running more than one Facebook Ads Campaign.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most widely and commonly used web analytics tool which is free to use.  Besides tracking analytics data, this tool also helps in generating and tracking detailed statistics of social media traffic on website.



Bitly is that tool which is leveraged upon to shorten the URL links of websites. Primarily, this tool is used in emails, social networking, SMS etc. It helps to accelerate the company’s brand awareness and track the marketing metrics.



SocialMention is a popularized free social media marketing tool that readily allows the user to track and measure the performance of any company, product etc. on the basis of Strenth, Sentiment, Passion and Reach.



As the name suggests, TweetDeck is the social media management dashboard used for management of Twitter posts. It primarily helps to schedules tweets at a future date.



A campaign building tool, ShortStack is specifically for the social media platform- Facebook and enables to generate leads by running promotional content with a view to increase revenue.



A time-saving social media marketing tool, SocialOomph helps to increase the money flow by enabling Twitter keyword alerts on mail.



A tool that allows to assess the presence of a particular company along with that of the competitor is HowSociable. It displays the scores for different social media platforms by enabling the user to focus on particularly those social media platforms that need further development.



This tool allows the user to generate leads via an online contact building form that adds contact forms to Facebook pages.



Yet another social media marketing tool enables the users to see what is being said about the user’s company is Mention.com.



A social media analytics tracking tool, Topsy allows the user to search the tweets by time & place and analyse the sentiments of every single tweet.

Just Unfollow


Interestingly, this social media marketing tool allows the user to track Twitter and Instagram followers, thus enabling to expand the network on these two social media platforms.



One can use this tool to make simple designs viz. Facebook cover pages, posters, graphics for blogs, presentations, flyers and much more.

Tweet Archivist


This unique tool majorly helps to save the tweets before they disappear. So, if anyone is accessing this tool, then surely now tweet is going to be missed out.



This social media marketing tool enables the user to fetch the results from more than 150 million websites and other sources such as blogs, forums, photos, video sharing sites etc.

Advanced Twitter Search


An inbuilt Twitter tool, Advanced Twitter Search readily helps the user to find latest news and events happening in and around the world, at a faster pace.



It helps to design and promote Facebook apps, by simplifying the process of social media marketing and engaging more customers on different social media channels.



Counted upon as an extremely useful social media tool, Followerwonk allows the users to find influencers on Twitter.

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Integrating Search & Social Media: Webinar Recording

With the increasing importance of digital marketing in almost every sphere, it has become crucial for marketers and business owners to acquaint themselves with the knowledge of this new form of marketing. However, there are two primary elements or spheres of digital marketing that go hand-in-hand and need to be led utmost emphasis upon. They are search and social media. Search here refers to the Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is popularized as.

To bring light upon how the aforesaid two elements can work together, a webinar on integrating search and social media was conducted that enabled the attendees to learn how to leave maximum impact on improving their branding and rankings. Besides this, during the webinar, learnings pertaining to using social media to build traffic and links to website and other online properties was also talked about. This webinar primarily focussed on internet marketers, social media professionals, SEO experts and entrepreneurs hailing from different industries.


The webinar was led by Navneet Kaushal, who is the founder and CEO of a top ranked SEO Company Page Traffic, which was founded in the year 2002. 


Navneet conducts corporate workshops and is a much sought-after speaker at several prestigious events. Some of his most recent engagements were TFM&A India, Ad tech, New Delhi, Click Asia Summit, Mumbai & SEMPO Bangalore. His other regular conference engagements include SES, SMX, and many industry events in US, Europe and Asia.

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Facebook Likely To Consider For B2C Chat On WhatsApp

Facebook which is cashed upon as one of the widely used platform for connecting with the masses at large andWhatsApp-Facebook-e1393889428371 building the social network has certain plans that will allow businesses to interact with the users consumers via the renowned messaging app service WhatsApp through live chats and alerts.

This announcement is amongst the first hints of how this social networking site shall en-cash upon from the messaging app service that it bought for over $19 billion last year. Moreover, there is another likely aspect to this consideration by Facebook that underlines the fact that this social media platform might allow businesses to contact users for a certain price.

The statements revealed by Bloomberg also hint on the fact that it may introduce business-to-consumer interaction that marketers would pay to get access to its service. At a technology conference, Facebook’s Chief Financial Officer, David Wehner stated:

“We think that enabling that B2C messaging has good business potential for us,” 

Adding to this, he also stated that “As we learn those things, I think there’s going to be opportunities to bring some of those things to WhatsApp, but that’s more longer-term than the near-term.”

It has come across and very much evident from the fact that with 800 million users, the most widely used messaging app service WhatsApp is quiet close to the 1 billion number, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg stated in the past as the level that it will start to become a meaningful business.

However, it is ambiguous as to whether the users will have to opt in such an arrangement or whether the companies who have paid their fee to the social networking site -Facebook can reach out to whosoever they wanted.

How to Use Social Listening to Enhance your Brand

While many people think of social media as a powerful relationship-building tool as it provides brands with an additional opportunity to connect with consumers, it also allows brands to really listen to what their consumers want. Taking advantage of social listening is one of the most effective ways to boost ROI from social media.

Probably the biggest reason why brands aren’t listening to their consumers is that there is so much data and information floating around in online conversations that it can be difficult to capture it. While there are a number of free social media monitoring tools out there such as HootsuiteSocialMention, and Klout, to be most effective, you probably need to invest in technology that can actively listen to these conversations for the best results.

Establishing a social listening strategy can benefit nearly every department within your organization, and here how:

  • Customer Service: More and more companies are turning to social media to implement a customer service strategy as consumers are demanding a prompt response to their questions and concerns and do not want to be hassled with a 1-800 number. Social Media platforms like Twitter are a great resource for solving problems in a timely manner and can offer tremendous cost savings when integrated with CRM.
  • Marketing and Public Relations: Social listening can enable your brand to pick up on mentions about its products and service in real time. Whether this information is positive or negative, your business can leverage this information to create a better content, SEO, and/or PPC strategy. 
  • Product: Through social listening, your business can gain feedback on any issues with products, better measure the success of existing products and product launches, and uncover ways to improve products when necessary.
  • Sales: By monitoring for mentions of your brand or conversations that include the intent to make a purchase, your sales team can better identify hot leads and work them through the sales funnel. It’s also a useful tool for staying in tune with what your target audience thinks of your competition.
  • Human Resources: More companies are turning to popular social media sites like LinkedIn to find qualified talent, but social listening can provide an opportunity to find out who the influencers are in your industry and learn how your employees really feel about your organization.

In summary, social listening is a vital tool for gaining powerful consumer feedback and enhancing your brand’s image and offerings.